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  1. The story is that Buehler and Scherzer were playing catch and Scherzer said Buehler seemed more ready to go, and Prior agreed. Scherzer said if there is a game 7, he'll be ready. Buehler will be on a pitch count and David Price can throw bulk innings if necessary.
  2. I'd steer clear of this thread for the next 9 days. Nothing is going to happen until jury selection, so until then it's just going to be jon's hero worship and misunderstanding basics of the law and people correcting him.
  3. well, it does get tiresome correcting the constant and intentional misstatements in every post you make. instead of just making stuff up based on your hero worship and hatred of "the left" try actually understanding the facts and the law. maybe you'll stop embarrassing yourself.
  4. one of us has been a practicing lawyer for over two decades. the other hasn't got a clue. I know which one I am.
  5. I always wondered how Richard Ramirez ended up getting married in jail. Now I know. Some people just fall in love with criminals.
  6. what lethal force? a bag? a skateboard? since he had a gun and had already murdered two people, pulling a gun on him was absolutely justified. that's why your hero Murderboy is getting charged with murder and the guy whose hand he blew off isn't being charged with anything. you have no clue what you're talking about. if you had any trace of self-awareness you'd realize you're embarrassing yourself more with every post you make.
  7. you mean like arguing that Rittenhouse could shoot a guy because he threw a bag of underwear and deodorant at him?
  8. hilarious. it's like you're trying to be wrong about everything you say. calling other people ignorant when you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about is the icing on the cake.
  9. it's truly amazing that someone can be so completely and consistently wrong about everything. Under Wisconsin law, if someone witnesses what they reasonably believe to be a felony, they have a right to make a citizen's arrest, which includes subduing the suspect. Since Murderboy committed murder in front of everyone, every single person there had a right to chase your hero down and subdue him. wrong_mx strikes again.
  10. Grosskreutz has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the police and sheriff enabled the violence and Rittenhouse's shooting spree by allowing armed militia to have free run of the streets.
  11. congratulations. I really like practicing law, except for the clients.
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