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  1. Looks like senate will be 50/50. That means the tiebreaking vote is Kamala Harris.
  2. Same device or different? If I try to post from my phone and I’m logged into my laptop, I get kicked off.
  3. I'm not sure how they track it, but last time my brother traveled to the mainland when he returned he was contacted by the court and they said he couldn't enter any state or federal building for 14 days.
  4. If my brother can pull off rescheduling a hearing so he can quarantine for 14 days in Hawaii when he gets back, I may be headed to game 3 of the World Series.
  5. I joined my local Eagles club in February, but it was closed due to pandemic until recently. Since it reopened I've been there 2-3 times a week. I wish I'd joined 15 years ago. Cheap drinks, good food, and tons of gambling opportunities. Won $50 on squares last night for Thursday night football.
  6. We've had "very unhealthy" air for about a week straight now since the wind shifted and blew the big smoke plume that was offshore back onto land. It's like a heavy fog, but with a brownish/yellow color. I live at the top of a hill and my visibility has been reduced to about half a mile to a mile. Haven't been able to see the sun much, but when you can you can look directly at it through the smoke. It looks dark orange/red. The daytime temperature is about 10-15 degrees below normal. During the day, the light is tinged with orange. It's like how old sci-fi movies depicted the sky on
  7. Got an air purifier to help with the smoke. It has an automatic sensor with LED’s to indicate good, somewhat bad or bad air quality. When you fart near it it changes the LED to red. Had a couple of people over for football this weekend. Apparently the draw of farting near the air purifier is irresistible.
  8. @General Malaise There's an 11-1 horse in the 7th at Del Mar named Nesbitt. It's not bad for the price.
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