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  1. This is an excellent question. Even with money and insurance, it is nearly impossible to get appropriate treatment.
  2. Rest easy, MoCS. Not the same without you. I've had a future bet on Known Agenda for a while, although honestly I can't remember why. But I figure it must have been a good idea at some point so I'm going to stick with the Florida Derby winner. I also like Super Stock to hit the board. That was just an awful and head scratching ride in the Arkansas Derby, but he still had enough to overcome it at the end. Putting those two in the first two positions in a tri and we'll see what happens, along with a bunch of other nonsense bets I'm sure to make.
  3. Teenagers suck. Plus my ex wife is an enabler who won't actually parent. I lay the law down and she undermines me. every. damn. time.
  4. She was lying about lots of things, but some involving her friend groups’ use of drugs and alcohol.
  5. Had come to Jesus meeting. Kid isn’t happy but acknowledges changes must be made. If this doesn’t work she will spend senior year in Hawaii with my brother.
  6. I have been digging into things. Roverkid no longer has a car. I’m about to take her phone. I have clear evidence that she has been lying to me about where she’s been and she’s been doing. Her mom does not believe me and roverkid blocked my phone. She’s gonna be in for a surprise when she wakes up and figured out
  7. Roverkid is in LA looking at colleges. One of her best friends died of an overdose of Percocet yesterday. He was a great kid and was at my house 3-4 days a week. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been crying about once an hour all day. I can’t even imagine how she feels. I don’t know his parents, but I don’t know how you deal with something like this.
  8. Would you like to get rid of the filibuster?
  9. O'Keefe just tweeted out, "if it bleeds, it leads." The fact that he's able to quote a decades old cliché to describe his giant scoop sort of shows that it isn't much of a story. News shows sensationalize stories to get ratings? I'm shocked.
  10. only if the side you don't want to listen to is liberal. otherwise it's righteous indignation.
  11. That sounds like an awfully broad definition, and somehow completely lacking of self-awareness.
  12. The chance of this happening is close to zero. It's just grandstanding. Why are people pretending like this is news?
  13. No need to ban it when it's easier to just completely disregard it.
  14. How about you put me on ignore? You never have anything meaningful to say and seem to just follow people around for no particular reason.
  15. Trying to claim something factual by what a percentage of Americans believe is beyond pointless.
  16. I don't know anyone who watches TV news unless there is a major event on like an election or a contested Supreme Court nomination. I certainly don't believe I can have a serious discussion with someone who gets a majority of their information from Fox or CNN. It seems weird that so many people in this forum seem to watch TV news on a regular basis. Same with folks forming opinions based on Project Veritas or Gateway Pundit.
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