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  1. More confident than Rittenhouse, who told a friend he thought he'd get life in prison. Black, by the way, was his friend that illegally purchased the murder weapon for him. He was charged with two felony counts of illegally supplying the rifle to Rittenhouse. He tried to get the charges dismissed and failed, but they agreed to delay his trial until after Rittenhouse's. He's facing up to three years on each count. Would be interesting if he goes to prison for six years and his buddy gets off.
  2. as usual, jon has no clue and is just relying on video edited and released by the defense, as well as witness statements released by the defense. nobody has seen the surveillance footage outside of the judge, the prosecutors and the defense. he's just wishcasting based on his love of Murderboy.
  3. She can work on other applications, but she can't have any other applications pending. I don't know when she finds out. I should probably find out.
  4. I'm not really sure how I feel about robot umps. I'd have to see it in action and maybe study the effect in the minor league experiment. But I did think this was a pretty good article on it.
  5. I have provided accurate information as to the facts and law. I'm not his attorney, and I'm not involved in the case. Which means it's perfectly fine to have an opinion that vigilante punks who kill people to make themselves feel like a big man deserve to go to prison. Under no circumstances is he "innocent." He killed two people and tried to kill another. At best, he gets a verdict that he killed them in self-defense But he had no business being there and if it wasn't for him they wouldn't be dead. In my view, he's a murderer, and there should be law removing any self-defense claim where you're acting as an uninvited vigilante. His actions should be illegal, and not only should others be deterred from similar action but he should be punished. That's the very nature of criminal justice.
  6. roverkid just completed her early admission application to NYU Tisch (film school). if she gets admitted, she has to accept and can't apply anywhere else in the meantime. if she doesn't get in, the rest of her applications are due in January. she's got a pretty fair shot at getting accepted, which also means I've got a fair shot at being broke in 5 years.
  7. I'll maybe watch a SOTU or if there is some critical event happening. Other than that, none. Generally these "Biden has dementia" things are some guy like Dan Oingoboingo cutting out a 15 second clip of a 15 minute speech and then it gets tweeted throughout the Trumperverse.
  8. If he's going to call his hero Kyle, like they're best friends, I'm going to go with his vigilante name. Why should I be impartial? I've never pretended I am. He beat his girlfriend, hangs out with Proud Boys, admits to wanting to shoot people, and then actually killed people. He's a punk. I hope he rots in prison. That doesn't change the facts or law, which the hero-worshiper keeps getting wrong.
  9. This is the guy that has a bunker, guns, dogs, fences and locked doors. He literally wants to carry a gun playing racquetball. But it's other people that are scared.
  10. Wrong again. Murderboy could regain his right to self-defense, but not to the point of using deadly force unless he exhausted every option to escape.
  11. I have never carried more than 25 cases at a time in my career, but I do complex litigation. I couldn't imagine trying to keep track of that many files.
  12. Does anyone else find it weird that his parents happen to know his favorite trails in a massive reserve? My parents wouldn't know what state to look in, let alone a particular trail.
  13. That would probably require the video of him expressing his desire to shoot people to establish, but they're going to argue that when you cross state lines and violate a curfew with an illegal gun with the intention of getting into a conflict you have nothing to do with, your actions establish intent. The fact that he lied about being invited there to defend a car dealership that he wasn't defending and that he refused to leave after being instructed to leave by the police will also support the prosecution's case, but it's still a pretty tough charge to prove. Add some provocation and surveillance video of him instigating a conflict and they have something for a jury to consider.
  14. Everything in this post other than the good chance he'll be found not guilty is wrong, as usual.
  15. He's charged with first degree reckless homicide. The only question was whether it was in self-defense or not.
  16. off the top of my head, he has claimed there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him, he is wrong about how provocation affects the presumption of self-defense, he's wrong about how he regains the right to self-defense, the relevance of his victim's state of mind, exhausting his options to avoid imminent physical harm and whether bystanders have the right to pursue him after they witness him committing what they reasonably believe to be a felony. He also claimed the surveillance video provided by the FBI doesn't exist. I'm sure there's more, but pretty much anything that doesn't fit his hate-filled rhetoric he'll just make up a contrary position.
  17. Now that the announcers talk about gambling and pump DraftKings multiple times during every broadcast, shouldn't MLB let Pete Rose into the HOF?
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