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  1. Weird. Someone deleted my post referencing the cosjobs ice cream cake delivery story.
  2. I know nothing about sonic attacks on American soil. Do you have a link or something? I don't watch TV news and haven't read anything about this.
  3. Your site, Joe. I'll just put SC back on ignore.
  4. Unfortunately, I can't link to SC's unsupported falsehoods. He makes up generalities about liberals banning guns and the results of those imaginary actions. When someone just makes something up out of whole cloth, it is a lie. There is no other way to describe it. He can't link to facts because he's making things up out of his perception of "liberal gun grabs" that have never happened. I can't prove a negative as to these false generalities. All I can do is point out the fact that it's false. You'll note that in addition to my correction of his lie, I posted the actual fact of what
  5. We watch HGTV and drink every time someone says "open concept."
  6. Ketchup packets are in short supply nationwide as well.
  7. I don't have trial dates in any of my litigation cases. Not one. Five different counties.
  8. more lies. anyway, true facts: new gun control law is that in addition to psychological evaluation before purchasing certain guns gun owners would be limited to first purchasing a smooth-bore shotgun and would need to safely own it for a period of time before purchasing another shotgun or rifle.
  9. it's hard to believe Lin Wood can get crazier.
  10. just the opposite. pretend the vaccine is a gun and the virus is a bad guy trying to break into your house.
  11. one poster claimed it was impossible. I'd expect proof of that. there are no studies that show that transmission is not possible. as far as the opposite, the studies that exist that i cited have tracked populations, not individuals, so the request for a specific instance was flawed. the response was in direct reply to that. you managed to crack the code.
  12. why does transmission from breakthrough cases matter? because breakthrough cases may be driven by variants: "One important line of investigation is how big a role variants or mutated versions of the initial coronavirus play in these breakthrough cases. Research suggests the current vaccines may be somewhat less effective against some new variants. Martha Sharan, a CDC spokesperson, said the agency is now urging states to use genetic sequencing to test virus specimens from patients with breakthrough cases to identify variants. In Washington state, for instance, eight variants were de
  13. fully vaccinated travelers test positive, get quarantined due to risk of transmission https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/fully-vaccinated-travellers-test-positive-in-sydney-hotel-quarantine-20210507-p57pt4.html guess they needed more irrelevant links
  14. can you post proof that they haven't? the studies show a decreased viral load. that should decrease transmission. i have yet to see any study or any reputable source say it eliminates any possibility of transmission, or makes tonydead's ridiculous claim that vaccinated people infected with the virus dont carry the virus. that's beyond nonsense.
  15. cant quote from my phone, but: "Though vaccinated people appear to be less likely to transmit the virus, it remains unclear just how much transmission could still happen. That’s because people’s viral load can vary widely in general; the reported decrease in viral loads in vaccinated people is small compared with the range of viral levels experts have seen in COVID-19 patients, Kilpatrick says." so vaccinated people with a breakthrough case may carry less viral load, which can reduce transmission rates. but the only study was Pfizer, and it was a small sample. https://www.scien
  16. if you are infected with the virus (breakthrough cases) you are carrying the virus. if you cant understand that, you really shouldn't be trying to participate in a conversation about potential transmission, but it does explain your irrelevant links.
  17. the question was transmission from a breakthrough case. you linked to a post about three statistics unrelated to transmission. im sorry you have a problem with comprehension, but its not my job to teach you how to read. go stalk someone else. you're not clever or interesting, and you offer nothing relating to the actual topic being discussed. run along. adults are talking.
  18. you make no sense. you jumped into another conversation and posted irrelevant statistics with no attribution. i dont need the link to know they are irrelevant, since the question was about transmission. you should really try reading sometime before you post. or just stop following me around and responding with irrelevant crap.
  19. certain people lean on the report button a lot harder than others
  20. Link Guess the people who said there was no evidence it was a hate crime were wrong.
  21. Considering Fox News is leaning on "Jimmy Carter 2.0" I'd say forever.
  22. Link None of your unattributed stats have anything to do with transmission.
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