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  1. 46 minutes ago, tonydead said:

    Unbelievable. He asked you to drop it. You cant. He asked you to not call people liars and you just did it again. He asked for links, none. 

    My humble, thoughtful advice. Take a break?  

    maybe stop stalking me?  it's weird.

  2. 1 hour ago, tonydead said:

    Trump supporters betting on Harris and books setting odds based on emotion. :lmao:

    one of the mods here posted a lengthy article on how the books preyed on Trump supporters betting irrationally in the presidential election.  books set lines bases on public emotion all the time.


    2 hours ago, DA RAIDERS said:

    i am in the midst of orchestrating my parents move,.  from a huge house, to a normal size house.  finally "done" tomorrow.  currently drinking.  


    it will be awesome to have them 10 minutes away.  i haven't lived this close to them, since i lived with them.

    just saw my 92 year old dad and 88 year old mom this weekend.  enjoy the time with your parents.

    i'm probably outgoing for a few months.  be good to each other.

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  4. unfortunately, you quoted SC and he lied about me.  guess I'll risk the banhammer.  Im not anti-gun, and have never advocated any gun ban.  i have worked on gun legislation, and  I'm in favor of licensing, training, safe storage, red flag laws, expanded background checks, gun registry, tracking of guns used in crimes, and loss of gun ownership rights for people convicted of stalking and domestic violence.  nearly all of these have majority support even among gun owners.

    but he just cant help himself about saying things that are blantanly untrue.  there has never been a gun ban that has included confiscation. so his son's turkey gun is safe.

    what he's claiming about the new regulations in russia in response to the most recent school shooting is 100% false.  but so are almost all of his posts.

    @Joe Bryantyou can tell me if this is out of bounds, but it seems like lying about other posters should be a problem, not stating facts.


  5. 23 minutes ago, The Z Machine said:

    Why can't we as a society (and hence our elected officials) simply decide that enough is enough and most guns don't have a place in modern society?

    Many societies have.   We're stuck with a questionable interpretation of the second amendment that places the right to gun ownership over human life.   Plus due to nearly unrestricted lobbying and horrible campaign finance laws, we can't pass basic laws that even a supermajority of gun owners want, like red flag laws or expanded background checks.   

  6. 38 minutes ago, tonydead said:

    The post I replied to was you quoting me. You want me to put you on ignore so you can quote me and go unnoticed? :lol:

    - actually kind of smart on your part if your goal is to spread disinformation and put words in people mouths.

    Still waiting for a link to this bogus claim.  Joe's rules.  

    posted it yesterday.   you didn't read it.   sorry, bud.  another swing, another miss.

  7. 1 hour ago, Yenrub said:

    I have been hearing some version of “the democrats are going to take our guns away” for my whole life (I’m in my 50’s), typically during the presidential election cycles. I don’t recall taking guns away ever coming to fruition. It’s not something that I worry about, it’s just a phrase used to get people to vote for one party and not the other.

    It has never happened.   

  8. 2 hours ago, Zow said:

    WTF. I wonder if he is suffering from some mental health issues. 

    Maybe he's just setting up a mental illness defense to both the defamation cases and disbarment hearings against him.   "I can't tell what's true, so you can't sue me for defamation for repeating what the voices in my head tell me to say."  

  9. Just now, The Z Machine said:
    2 hours ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    If you're vaccinated, the threat posed to you by unvaccinated people is actually lower than the threat posed to you by people who didn't get a flu shot.  You're less likely to get covid after vaccination than you are to get the flu after vaccination, and the severity of your covid symptoms -- in the highly, highly unlikely event that you get infected -- will be less severe than typical flu symptoms. 

    Most of this is true, except for the bolded.  There are far more people capable of spreading COVID than the flu right now.  Threat is a combo of prevalence + poor outcomes.  The threat of ebola or rabies infection are low for me, but that's only because of the prevalence being zero of very very low in this country.

    It's also only true as to the existing variants. 

  10. 42 minutes ago, tonydead said:

    Please stop jumping into the middle of the conversation without bothering to read the thread and understand what is being discussed.  Also if you could provide links to your bogus claims like Joe asked you to earlier today that would be great.  TIA.

    Yes, exactly.


    Hey stalker...first, how about you stop following me from topic to topic making useless posts?   
    You posted this nonsense: " Unvaccinated people pose no threat to vaccinated people. "  It's categorically false.   

    Please put me on ignore since you don't actually read my posts anyway.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, tonydead said:

    While I don't usually subscribe to @Stealthycat analogies, they work perfectly fine in this case.  Unvaccinated people pose no threat to vaccinated people.  The government does not keep me from eating fast food everyday and I can jump out of a working airplane if I want to.  Vaccines are available free, to everyone.  There should be no more restrictions on living our individual lives as we see fit.  

    Unvaccinated people continue to spread a virus that is constantly mutating, causing more risk that existing vaccines will be ineffective against a variant.  This is happening in India right now.   Unvaccinated people continue to increase the risk to others.

  12. 3 hours ago, knowledge dropper said:

    Attacks on Israel

    Sonic attacks on American soil

    Hacks of our infrastructure 

    None of these happen under Trump.  Nobody fears Biden.  He’s global joke.  His first priority was transgenders in military, rainbow flags in embassies, woke training for military  and witch hunting alleged white supremacy in military.  

    Of course we are going to be tested.  

    I know nothing about sonic attacks on American soil.   Do you have a link or something?  I don't watch TV news and haven't read anything about this.   

  13. 1 hour ago, Joe Bryant said:

    Both of you: When you quote something, please add a link.

    When you disagree, don't just call the other person a liar. Use links to back up what you're saying. 


    Unfortunately, I can't link to SC's unsupported falsehoods.   He makes up generalities about liberals banning guns and the results of those imaginary actions.   When someone just makes something up out of whole cloth, it is a lie.  There is no other way to describe it.  He can't link to facts because he's making things up out of his perception of "liberal gun grabs" that have never happened.   I can't prove a negative as to these false generalities.   All I can do is point out the fact that it's false.   You'll note that in addition to my correction of his lie, I posted the actual fact of what the Russian action was.

    I suppose I could link to the history of gun laws in all 50 states and cross-reference to the weapons used in every mass shooting to prove that what he's claiming has never happened, but that seems fairly ridiculous in response to a statement that's just a blatant fiction.

    I have never called SC a liar.   I have correctly and accurately pointed out his "facts" to be lies.   He may just be innocently ignorant of the truth, but that doesn't change the fact that what he is saying is an absolute lie.   In most cases, he's repeating propaganda.

    If I tell you the sky is orange, I may just be color blind.   But the statement is no less false.

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