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  1. if you are infected with the virus (breakthrough cases) you are carrying the virus. if you cant understand that, you really shouldn't be trying to participate in a conversation about potential transmission, but it does explain your irrelevant links.
  2. the question was transmission from a breakthrough case. you linked to a post about three statistics unrelated to transmission. im sorry you have a problem with comprehension, but its not my job to teach you how to read. go stalk someone else. you're not clever or interesting, and you offer nothing relating to the actual topic being discussed. run along. adults are talking.
  3. you make no sense. you jumped into another conversation and posted irrelevant statistics with no attribution. i dont need the link to know they are irrelevant, since the question was about transmission. you should really try reading sometime before you post. or just stop following me around and responding with irrelevant crap.
  4. certain people lean on the report button a lot harder than others
  5. Link Guess the people who said there was no evidence it was a hate crime were wrong.
  6. Considering Fox News is leaning on "Jimmy Carter 2.0" I'd say forever.
  7. Link None of your unattributed stats have anything to do with transmission.
  8. The vaccine is not expected to prevent all transmission. It's expected to prevent most, and to lessen the effects if you do get infected so that you don't die. But I keep reading in this forum that once you're vaccinated, you most definitely can't spread it.
  9. there's a bar near me called the shorline with no "e" so I thought it might be a washington thing I didn't know about. If I drunk dial you it will be at night. really, really late at night.
  10. i'm not smart enough to know that answer. I've seen people insisting that once you're vaccinated, you shouldn't ever have to wear a mask. seems like if you can still get infected, it sort of shoots that whole theory all to hell.
  11. Hmm. I don't know where shorline is and I wouldn't eat at a taco del mar, so I'm gonna say it wasn't me. that and I don't have your number.
  12. Hamas is saying they launched 130 rockets. The Israel Defense Force reported that 2 rockets got through. video
  13. You have major reading comprehension issues. Either put me on ignore or stop replying to posts with irrelevant links.
  14. The gambling sites made a killing on the 2020 election because they couldn't post odds bad enough to deter Trump supporters. The odds have nothing to do with childish claims of Biden's mental acuity, and everything to do with the fact that Trump bettors are willing to make irrational bets. Something like 80% of the money bet was on Trump. Gambling sites will continue to cash in on this, which is why Trump is a heavy favorite to win the Republican nomination even though he probably won't run.
  15. Baffert's never lost a Preakness when he has the Derby winner (with an asterisk for last year). Wonder if he can keep that record intact without pharmaceutical help.
  16. Yeah, I'm still holding on to Oakland. I hope that they give people that kept their tix a shot at an upgrade before they do the resale of all of the refunded tix.
  17. school shooting in Russia yesterday. new gun control measures ordered today.
  18. i went to fairbanks in december to try to see the lights. nada. went dog sledding which was fun. best viewing is march
  19. I don't know how much it's opened, but Fairbanks was a PITA to get to in December.
  20. Yeah, I read it. He said this: But while saying that he spent an entire article defending Baffert and claiming he didn't cheat. But he cheated with Gamine (twice) and this is his fourth dirty horse in a year. I grew up at the tracks on the SoCal circuit. Baffert cheating has been a poorly kept secret for years.
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