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  1. Went back and watched all of the major preps, and now I'm less excited about SS than I was and like Highly Motivated at 10-1 more than I did. The move RYW made at the 3/8 pole in the SA Derby was impressive. Still trying to figure out how to bet this thing, but at least I'm narrowing down the combinations.
  2. is someone forcing you to travel internationally?
  3. Hmm. From what I understand, imperfect self-defense isn't applicable to first degree reckless homicide at all, and would reduce the first degree intentional homicide to second degree. So if his belief that he was in danger was unreasonable and he acted with excessive force, he could still be convicted of second degree murder and you'd lose under the terms of this bet.
  4. That rule is based on outdoor mask mandates. He just said that outdoor mask mandates were not widespread and never were. Except they are still in place in many states, and still being enforced. Baseball is an example. This is Washington's current mandate, for example: The CDC's new guidance changes that for small gatherings, but not large ones. So you're sort of right. It doesn't change going to a baseball game. But it does contradict the current outdoor mask mandate for smaller events.
  5. Since there is a voter ID thread and voter ID has nothing to do with vaccine passports (which apparently we can't even agree on what they are), let's move the voter ID discussion there so as to not clutter up this trainwreck any further.
  6. You want to pretend that Voter ID laws aren't racist? Hmm... let's start with a simple question. If Voter ID laws were non-discriminatory, in the absence of any substantive evidence at all of voter fraud, why would one party overwhelmingly support Voter ID an the other oppose it?
  7. International travel isn't a fundamental right, the requirement of proof of vaccination is coming from another country, and any racial disparity is minimal, if not non-existent. You're 0-3, and that doesn't even include the fact that you were talking about private businesses versus government action.
  8. Because: 1. The government is not a private business; 2. Voting is a fundamental right of citizenship; 3. Voter ID requirements will overwhelmingly affect minorities and poor people more than non-minorities and non-poor people. It's odd that protecting people's right to vote is "leftist."
  9. Yes, there has been racial disparity in both distribution and vaccination rates, both of which are improving. Neither of these things would have anything to do with whether a private business can refuse service to an individual based on whether they are vaccinated or not. I suppose you could make the argument that you may be 3% or so more likely to be refusing service to a race you are targeting, but if you're also booting out every other race that isn't vaccinated your discrimination is incredibly inefficient. Plus you're catching a lot of white male republicans in your net.
  10. Looks like the "minority" we're concerned with here is republican males. link
  11. What minorities? Anti-vaxxers? They aren't a protected class.
  12. Not compared to white republican males.
  13. What's discriminatory about a private business requiring proof of vaccine?
  14. Exhibit A You just quoted yourself to support your argument?
  15. If I make you wear pants into my business it's discriminatory.
  16. Based on the definition as I understand it, I am in favor of vaccine passports and against voter ID. International travel is dictated by the requirements of other countries. We don't have a constitutional right to visit a country that requires proof of vaccine unless we can meet that requirement. Voting is a fundamental right of citizenship. Creating impediments to voting where there has never been a showing of any necessity for such impediments is just voter suppression for the sake of voter suppression, and it's pretty clear that some groups will be more affected than others.
  17. Great. So a vaccine passport is verifiable proof of vaccination used for international travel. I'm all for it. Our government should work with the EU on an option that's available to Americans.
  18. What do you mean by a "vaccine passport?"
  19. I didn't see this since I have him on ignore, but Jon wants to bet on the outcome of a murder trial? Absolutely despicable. This is his pattern in every thread. Post something, get called out as wrong, then claim that he's being persecuted. Personal insults will follow shortly.
  20. Gone to a baseball game this season? Masks mandatory in the stadium in both the Angels and Mariners games I've been to.
  21. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other?
  22. Make it opt-in, and if you as a traveler want to take the risk that a country won't accept your proof that's on you. I don't see the problem. Under current restrictions, you would not be able to travel to Israel. It's looking like you may not qualify to travel to EU countries soon. Hopefully there will be privately-available alternatives (several airlines are working with European governments on providing this service). But if we are restricted relating to international travel in the absence of a government-backed vaccination confirmation program, that would be a massive faili
  23. It would really help if you would actually say what you think a "vaccine passport" is.
  24. By the way, the federal CARES act already specifically allows this for the purpose of contact tracing.
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