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  1. Loading up on 49ers. May just drain the account on this one. cat has no lean
  2. Tigers. Now I get it. She had penn state and LSU today. But I had ND. She stayed off it. rover 2-2 cat 2-0
  3. Been watching football with the cat all day. She seems very judgey about my gambling.
  4. Had a fun interaction with Alaska airlines yesterday when I learned that although I paid extra for a seat that could be upgraded to first class, I could not upgrade and didn’t actually have a seat on the plane. After spending nearly an hour dealing with customer service, I learned the only way I could guarantee a seat on the flight home was to buy a first class ticket, but could not upgrade my upgradeable ticket to first class. After repeating this several times to the person helping me on the phone, she finally conceded that made no sense at all and upgraded me to first class. Just got bac
  5. I’m going to be covered in booze while I master this: https://fbwat.ch/142rXgvOmQXBEJUy
  6. It’s Christmas. Go give it all to needy kids, without demanding recognition.
  7. @El Floppo I’ll be in NYC tomorrow night through morning of the 24th. Then getting on a train to central Pennsylvania. If you have time drinks on me.
  8. 15 years after this poll started, I am only more sure of my choice to save my dog.
  9. I love you. Up $675 playing blackjack. Love the redheaded dealer too.
  10. Landed in Vegas. On limo bus from airport. Bought a ton of booze and some cocaine. On way to check in. Love this town. Will hate it in 2 days.
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