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  1. 12 team, .5 ppr Team A: Zeke, J Cook Team B: Jacobs, Hock, JJAW, 2020 2nd
  2. Half point PPR: C Davis, Pettis, or A Rob thanks much and good luck to you!
  3. Thanks sig! .5 point ppr Pettis or C. Davis? BAL or CHI?
  4. Team A: TY Team B: mid-late 2019 1st, late 2019 1st, late 2019 2nd 12 team standard
  5. 12 team standard: Team A: Dalvin Team B: Njoku, D. Martin, high 2018 2nd
  6. Team A: Gurley, C Hogan, late 2018 2nd Team B: Cooper, Dalvin, Powell 12 team standard
  7. 12 team standard PPR Team A: Cam, Ajayi Team B: Rivers, Dez, Perriman
  8. 12 team standard Team A: Carr, Matt Jones Team B: Brady, Dion Lewis, 2017 2nd Note: Team A in win-now mode
  9. 12 Team PPR Dynasty, TE Premium Team dealing Graham a little thin at WR and had Kelce, Reed, Maxx at TE Team A: Jimmy Graham Team B: Nelson Agholor
  10. 12 team standard: Team A (WR heavy) gave: Cooper, Hyde, 2017 1st (expected to be late) Team B gave: Gurley, AJ Green
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