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  1. Yeah, lets not "celebrate/ honor" slave owners etc. History isn't changing.
  2. Boating accidents? Even so, boating and car accidents vs COVID? Its not even apples and oranges there --its apples and ...cheese burgers
  3. As a Ravens fan (and holding Mack), I would love to see this --but even if that happened, would still be surprised if he was able to carve out at least a solid RB 2 role to be able to roll him out with confidence (fantasy-wise)--- perhaps the push for future contract would be sufficient motivation
  4. I believe its lady's of color? And I'm sure there's nothing else more obvious reason for the hair loss. 🙄
  5. Same snap count and targets as Sutton, but just 2 catches --didn't see the game though --
  6. So if we could all get a vaccine to prevent getting cancer, pretty dang sure we all would. Don't get your point.
  7. -- played McManus last night --and most points from PK so far this year is 7 😟
  8. I could. I'm far enough down waivers to not likely get him though (8th) -- probably will try though sitting at 2-4
  9. Guy 5-1 in our league just dropped Michael Thomas for a kicker -- what's his status?
  10. Hmm, Indy or Bmore -- Problem with Bmore is they have bye next week. Ravens Dee may be starting to gel, but looks like Indy may have a better schedule towards playoffs. Probably depends on how bad you need a win this week -- Ravens with better matchup
  11. Alas, the spelling/ content board cop and self professed lib troller.
  12. I'm probably just going to stick with him; all that's available is the likes of Gano, Bullock, Blewitt, Myers, Sanders....
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