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  1. You really want to parse this out? The circle is wide. When you are corrupt, you get negative coverage.
  2. He’s the most corrupt POTUS with most corrupt admin ... 81 charges. You reap what you sow.
  3. Poor guy. I would hope the $139 million on golf we paid for eased those distractions for him.
  4. Nice edit. Right. That was exactly my point. Thanks for clearing it up. 🤪
  5. Yeah, there sure is plenty of trash here. But to my point, he’s a racist and is not leading. He’s dividing.
  6. Yeah, if ahead of the curve means even HE didn’t realize the full effects of his racism and ineptitude to lead.
  7. Whoah, yeah, looks like $74 worth of signs. Chill and have a happy 4th!
  8. Coulda been WAY less of a LOSS if virus warnings, playbooks and pandemic teams weren’t ignored / dismantled by this administration.
  9. Are folks keeping the Jets after last week? I mean the appeal was they were playing the Bills and will play them again soon -- I'm sitting with Jets and Ravens and not liking it --not even sure about AZ --maybe for this week, but that's it
  10. Yeah, I kept Ravens too with Jets. Nice pairings (Jets vs Bill twice!) at least until Week 16.
  11. I snagged Dallas. Starting to look like a weekly stream for me...ready to drop Ravens after-4 last week.
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