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  1. Pretty sure they want nothing of Trump and his ilk.
  2. Keep waving the MAGA hat--independents arent buying
  3. Did you comment the same for Jan 6? These are your peeps after all --
  4. @JAA can speak for him/herself, but I don't think that's what he/ she meant. After being forced to condemn two days later, Trump couldn't just leave it at that; he had to add the fine people on both sides"; still giving the nod to the David Dukes and Proud Boys he told to "stand by and stand down." So, yeah, typical of Trump to make obscure comments to keep things muddy and give the nod to his followers, including the white supremacists.
  5. No, I didn't miss that. That's a general statement. Not about folks that were at the protest.
  6. You are the one supporting his claim that there were "fine people" out there on both sides. So the onus is on you to inform who he was talking about.
  7. Well, I guess you mean that there were a few folks at the Charlottesville protest, besides those carrying torches, white supremacists, Nazis, The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers, the Three percenters , David Duke (who later thanked Trump) and those there to counter the alt-right, such as church groups, civil rights leaders. So who were the very fine people he was talking about?
  8. I'm sure there are a couple; but my question was, who was Trump referring to AT THE PROTEST?
  9. Bump - - what say the J6 / Big Lie supporters here?
  10. Love it! I'm buying. Just dropped Blankenship fo him.
  11. I remember when it was enough to just buy "Merican, like Ford, Chevy, not that Japanese crap! But, because Biden...
  12. I stand corrected. So basically, the fine/ nice people he was referring to were the ones wearing kakis, carrying torches and chanting "You will not replace us" ; "Russia is our friend" and "No more brother war" (a white supremacist slogan)
  13. Hopefully the arm chair scientists at least buy climate change now. Which disaster will get to them first?
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