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  1. I think he's a hold past this week as well. Possible they decide to err on the side of caution and rest Chubb a little more?
  2. Down to Tanny or Winston this week. Weather seems an issue both places but with AJB good to go, leaning Tanny. What say you?
  3. 0.5 PPR and choosing between Miles Sanders and D'Ernest. No win sitch, if you ask me... so I'm asking you!
  4. Thinking about tossing 20% on this guy since I hate Miles Sanders that much.
  5. Hopefully it's not a death or sickness in the family or something else as bad but that's the read I'm getting here. I don't think it's an attitude thing or he broke team rules. We'd have probably heard something about that by now.
  6. You can get absolutely get a passport same day with proof of international travel, be located near an office which can accommodate and willingness to pay a premium. Anyone can do this. Wife just had to arrange this for her boss' kid.
  7. I don't get it. This team is absolute clownshoes. I can't drop him yet but I ain't starting him again... unless and until.
  8. Sticking with him too but if we don't see anything after this game, Bench City, USA.
  9. I figured there had to se some sort of pre-existing condition but man, 39 and from the looks of it, pretty healthy on the surface. So incredibly sad.
  10. Figured I'd bump this. I know the "fix" to the Tools overlay taking up 99% of the screen is to just "scroll up" but the issue is you still have to move your mouse past it eventually. Now, I'm doing weird whiteboard-like mouse movements to get the pointer all the way to the right just to avoid any of the rollovers. Do we need all those links laid out in that matter under "Tools"? Thanks for reading.
  11. It's been a rough start for sure but "barely a flex option in 14-team leagues"??? GTFO
  12. He looks terrible. I only have one share of him but it feels bad, man.
  13. MRI on his shoulder tomorrow. What a fun hobby.
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