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  1. Sig, please help Goff @ SF or Winston vs CLE Flex; Ebron vs BUF, Drake vs DET, Breida vs LAR or Clement vs CAR Sit One; Clement vs CAR, Chubb @ TB or P Barber vs CLE
  2. Tyrod, Keenum and Bortles are gone. Darnold caught my eye but I thought Dalton was a better option.
  3. 12 teamer, 6 points per passing TD, 1 pt per 20 yards passing, 1 pt per 10 yards rushing, -2 for an interception I currently have the following rostered: Dalton vs BAL, Flacco @ CIN and Mariota vs HOU On the wire, the following are available: Tannehill @ NYJ, Fitzpatrick vs PHI and Foles @ TB Who would you start? I am currently leaning Dalton, Thoughts?
  4. NFFC offers a free look at the Thursday night game week one. Would you take the guaranteed 10 points from the Philly D or start the Cincy D @ IND? Thoughts? Sacks 1.00 Interception 2.00 Fumble Recovery 2.00 Interception TD Return 6.00 Fumble TD Return 6.00 Kick Return TD 6.00 Punt Return TD 6.00 Blocked Kick TD 6.00 Safeties 2.00 Shutout 12.00 Points Against 2-7 8.00 Points Against 8-12 4.00 Points Against 13-17 2.00 Failed 2pt / PAT Return 2.00
  5. PPR, NFFC allows a free look at the Thursday night players in Week One. Crowder is at Arizona, should I take the guaranteed 13.65 Agholor points or start Crowder? Thoughts?
  6. I will take the Jets, please email me at pjoner@gmail.com The one piece I need clarification on is the following: "The FA draft will start at 4pm ET on the First Friday in August. The FA draft will last 8 rounds. The FA draft is a straight draft, going from picks 1-16, and then back to 1 again. It is NOT a serpentine draft. The team with pick 1.01 will have pick 2.01, 3.01, etc. The FA draft order will be the same as the annual rookie draft. FA draft picks cannot be traded. The FA draft shall include any NFL free agents that are not on a current league roster, as well as
  7. can you share the full dispersal list? Also, what picks will Jets, Bills and Chargers have in the FA draft?
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