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  1. Diagree he was disarmingly charming. Second best host to the multi-winner. Dr. Oz was TRULY TERRIBLE.
  2. UDFA with the Lions. Good landing spot imo. Could take some work from Hock.
  3. I was just quoting the average of fantasy experts who ranked players in the past week. But they tend to be very low on undrafted rookies until they know their landing spot.
  4. I won't bet you, but he'll be the first since Steve Smith.
  5. He's currently #229 in consensus redraft. Where do we think he is by Aug 20? 45 too high? Ppr
  6. Deangelo Williams to Jonathon Stewart combo vibe. Ouch.
  7. How has their QB selection history been? 😀
  8. I sorta like it for fantasy next year. Gotta imagine that the Chiefs will be really motivated to wipe this taste away.
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