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  1. Logan was #6 TE on the season before he went on IR. It would take a lot to sit him once he comes back, he's on the field for literally 100% of snaps. Henry had 8 targets and a TD today. Volume is king at the TE position. Yes Knox's stats look gaudy, but he only has 3 targets tonight.
  2. ??? Why would I trade away my starting TE? I'm talking about getting something for a waiver wire pickup. Never mind.
  3. Hard disagree. Knox had 3 bids in on him this week, there's a bunch of teams struggling at TE who are going to be knocking on my door for him this week.
  4. So any suggestions for me? I drafted Logan Thomas and Hunter Henry (late round), so when Thomas went on IR I picked up Dawson Knox. Now I'm thinking I can trade one of the 2 to the Kittle owner perhaps? Knox is beasting tonight (again).
  5. Well with his fingers taped up, something is obvously going on. Seemed to me that he didn't have much touch on the deep ball. Seemed pretty good over the middle though.
  6. Don't bench Woods. He's such an incredible route runner. One of the best technicians in the game.
  7. Looked like he took a bit of a beating tonight but still toughed it out. Despite Woods' big night, he could have had 2 TD's, one where Stafford underthrew him, and the second dragged down at the 3.
  8. Who do we like this weekend. I dropped Succop for Hopkins right before his big game last week, but I'm liking the looks of McLaughlin and Joseph. I like accurate guys from 50 yards out.
  9. Harbaugh said Murray made the most of his opportunities and was pleased with what he saw from Bell, who was making his Ravens debut, in pass protection. "[He made] a couple really good blocks in there and made a couple nice cuts," Harbaugh said. "He got hit in the backfield one time, spun out. Speaking of player safety, getting grabbed and his head twisted – that was one for player safety. But he made a couple guys miss. I thought he did well." -Baltimore team website
  10. I'm surprised there's no chatter about Ertz being a waiver wire pickup this week. You have to like the targets.
  11. I have exactly the same decision. I'm still leaning ARob because he's earned trust over the years, but I'll be watching on Sunday night to see how AB is used, for sure.
  12. Good news. I took him in the last round of my redraft and am hoping he can turn into my keeper for next year. Had him rated very highly in college, and with the Ravens trying to get Jackson to throw more, and with the really nice looking spirals he has been dropping into Brown's hands, I'm interested to see what a competent receiver can do. I don't expect anything for a few weeks, though.
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