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  1. Overhead looks a TD. Side views don't help.
  2. Certainly you need better awareness in that situation
  3. I dunno. Lions D didn't look half bad today.
  4. Did Kupp leave with a sore shoulder after he recovered that onside kick?
  5. Yes. This thread is about Tags. Trolls who make it about our global pandemic and try to gaslight us should be banned for a week imo.
  6. Tennessee's secondary are terrible but their run D is pretty good. They are certainly worth considering against the Jets. See how they do today.
  7. Is there a way to have a public setting for the league (at least the standings) so us observers can laugh, jeer and catcall?
  8. I picked them up, but with Wentz likely starting I dropped them again for the NYG. I always prefer home defenses, and ATL are just not putting up points this season. I can't play my Rams against Brady this week, am I gutless?
  9. I hope his family can take some comfort from knowing how many lives he touched. He had that rare ability to make you feel like you knew him as a good friend. I will hold his memory dear. Every covid death at this point is a black mark against the unvaccinated. No amount of vaccine can safeguard us against those who refuse to stop this pandemic. The fact that covid still exists is a global disgrace of petulant ignorance.
  10. Short answer, yes. Watching the Giants game, they had a number of well-designed runs for him. On one he scored a long TD but called back by a penalty. Not quite Lamar Jackson, but you get the idea. As Saquon gets his legs back, this could make him very dangerous. Overall he played pretty well against a tough D. Now we need to see more consistency.
  11. They used at least one very nice screen pass where they got a convoy out in front of him and he made an excellent gain in the first half. He looked smooth. I agree there is room for more of that. He's no Aaron Jones, but you don't want to be solo tackling him when he's at full speed.
  12. How does Robinson drop a TD pass? One of the most sure- handed receivers out there.
  13. Tonight provided clarity. Williams is the the speed and cut runner, Murray is out there for the hard yards running straight into the line. They combine well.
  14. The Chiefs may bench CEH after that fumble. Yes, Williams looked the part tonight. He's a good complement to Lamar and Murray.
  15. Sigmund Bloom's emotional advice on The Audible on Thursday night was to "sell Henry for 70 cents on the dollar", because after "another dud" this week, you "won't get anything for him". 🤯🤯
  16. "Ty’Son Williams looked the part of a starting NFL RB in week one against Las Vegas. He looked like he was shot out of a cannon on multiple instances and he was second in the NFL last week in Breakaway Yards, despite having only nine total rush attempts. The Chiefs are notably a tougher run defense to face, but they just surrendered four rushing touchdowns to the Browns in week one. Williams should see enough work in this one to return low-end RB2 value and he has upside based on what he showed us on the field against the Raiders. Latavius Murray saw plenty of work last week, but he was woefully inefficient with his opportunity. He was on the field in key situations down the stretch, but this was most likely due to his veteran understanding of pass protection. He could steal some work away from Williams again this week, but it won’t be enough to put him on the redraft radar just yet. " Kyle Yates, FantasyPros.
  17. Great choice at the end of the second, early third. He makes every tough catch.
  18. The impressive thing is he is out there on every play. He certainly makes some tough catches over the middle. But in this offensive system, they like to spread the ball around to the running back (McKissic) and their other WRs (Humphries), so I think this sort of stat line is going to be fairly typical for Thomas this year, with occasional TDs sprinkled in. He's very valuable to them as a run blocker, although he rarely lines up in the usual TE position - he plays a step or two back off the line typically.
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