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  1. I would be down for trying that, in lieu of trying to throw something together last second.
  2. Rangers fans, enjoy Zac Jones. Word I was hearing last week out of Pittsburgh was that he was coming back for his junior year, but I guess winning the title changed that. Either way, he’s ready and I think you’re going to like what he brings (think Grzelcyk in terms of style and skill set). Great kid, as well.
  3. I might be drunk, or without pants, or both (or neither) right now. But likely all of the above to come soon. If anyone knew what we went through as UMass hockey fans since the team returned in 1993, you literally would not believe how we are feeling right now. National champions. WOW!
  4. Indiana-Syracuse is not a bad call, but I don't remember as much about how that game played out before the finish. I know it was tied at the half. Hard to put UNC-Georgetown in that group because of the four-corners offense. That, and UNC's first eight points were on Ewing goaltending calls. This game had 19 lead changes and 13 ties in regulation. And of course one more tie with 3.3 seconds left. Incredible stuff.
  5. Duke-Kentucky in 1992. Then I'll give it up to anyone who thinks UNC-Villanova in 2016. But man, I don't know ... Either way, those three are the tops for me in four decades of watching college hoops.
  6. Hard to believe with all the upsets in the early rounds, we’re halfway to the second-chalkiest Final Four in the 64/68-team era (since 1985). If Gonzaga/Michigan win, it will be three 1s and a 2 — matching 1993, when UNC, Michigan and Kentucky all were 1s and Kansas was a 2. All four 1 seeds made it in 2008 (Kansas, Memphis, UNC, UCLA).
  7. They’re scary to me because you just can’t kill them. NoDak was silly talented, but UMD just won’t go away.
  8. Beat BC tomorrow and we will let you rent the Minutemen for a couple of weeks.
  9. My brother-in-law was at the St. Lawrence-BU 4 OT game in Albany in 2000. Now he’s mad it isn’t the NCAA tournament record any more.
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