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  1. In, since I hear there’s a good chance you will just throw in an extra million.
  2. I choked on taking Trocheck a pick before Brasky ... got spooked by him being on IR and ended up taking Burns (and Norris a few picks earlier). In a shocking development, my goalers still stink.
  3. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 387 Roll subtotal: 387 Roll total: 387
  4. Edited because I can't read a calendar ... an extra week to build the hype.
  5. America's Team ™️ is heading to Tallahassee on a roll. See you in two weeks!
  6. Season begins Tuesday. Monday night wouldn't be ideal for me, but I could make it work. We going 100 GP per lineup spot this year? 😄
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