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  1. Bruins have been awful in front of the net the last two nights without Miller and Lauzon. Grzelcyk might be back Sunday, but he doesn't bring that same physical presence.
  2. The Blues had the puck for 3 minutes, 36 seconds on a delayed penalty. (And didn't score ... or on the subsequent power play.)
  3. He was advising Todd Woodcock with the University of Vermont Fightin' Rudnickis this season.
  4. More importantly, why did I still think having the Sabres goalie tandem was a good idea?
  5. Just got done reading The Athletic story on the Coyotes. I saw it a couple of days ago but didn't have time to sit down and go through it. Crazy how no matter what they try to do in the desert, that franchise just can't get out of its own way.
  6. Could threaten Mike Sillinger's record with this season alone.
  7. I guess the rule is vague in that if the high stick doesn't directly lead to the goal, they can't review it if it wasn't called on the ice. I can live with it, since my boy Rooney ended up with the goal.
  8. This story about what happened at the end of the second period in the Hurricanes-Blue Jackets game is pretty incredible. https://theathletic.com/2374438/2021/02/08/miscommunication-explained-how-chaos-led-to-botched-call-against-blue-jackets/ For those who don't subscribe: Hurricanes score, Blue Jackets challenge for offsides. While the review is starting, off-ice video coordinator is heard saying "That's a good goal" -- except that the video coordinator is not supposed to speak. Meanwhile in Toronto, they're still reviewing the different feeds, including one angle
  9. The last three Capitals games have featured blown 3-0 leads. In a span of five days ... Erase 3-0 deficit vs, Trotz/Isles, win 6-3. Blow 3-0 lead to Bruins, win on Ovie's goal in OT. Blow another 3-0 lead to Bruins, lose 5-3.
  10. Check out what Colin does immediately after the game-winner.
  11. Why do you want to replace your leading scorer? (Humor me ... I've known Colin since he was playing in HS. Still did one of the classier things I've ever seen in a HS game ... they lost the Mass. state championship in OT, and somehow in the aftermath, he thought enough to find the game puck and flip it to the dad of the kid on the other team who scored the winning goal. The other kid got drafted by the IC'Canes and played at Northeastern, but never went any further.)
  12. I was curious if this was the highest two draft picks ever to be traded for one another ... from any draft, never mind actually picked back-to-back the same year. It turns out, the very first two draft picks in NHL history in 1963 -- Gerry Monahan (Canadiens) and Peter Mahovlich (Red Wings) -- were swapped in 1969. Crazy. Next closest I can think of is Mike Ricci (No. 4) being part of the trade for Lindros (No. 1).
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