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  1. Most every NE reporter believes this is a paper transaction. Since Hoyer doesn't require waivers, they will just wait to put one of their final 53 on I/R and then bring Hoyer back.
  2. Shoeless Joe batting righty (and throwing lefty) never fails to annoy me.
  3. Sounds like Krejci is close to re-signing in Boston. The only question all along was whether he was staying here or returning with his family to Czech Republic. I would assume it’s only a year or two, and nowhere near the $7M he made last season. If it happens, the top six forwards all return intact, and Sweeney can turn his attention tomorrow to the blue line (and maybe a goalie to take the load off Swayman until Rask is back … if/when he does).
  4. I always enjoy reading mock expansion drafts, and then stuff like this happens and blows the whole thing to smithereens.
  5. I was thinking about this yesterday, and looked back at the Vegas draft and some of the deals that were made. Obviously everyone knew Fleury was going there. Marchessault, Schmidt and Neal seemed like no-brainers. But I don’t think guys like Theodore, Tuch and Reilly Smith were on anyone’s radars as “sweeteners” to avoid taking certain players like Dumba. Ultimately you would think they would have learned, but when it comes to individual teams making the decisions that are “right” for their teams, who knows what will happen. Any one of those Knights deals standing on their own wouldn’t have been earth-shaking, but it was the totality of them that was incredible.
  6. Random story that I was reminded of last night when hanging with some HS friends: We were on a school trip to Montreal in 1986 when the Habs beat the Rangers to make the Cup Final. A buddy and I sat up until 4 a.m. and watched the stream of traffic down Ste. Catherine from our hotel room (which wasn't really near the Forum). I thought it was awesome.
  7. Glad they got to celebrate this one at home. I would never trade the Bruins winning it in Vancouver for anything … but winning it last year in an empty arena just seemed a little hollow. Congrats @Capella @E Street Brat
  8. I certainly would never get caught dead rooting for the Canadiens, but I also was driving home from the weekend and missed the third period and OT last night, so in hindsight I'm not exactly sorry I didn't miss the Cup clincher.
  9. I have a 2015 Legacy that was lightly used when I bought it, and have had no issues aside from having to replace the battery. I like that everything is set up exactly the same as my wife’s ‘17 Outback. She has the eyesight system, mine is a little lower to the ground and has the 6-cylinder engine. No complaints with either one so far. Edit: Should note my wife got hers first after having a Camry for about a dozen years (300K+ miles). I made the switch after more than 20 years of VW Jettas.
  10. Interesting. I just don't remember it starting quite this early in other Olympic years.
  11. I almost made the joke the other night when Kucherov got hurt.
  12. No one is disputing that teams go over the cap because of LTIR. But half the league then brought those LTIR players back just in time for the playoffs? I really don’t care ... as you say, it’s within the rules and I enjoy watching the Lightning play. I joked to Capella about the Bruins doing it with Rask next season, because I think that would be hysterical. Fix the loophole going forward. But don’t get offended when other fans call them out on it.
  13. Why so early this year? I used to really get into the Tour ... had a local stage race that featured past/future tour riders (Armstrong, Hamilton, Davis Phinney, Stephen Swart, among others) but that has since fizzled out after more than 50 years.
  14. You might laugh, but I'm fortunate enough to have the consensus best Southern-style BBQ place in Massachusetts just down the road from my house. Both Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain (RIP) have visited in recent years and praised the brisket.
  15. It’s going to be funny when the Bruins re-sign all of their UFAs, put Rask on LTIR and then he comes back for Round 1 of the playoffs against two-time Cup champ Tampa.
  16. I finally made it to Omaha six years ago, side trip before a weekend of baseball in KC. Only got to see one game ... TCU vs. LSU (with Bregman) in a late-round matchup. Really wish I had been able to see Rosenblatt before it went away.
  17. I have to wonder if part of it is so that conferences don’t start playing games with their championship games. You know, No. 1 Alabama already is in, so why not let No. 16 Florida (or whatever) win and guarantee the league another spot. The other team probably would never play ball anyway, but this kind of incentive assures that. Who knows.
  18. Another fun fact: Kadri has finished his season on suspension three of the last four years.
  19. I mean, you can’t discount what having Price in net could do ... except for the fact that the other team has Fleury at the other end.
  20. Stolen from Twitter: For the second consecutive year the final four is the Lightning, Islanders, Knights and Corey Perry’s team.
  21. No depth beyond Makar-Toews and Girard-Graves. The third pair (Nemeth-Timmins) played 11 minutes in an elimination game. Have to assume Byram still wasn't ready, and losing Johnson for the whole season didn't help.
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