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  1. 1973 World Series - I was 8 years-old and camping out at a cool, hazy Lake Cachuma fishing and listening to the World Series on a portable, leatheresque-bound radio. I don't remember cheering for either the Mets or A's, but regardless it felt like magic.
  2. Gaslighting and mental gymnastics in an effort to try and convince themselves and you that "Hey, I might prefer to vote for party tearing the country to pieces but this is how I get social media likes and my feelings matter more than the future of my children" Harris is using her profile to raise funding to bail out people burning cities to the ground Lib response: "Trumps rhetoric is divisive" ZERO INTEGRITY It's like people are bringing fiery briquets to a chile eating contest. Have fun moderating this bleep, y'all.
  3. Wow: https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1300952666755993602?s=20
  4. My lawyer will be sending your lawyer a cease and desist letter on the use of my avatar.
  5. My grand idea: automatic microtransactions. Every post in the PSF costs a dime, and every post in the FFA costs 2 cents. This money funds Joe's costs for running the boards, and the rest goes to a well-respected charity (or Joe's pocket - his board, his choice). Maybe skim off a stipend for the moderators too. Except FBG Moderator; he's turrible. It's similar to my idea where I pay a nickel or a quarter or whatever to access content (content = anything hidden behind a paywall) rather than the ubiquitous subscription model. I think both consumers and providers would benefit, handsomely.
  6. You remind me of that great band from the late-60s, The Quicksand Messenger Service.
  7. You're spelling is impeccable. Seriously. It's weird that you did not come to your own defense.
  8. I was once opposed to shutting this forum down because I did not want the trolls to win.
  9. While I'm not up to speed on all the backs you listed, Darrell Henderson easily. Love the speed, receiving skills, and overall instincts. His situation is murky but I think it's worth waiting out. Hope I'm not wrong.
  10. This seems an appropriate place to drop this link: White People Need to be Coached Up.
  11. I get it, but this thread made me realize how many background notes of my life are attributable to Neil; Motorcycle Mama was a note for me.
  12. My personal favorites: Like a Hurricane - I was 14, I was high Cinnamon Girl - Several hundred times this song has randomly popped into my conscious. Heart of Gold - one of those songs that sorta stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it. I was maybe 9, 10.
  13. I'm counting on it. I own Higbee and Hurst in a dynasty premium TE league and I will be starting Hurst with confidence come week 1.
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