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  1. cjv123

    Warner, Fred

    Coming to a roster near you.
  2. I understood it was always marijuana, the drug of choice for, say, Ivanka Trump.
  3. Lots of "sharp" drop/adds due to weather, folks shifting south and west. Sturgis picked up in two money leagues of mine, for Lambo.
  4. I agreed until I thought maybe JAX simply runs the ball down NYG's throat and does not pass a lot.
  5. 1.0 PPR is ridiculous, as anyone who is mathematically inclined realized long ago, and as Yahoo! has now conceded. PPR came into existence for only one reason: to give WRs comparable value to RBs. In a 12-team league where rosters start 3 WRs and with 0.5 PPR, WRs compare fully with RBs across the tiers.
  6. 5 x 12 = 60. There are not 60 RBs more valuable than Conner.
  7. 13.65. Wow- never heard of such nonsense as a free look.
  8. So I have only one roster spot for a TE. I drafted Doyle, who I've always liked and drafted frequently for value late in drafts. But, Ebron makes me very nervous. And, it seems likely Samuels will carve out a nice role in Pittsburgh, including a possible injury role as a starting RB. I figure I can pick up McDonald if Samuels does not play out (McD is a FA) and my hometown sleeper Akins is out there as well. Of course, when things are set up for Doyle he, Doyle, is a top-8 TE. Curious if anyone else would drop Doyle for Samuels?
  9. If Conner has not been picked up it doesn't matter seeing as your league is asleep.
  10. Kelvin Benjamin mentioned only once. I'm a bit surprised. I'm holding onto him, over A. Morris who I next cut, and all because I read a BUF fan in here say Peterman just lobs the ball up to Kelvin every play. But Benjamin has a very short rope with me.
  11. Still tripping over him being undrafted.
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