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  1. (I searched and there was not a thread on this. If the search was wrong, please delete) I'm very bid "rookie" TE Jordan Akins of the Texans. The Texans offense is a bit flag football, with Watson moving around to buy time as guys get open and throw their hands up in the air. Akins seems perfect for this. He's mature, intelligent, and athletic. He's a bit wiry and does not come across as much of a blocker, but the Texans are perhaps the least capable power-rushing team in the NFL so this deficiency is not especially problematic. The Texans generate a lot of opportunities for the TE but hav
  2. It's been interesting to see the Internet taken over by right-wingers. They can attack ad hominem, at will, but if I reply I am banned.
  3. Right thats the reason Yes, that's the reason. The two black guys were suspended but the white guy who threw the party and caused it all was not. Haslam is a right-wing Confederate and I don't find that a coincidence. I realize almost everyone will believe differently.
  4. Manziel wasn't just "late"- he did not show and they had to go to his house to get him. But he is white so only a fine.
  5. Apology for the second post: Whomever made the technical call for Manziel for CLE must be fired. GM's pay scouts to get the basic, "Xs and Os" stuff right.
  6. Ray Farmer could still turn into a hero here if he can somehow duplicate the Trent Richardson trade and extract a #1 pick from Jerry Jones to offload Manziel. #1 pick? He went in the first round and has shown he was wildly overvalued there. This is Tebow the Sequel.
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