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  1. The problem is the people who take advantage of it and use it as an excuse, when there are people like your wife who are actually struggling with a real issue. It just makes it harder on the people who have a genuine problem.
  2. Calling in Monday and telling them I'm just not feeling it mentally and will let them know when I am.
  3. Damn it! Was hoping Dog would be the one to find this guy and embarrass the useless FBI
  4. You can start out around 80 or so as a new grad PT, but yes, the cost of education has gotten ridiculous. It's not on the level of med school, but it's quickly becoming a poor financial decision. Glad I got out 15 years ago. If you can get on with the VA or DOD out of school, they'll repay your loans. Eta: Looks like PT school in my home state is 75 for tuition and books. Ridiculous, if you factor in the previous 4 years of undergrad it requires.
  5. I am a PT. I worked in the private sector for 14 years. Hospital, skilled care, home health, and outpatient. It's always been about money, but CMS really hammered the therapy field, followed by Covid about 6 months after that. I had a great career up until that point. Since then, everything came unraveled. I don't know anyone who is happy at this point. No therapists. No nurses or other hospital workers. Sounds like you're happy but that would be the exception in my experience. All overworked and always short staffed. Increased responsibility with no increase in pay. Documentation requirements always being increased. The big corporations make all the decisions now. If you don't like it, they'll find a new grad in tons of debt that will enter charges just the same and fill your spot. Patient care has suffered immensely. I can't even remember how many patients I've seen die that didn't need to, but the quality of care was so poor that they didn't get what they needed. And no one knew any different. Families just thought it was their time to go, but I I knew otherwise. The good clinicians are becoming fewer and fewer. High burnout rate. I could write a book on what makes it a disaster now, but that's probably enough. So I moved to the government sector and work as a PT for the DOD now and absolutely love it. Equivalent pay. Lower stress. Union job with a pension and tons of time off. Just see the injuries soldiers on my schedule and go home. The only thing i miss is geriatrics. That's always been my favorite group of patients, but I couldn't do it anymore after all I had to see and put up with. What do you do?
  6. Should have been a physical therapist. I had a great career before having to leave the private sector and jump to the federal during Covid. Private sector of Healthcare is a disaster now.
  7. Another predictable humiliation from the Packers. Nothing ever changes. Looking at another 7-9 8-8 season.
  8. It's who they've always been. Until they have new owners, nothing will change.
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