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  1. Was out of town last night. Still going with Havoc and Spitfire with 3x as my main and dealin.
  2. From the HR person today: Hello Mr. ____, Once you clear all your conditions of employment then I will contact you for a starting date. Once I get your starting date, I will code your action and then I will send you Official Job Offer thru Onboarding. A week before you start I will send you an email with instructions for in-processing the day you start. Your physical will clear on the same day you take it. Once you have your fingerprints taken I will submit your PSIP request which you will get 3 emails from them on what to do. Once you complete the SF85 form online and submi
  3. My buddy who works base in Florida said he got a notification of a start date in 10 days when he was hired but got them to extend it a couple weeks because he was about to board a ship on a cruise. I just can't seem to get a clear picture on how it's going to work once I get the final offer.
  4. From the sound of it, I won't know my start date until 14 days or less from the time I start. Going to inform my current job of the situation when I return to work on the 15th. Still looking like end of April and I want at least a week off before going.
  5. A lot of inside buzz on the Bears and Wilson. If Seattle is going to trade him, it will be to the Bears. They're listening. Doesn't mean they will pull the trigger. Houston won't even take any calls on Watson yet. Idiots
  6. Going out to the base next week for physical and fingerprints and to look at housing. Looking like starting end of April or beginning of May. Can't come quick enough. Current job is miserable.
  7. Couple wins with Hx last night. Really should've been 3 or 4. I misplayed the last game or we definitely would've had 3. Pitiful 3rds last night. Was always 2 on 3
  8. Hardly anything on the market in our area. Goes immediately. Guessing we will get multiple offers on our home this summer when we sell in the Nashville suburbs.
  9. "Cheap" as compared to what it would take to get almost any other option at qb now.
  10. Oddly, I'm getting paid within a couple grand of what I make in the private sector, but with the added benefit of more time off, far better benefits and a retirement, a much more manageable caseload and job security beyond compare. Win. Win And I can advance to making far more than I ever could in the private sector with my occupation, eventually
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