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  1. Going out to the base next week for physical and fingerprints and to look at housing. Looking like starting end of April or beginning of May. Can't come quick enough. Current job is miserable.
  2. Couple wins with Hx last night. Really should've been 3 or 4. I misplayed the last game or we definitely would've had 3. Pitiful 3rds last night. Was always 2 on 3
  3. Hardly anything on the market in our area. Goes immediately. Guessing we will get multiple offers on our home this summer when we sell in the Nashville suburbs.
  4. "Cheap" as compared to what it would take to get almost any other option at qb now.
  5. Oddly, I'm getting paid within a couple grand of what I make in the private sector, but with the added benefit of more time off, far better benefits and a retirement, a much more manageable caseload and job security beyond compare. Win. Win And I can advance to making far more than I ever could in the private sector with my occupation, eventually
  6. Stick with Foles and go after Mac in the first round. I've been on this train for months now. If Jones doesn't fall to 20, I still don't think it would cost much to move up for him. Then, keep most of your picks and build the team around him. Slowly transition the roster from defense to offense dominant.
  7. Ah yes. I remember the underage girl in the Bahamas. Good times
  8. Nah. We're the same age. Just have to focus on keeping moving and getting position. Remember, most of you guys didn't play for quite a while and I never stopped.
  9. You're a statue looking down sights up close and it's almost impossible to keep on someone moving very fast at that range.
  10. Played 5 or 6. Couple wins and 1500 games. My game really changed when I started hip firing more up close and went to the spitfire with 3x for long range.
  11. Was also thinking about this. We'll be renting for a couple years for about half of what our current mortgage is. Was going to just keep acting as if the mortgage is the same, except we'll just be putting half into an account to continue saving for our next home. Any special type of account we should put that in or just stick it all in saving?
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