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  1. No. Just doing 12 weeks of sarms and a pct and Nolvadex afterward. Don't want to start TRT because you sort of have to stay on it once you start. Not ready for that
  2. Rad 140 and ligandrol. I'm getting freaking huge. Not on Tren level stuff but it's legit.
  3. Dalton with a bone bruise and likely out a month. Time for Fields already.
  4. Bears needs to force 15 turnovers and a return TD just to barely beat a terrible team
  5. Not too different than ours. We bought April '19 at 148 Sq foot and sold 2 months ago at 216 Sq foot. Nashville suburbs
  6. Lol. This is just so asinine. The moronic thing is blaming everyday people for all of the problems happening with covid and never the corrupt ruling class or the "leading experts" some of you guys seem to worship. They actually don't care about any of us and want you to blame fellow citizens, while ignoring the people really at fault.
  7. Still cruising along with my natural immunity. Know a ton of people over the last 2 months with covid, who were vaccinated. Many of them were really sick. Friend's dad is in the hospital currently a couple days after getting the jab due to a bad reaction. They think he's going to pull through but was touch and go for a couple days with his O2 in the 60s. Make your own decision based on what's best for you.
  8. The nursing home patient actually fell asleep on camera while meeting with the Israeli PM. This is like a really bad movie. I had the lowest of expectations for this goof, and he somehow even went below that.
  9. Outside an occasional game, haven't watched in over a decade
  10. Do what?!? This couldn't be further from Reagan's 2nd term. What in the hell?
  11. To think a single person is deluded enough to feel sorry for Biden after this just shows how brainwashed some people truly are. Unbelievable
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