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  1. Impressive win with one of the best drives I have seen in many many years (the series that led to the TD in the second quarter). A great blend of run, misdirection, QB scrambles, nice passes and a great catch in the end zone. What can I say that others have not said - shocking to see a real offense execute, suffocating defense, turnovers that lead to points, going for two pointers and converting, a kicker showing up (at least for a week), good clock management (STILL need more killer instinct from the offense in the second half) and winning games that they were always losing. Maybe they have turned the corner with the dumb mistakes and the crazy insane injuries that have plagued this team for years. I have seen the Packers pull off the three division wins in less than 2 weeks. Maybe the stars are aligning. Detroit at home on Thanksgiving will be a tough game. There would be nothing better than beating them and GB for me. Obviously, all Bear's fans want that revenge game on GB but need to take them one game at a time and stay healthy. Good job to the organization. Its been a long time since I have said it but have to give credit where credit is due. Top 5 most entertaining team in the NFL this year (maybe top 3 after NO and KC).
  2. LOL - yup well - "for now" is going over the edge. Like the Bears - they have significant lapses on the defensive side. A nice win on Saturday and then buried on Sunday.
  3. No surprises here. We have seen all this before - Jauron, Wannie, Lovie and on and on. Teams like the Patriots win winnable games. Teams like the Bears lose winnable games. Beating yourself still results in losing records and no championships. Actually, the Bears have usually been in winnable games over the many years of losing. Yeah they have taken some beatings but they tend to be in position to win games. But they don’t. Losing counts for nothing in the NFL but owners making money and a draft pick lottery
  4. Still means a loss. They might have 3 or 4 wins in them but I cannot see them bouncing anyone in the division. Promising start. More entertaining than what we have seen but ultimately they will continue to wander in mediocrity
  5. Yup finding ways to lose again. White catches the ball at the one. They lose. They never let ya down
  6. Maybe but I find it hard to believe that Billicheck would let this slip away
  7. Lousy HC, rookie-esque type of QB play and a total break down of the STs and defense. Maybe Nagy can come out in the post game presser and tell us all about how he is a big boy and can take the heat. Wash rinse repeat...
  8. Nagy should not be allowed on the team flight home. This guy is Andy Reid junior. Only a moron coach with a lead on the road with a first and goal decides to abandon the running game. A win vs New England redeems all this but this team is gassed and Brady just gives them ball bashes w a dirty sock loaded with bars of soap. I guess first place and the game in their control just wasn’t good enough
  9. I hope but they had this game wrapped when they had a first and goal and they decided to throw throw throw and then the end zone pick. This guy needs to know that he has Jordan Howard
  10. For me, the move makes them a better team. Does Mack add value? He certainly does. Ppl talk about how tough this division is going to be but without a pass rusher the other teams in the division would have exposed the gap mercilessly. They plug a bona fide stud into the gap and check the box. They gave up a lot of future potential to get a proven player today. This is not a one year player in a “going for it all” season. This is a crown jewel for many years to come. Folks here talking about how it all means nothing unless Trubinsky is suddenly a pro bowler this season are being irrational. This team is crawling out of the basement taking steps forward. I have always said that formidable lines on both sides of the ball will bring winning seasons. This move helps a lot. I wonder what kind of football shape Mack will be in? Can he step in and make an impact in week 1? On the flip side, the injuries have killed this team for many years now. Happens to all teams but this team has been bitten hard. No excuses but it would be nice to see what they have without the constant MASH unit.
  11. Kind of mystified by this LB pick in the 4Th. This guy is destined for STs
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