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  1. He went at WR30, 4.13 (16 teams) in the FBG Winter Survivor League. :soulfly: 16 haters :soulfly: Hey, look on the bright side! He just went off the board at WR23 (3.08) for the clearly-more-enlightened group participating in WSL2. Full disclosure: that's only because I didn't have the stones to grab him at 3.07. Thought about it, though. Just got him at 5.05 in a dynasty startup (12 team PPR). Would've taken him earlier if I felt like I needed to.
  2. Everyone has a WR on their bench that can easily replace Moncrief. That's kind of the point of why the trade was so horrible. I don't like the trade but I think I need to go do price checks on Moncrief, you folks are way to low on him. He's not bench fodder, he's not even going to turn 23 until training camp, Andre won't block him any longer and he's going to do a lot better with a full season of Luck. I'm not low on him, but right now the wide receiver market is absolutely flooded with talented young upside wide receivers. That literally means you are "low" on him lol like what
  3. The thing is you probably won't have to draft him that high. But who knows depends on when your rookie draft is.
  4. Hoping he goes to a good team so he doesn't have to be thrust into the #1 option right away but we shall see where he lands. Excited for his continued development, even though I'm super excited about him as an athlete/prospect I don't think we can ignore some of the flaws still in his game. Should be interesting
  5. Drake doesn't have nowhere near the interior rushing chops Bush had. This comp is just not good IMO.
  6. Give me the Gordons Same here. DT has been getting sold a lot in leagues I'm in and looks like other leagues as well and if I still owned him I'd be trying to cash out as well. I wonder why. He still had a really solid season, just down on the TDs a bit which tend to fluctuate. More importantly, it looks like he'll have a solid QB going forward which was the biggest concern surrounding him. Is Brock considered a solid QB? His 7 starts this year, the first 7 of his career, prorate out to 4500/23 over a full season. Seems plenty to sustain a fantasy WR. His QB rating was basically equal to Blake Bortles', whom people seem to be gaga over. The argument to trade Demaryius isn't that I think he is a bad player or that he didn't have an OK season. But you have to ask yourself is this the best it's going to get? He had 3 elite seasons and an OK season this year. He's not getting any younger. Say he's a high-end WR2 next year, are people still going to be paying these kinds of prices for him? I doubt he ever gets back to the levels he had the previous 3 seasons and seems like a good time to cash out. MG3 isn't really someone I'm high on but if he flashes in the preseason/first couple games next season I guarantee I can flip him for an early 1st if not more. And I need RB production so who knows might keep him. Josh Gordon is young and has the potential to produce equally to D-Thomas and probably better if he can stay on the field. I'll take the risk. And the 3rd is a flyer I can use to draft some decent RB that will probably back up some older vet who will get hurt and become the starter some point in the season I can flip for another draft pick or use to package up for a player I like. Easy value. Theres my reasoning and people in the league weren't really biting on Demaryius all season who I had on the block since I took over this particular team mid-season. I was out of town and got offered Sammy Watkins and a 1st for him but missed the offer and re-sent it when I got back home but he declined missed opportunity but I think this return is solid enough with potential to be a big win if things work out.
  7. 12 team PPR 30 man roster w/ 4 IR spots. Traded Demaryius Thomas For Josh Gordon Melvin Gordon Early 3rd
  8. I've watched a bit of his tape and I like him just off of first glance. Will dive into it more and take some notes and get back here to see how much that changes but so far has passed the eye test. As far as not "pushing the pile" I didn't see that as an issue and noticed a pretty consistent ability to carry 1/2 and even 3 defenders forward for few extra yards. A big positive for me was it seemed his vision was fantastic and his footwork allowed his movements to quickly carry him to where his eyes saw openings. Definitely a good sign!
  9. Tyler Ervin is someone I'm keeping an eye on. Love his potential now that he's bulked up.
  10. I'm buying. Feel like he is going to be underrated in dynasty drafts going behind a lot of guys that are flyers at best. Just go watch a couple videos of his route running at the senior bowl practices, the dude is scary athletic and VERY sudden/smooth in his breaks and double moves. Can't wait to see him in the NFL.
  11. Traded Demaryius Thomas for Josh Gordon, Melvin Gordon, and an early 3rd in 12-team ppr dynasty with 30 man rosters I inherited mid season this year. Not the biggest MG fan but hoping he flashes a game or two and I can sell at some point. Demaryius is trending way down IMO and who knows who Denver's QB is next year? so I liked the deal. Its "risky" but if Gordon stays on the field this is an easy win imo.
  12. Here's Waldman's notes on the North practice day 1. http://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2016/01/26/north-practice-day-1/
  13. LOL love the "he will kill you" on Charles Tapper.
  14. Agreed- don't want Chip there. Ugh, exactly what I didn't want to see. He could still be good there, but he could just as easily be worthless. He will fit his system about as well as Murray did. He needs a McCoy type. Someone good and right to left. Reggie? Rookie? Except if you actually look at the offense Chip ran his first 2 seasons it wasn't the same as it was last year and the changes came when they lost both OG's before the start of the season. Instead of basing the run game off their ability to run between the guards they went to a more lateral off-tackle run game this past season. So really basing Hyde's value off what happened this year with Murray in PHI isn't something I would do and we will just have to see how it plays out.
  15. Seriously, no QBs in the top 25? That's just a weak attempt to stand out from the crowd. Not to mention putting an undersized linebacker with a blown ACL at #1. I disagree with a few things on that big board, but Jack at 1 is not one of them. Dude is a s-t-u-d. Yep. It's not a mock, it's a talent listing. We all know a bunch of QB's will go early and it will be less about their actual talent. If one wants to say RB's are devalued in today's NFL, then QB's would be massively hyper-valued. But looking at how much better a franchise QB makes a team, QB's still probably aren't valued enough in the draft IMO. For instance, if you don't have a franchise QB, why not draft like 4-5 QBs in the hopes that one of them pans out? And if more than one turns out to be starter-level in the NFL the trade value that creates is insane. Washington drafted RGIII and Kirk Cousins in the same draft and look how that's turned out recently, instead of just drafting RGIII and being SOL when all the drama happened they got Cousins waiting in the wings who's turned out to be decent at least and turned that into a playoff appearance. The franchise itself was turned around completely just by drafting RGIII and that one great year and is now in pretty good shape because they also drafted Cousins along with him. Seems like a no brainer to just pull the trigger on QB until one hits and then fill out the roster/team composition from there.
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