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  1. No. That's a totally rational way to keep power. Doesn't mean it's a good thing and doesn't mean it sucks less for their people, but it's totally rational and likely to work.
  2. Sarge should get called in, but Pepi obviously starts up top. I'd take both Pefok and Dike into camp and bring whichever meshes better with the team tactics to the 23 on the game day squad. Can also roll with Weah or Hoppe up top in a pinch. Is Nips healthy? I could see him getting significant playing time with no Reyna, no Pulisic. Aaronson seems a lock to start in this case.
  3. It won't preclude you from getting hired. I wouldn't use that as an excuse. I would be upfront and tell them that you have another round of interviews scheduled in the coming week and you'd like to see that out before making a decision. It's a risk, but a small one. Company #1 might fill that role with someone else, but I'm 95% sure that they'll wait for you since they were quick with an offer.
  4. You roll the dice on the dream gig. Stall company #1. Hell, you can even tell them you're interviewing at another place and want to finish that set of interviews first. I think they'll respect that.
  5. I'd take that 2009 squad over today's squad H2H. I also think that 2009 squad would be better in CONCACAF qualifying than this squad. In 2008, they smoked their 3rd round qualification with a +11 GD, 5 wins, 1 loss. In the Hex, they went 6-2-2 for 20 points, +6 DG, and top of the table, edging out Mexico by 1 point. That's what sent them to the CONFED CUP. Not sure if it was mentioned, but Connor Casey was banging in goals too during that time, so they didn't need to rely on a young Jozy only. He might have been a worse matchup for the 2021 USMNT defense, which is a bit more finesse than bruising.
  6. The law in the state of MD states otherwise: There is no reference to a firearm or gun or anything other than a "dangerous weapon". So, no, when we talk about "armed robbery" we don't necessarily mean that person has a firearm.
  7. tying into the above - why ? why is the mobility low ? 1. The USA doesn't invest in social safety net or early childhood education like other developed countries. The cost for childcare in the US is very high and is unsubsidized for the most part. 2. Race and class are very linked. Systemic racism limits class mobility for those minority groups that are hit with inherent bias and racism. Example: people with "black" sounding names get fewer callbacks for the same resume than "white" sounding names. Those situations persist even if no one person is consciously acting in a biased manner.
  8. Wait, chains are deadly objects? Does that mean that Rosenbaum was armed?
  9. Anecdata and stereotypes. The reality is one of the best predictor of socioeconomic status as an adult is the socioeconomic status (and wealth) of the parents. The correlation is very strong in the US, but less strong in other developed countries. In other words economic mobility between generations is low.
  10. I was also wondering about the stature of the women you mention. I have met a few Colombian women who were quite attractive and more of the spinner variety.
  11. I guarantee that the feds and many large employers that term people for not getting vaxxed will get sued. I bet 99% of those suits get tossed, don't make it to a ruling, or rule in favor of the employer. I don't think there will be many companies that face penalties for this action. #notalawyer
  12. @SwampDawg, that's a very complicated tournament. I was not following much of that. Glad your son's team gave a team a scare on their home field though. Maybe your son might meet up again with that school and lock down all attackers on his side like Deion used to do for the Falcons.
  13. Wired eagerness backhaul is nice if you can get one of the satellites far enough away (say 50') to get extra coverage and you have the ability to run a cat5 line to that satellite. My dad did this to get wifi coverage on his backyard. The router is in the house and the satellite is in the detached garage about 25' away from the exterior of the house and 60' from the main router. Coverages and speeds both excellent. You can also backhaul using ethernet over power lines inside your house. Not the best speeds but could help. GLLLLLLLLLL
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