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  1. Do you think it's relevant regarding Trump's responsibility for the attack?
  2. Yeah, but they have moles throughout the mainland China hierarchy. Wait... the US should have those assets too.
  3. Why were the people in this group (regardless of size) there? Who encouraged them to act in this way?
  4. Political pandering. At the expense of people's lives and well being.
  5. LAAAAAME. Dude can't get any minutes with the first team. I do think that clubs should be forced to release players for these youth internationals unless they've played more than 10% of available first team minutes.
  6. I'm interested to see what any of these 3 can produce. Right now the US has excellent starters (Adams and Weston), both of which are young, plus a few others playing in top-flight leagues (Ota... from wolves, and maybe Musah if he switches). Gonna be hard to crack the starting lineup for the 3 listed above, but one of them should be on the roster for Qatar.
  7. I don't want to support further erosion of privacy for more features. I have wired speakers in my house and an old Denon receiver to drive them. I have a small bluetooth dongle that I can use to send audio from my phone to the receiver and a 110 disc CD changer and turntable to use for non-streaming.
  8. I don't trust that Amazon and Google aren't listening to me a building even bigger data profiles on me and my family. Sonos might be OK... haven't looked at them really.
  9. Nope, I think all Bosch dishwashers need the drying agent to work effectively. It's how they do the drying without a heating element, and also why plastics don't get as dry as ceramics or metals. In short, the water is carried away from the dishes to the interior stainless steel walls of the dishwasher. Changing the surface chemistry of the water droplets helps that water release from the dishes / cutlery. American designed dishwashers often still use a heating element to cook off some of the water and vent it. Some models do a combo of cooking + wall condensation.
  10. Yeah, I feared that. I'm in a related business to this work (power tools product development), so it's in my nature to ask questions and get more involved than typical. I know most contractors don't like that, but I honestly can't help myself here.
  11. I'm getting estimates on a tiled shower re-do (because they didn't waterproof the bench seat 15 years ago and it's currently not leaking into my kitchen because of gorilla glue duct tape). Plus 2 other changes to the master bathroom including adding a door to separate out the toilet area from the rest since my wife isn't down with double occupancy in the bathroom. Anyway, I created a 3D CAD model of the space and a PowerPoint describing the 3 different areas to work on. I'm not sure if this pissed off the contractors bidding, but I have 2 bids and they are fully 50% higher than i would
  12. Bosch is the best for features, quality, and reliability. Whirlpool is typically slightly more reliable for the same price point. Don't buy a Samsung. Not reliable.
  13. Just look at the vote totals. No way a popular incumbent president can get steamrolled like that. That is proof of fraud.
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