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  1. The British royal family sucks, tabloids suck, some royals are racist, and Meghan was suicidal at one point. Oh, and Charles wouldn't take calls from his son for some time period.
  2. Once again, the United Kingdom has screwed things up. Lots of other countries can have royals without being so dumb about it. But you're right, there's no need or anything good that comes from a royal family. You know what flag was on my bag when I lived in Madrid.
  3. Megan said she didn't get paid for the interview.
  4. For this car, I think your should just cut bait...
  5. The faucet and shower in my kids' bathroom take forever to heat up. Other than insulating the pipes better, putting in a small, instant HW heater, what else can be done to speed up the delivery of hot water. It takes 1 minute or more to get hot water or off the tap in that bathroom.
  6. His kung fu class conflicted with national team weight training. Had to make a tough choice.
  7. Nicely directed header. Right place for that cross too.
  8. I think they played better with a 3 man back line. Certainly more attack orientated. Simeone has opted to go back to his conservative 4-4-2 against Chelsea and Madrid and its gotten him 1 draw and 1 loss.
  9. Leave the keys in the door in a not so great neighborhood. Watch out for cameras.
  10. We're they playing a true back 4? Or es Trippier pushed up higher? Félix and Correa aren't producing enough.
  11. Gah... that will be 10 league games in a row without a win against Madrid. Not how you get to a title...
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