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  1. Except Bellichick would either make Eason a pro bowler or likely find a QB in the draft or through a trade to get his guy. Look at Homgrin back in the 90s with all the good QB play he was able to find even as backups that went other places to start as well as with two different teams going to the super bowl. The top coaches will find ways to win and will not be reliant on finding one QB as you go back another generation to the 49ers also with top QBs seemingly growing on trees for these all time great coaches.
  2. Give it up and move on dude they left and you actually stole the organisation first. Its not like the team originated in St. Louis or anything. Also you realise that 16.1% of 18.7 MILLION is much bigger than 19.1% of 319 thousand so while the rating might be "down" the number of people in the respective market is much much higher.
  3. Nothing on him recently could we see a old style breakout after being in the league a couple years?
  4. Also he acts like Siemian is a 2nd year player but in reality he was buried behind Osweiler. Personally he looked really good and I think it's something to build on. The reason I am not buying anywhere except my 2QB league is that I am not sure he will keep the job regardless of how he does.
  5. To be fair you are showing him against the Wisconsin Badgers who have had one of the top 3-5 defenses the last few years..... He was also at Northwestern not exactly crawling with big time pass catchers.
  6. 16 Team - 54 active - 10 taxi squad - salary cap - IDP - 11 Offensive / 11 Defensive Elliot Doctson Treadwell Henry Hunter Henry (didn't get this one) Dixon Coleman Thomas .... We start without a time the first weekend of the draft
  7. Well I did take him at 1.07, he really shouldn't have been there and I am happy about it. I wasn't "excited" earlier as I never was huge on this years draft class in general and I think the 1.03/1.04 soured me with my view. Here is hoping the Browns new leadership can use his talents.
  8. Sitting here at 1.07 with Coleman on the board (traded 1.03 and 1.04 for future picks as I didn't like anyone that much and didn't have the CAP in 2016 to deal with so many top 10 picks). With no one giving me much in the way with trade offers I likely end up with him on my team. Not sure if I would be excited or nervous.
  9. St Louis is just another city in their eyes likely. Portland, Ok City, St Louis, Mexico City, San Antonio, Las Vegas Those are probably all pretty even.
  10. Exhibit 932 why no one should ever support public funding of a stadium.One question though what happened to all the tax dollars brought in by the stadium, player income taxes, and tourism to downtown? Oh right that was likely raided.
  11. Well going from Freeman and Lynch to Coleman and Rawls starting next week looks like.
  12. Glad I have Coleman we will see if he misses time next week. I don't see anything that Coleman could do not to have Freeman come right back in and take a large majority of carries.
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