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  1. Finally submitted Icon!  Sorry for the delay.  Definitely interested in seeing the results.  1 thing is for certain I need to find a way to cleanse my palate between samples.  Preferences weren’t consistent  and some differed based on order of trying.  I think my favorite this time would have placed low in my rankings from the first time you did this. Thanks again for coordinating!

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  2. Appreciate those that answered and Buckychudd that was the same exact thing here.  They make them leaving everything in the gym without locks nor locking the gym.  This has made the school change their process to now lock the locker room.  

     Lol at you Irish eyes - you must live in a neighborhood where there is major crime which fortunately I don't have to and I doubt most here do.

    I was hopeful that someone knew of some app that you could track location outside of the trackmyiphone which stupidly wasn't set up


  3. I appreciate any help that I could get here.  Sorry this is so disjointed.

    Long story but in essence my son got an iPhone for Xmas last year and had it stolen at school a couple of weeks ago.  He never had lost my iphone set up (thought my wife had but was wrong).  My daughter set it all up for him and seemingly we can't find his apple id either.  His phone is linked to the iTunes & App store so can see it there along with his IMEI and serial number.  We got the principal involved and the cops which included pinging the phone but was unsuccessful (latter was earlier today).

    Any thoughts on how to find his phone?  Would having his apple id with which we could log into icloud even help?  He is on snapchat but of course logged in elsewhere so not sure if can track.  He has all the normal apps and settings from what I know.

    We have his serial # and IMEI number.  Apple and Verizon have both been very little help.  Thoughts here?

    Very much appreciate any suggestions.

  4. On 4/20/2018 at 9:11 PM, [icon] said:

    Debating what I’m going to sip on tonight. Think I’m going to start with a glass of the Old Fashioneds we are barrel aging for Memphis in May. About 3 weeks into the aging now... 4 more to go. 20L and 10L new oak casks with level 3 char. 

    In 10 days my buddies from the TN Air Guard are off to Kentucky for a quick 2 day trip to pick a private barrel of Blantons from Buffalo Trace. We’ve done a couple of Eagle Rare barrel picks but this is our first Blantons. Can’t wait! Staying in downtown Louisville the night before. 

    Sounds like a blast but quite partial to Lexington or Cincinnati

  5. 16 minutes ago, The General said:

    Can’t speak for Hilton but do all you can to get Platinum status if you pick Marriott. It’s 75 nights in the calendar year but you get points through the card, offers, etc it’s probably closer to 50 actual nights.

    With that you will get upgraded pretty frequently, get late checkout, lounge access, other various perks.

    More importantly you get max points per stay to use for your own travel. About 10 days in decent priced hotel will equal a night in say Hawaii or London in a baller hotel.

    Get TSA precheck immediately if you don’t already have.

    Thank you!

    Don't think I will get 75 but could get 50.

    Just scheduled a TSA precheck appointment.

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  6. Just now, The General said:

    Second Marriott. You will have many, many options in pretty much every city with them and Starwood.

    If you go Marriot get the Marriott Visa and charge at least your hotels to that. All kinds of bonuses that way and 15 nights towards your status every year.

    Staying in NY under 250 a night will be a challenge for most times of the year though in my experience. You will most likely be looking at Residence Inns, ALoft, Sheraton Four Points, or Courtyards. Those are fine just not as fancy, find the ones that were built the most recently.

    I honestly don't know think it has to be less than $250 I just looked at a Tuesday in a few weeks and saw a few under that amount.  Likely was due to time of year.  Essentially don't want to choose the luxury category as seen below.



    3 minutes ago, RUSF18 said:

    If you mean from a points perspective, they're basically all tiered based on price so you'll earn based on what your company is spending. You can get info through the sites as to how they tier their hotels. I think a popular criticism of Hilton is that they expanded to something crazy like 10 tiers.

    If you mean from a value perspective, similar to above...you'll want to stay in the most expensive one you're allowed. Some have different perks though. Residence Inn (Marriott) is a popular business travel hotel with that brand as they give you breakfast and sometimes "dinner" which is nice if you get a per diem you could pocket. I always liked Embassy Suites (Hilton) as the breakfast was pretty solid and they did open bar happy hours in many locations. That was a jackpot as a 22 year old traveling with many others around my age. :pickle:



    I will definitely look at Residence Inn first then

  7. Thanks for all the replies.  I was leaning toward Marriott but this confirms what I thought.

    I appreciate the comments on the website and credit card to use but we have to go through a specific website and will use the company credit card.

    Any preference for which property within Marriott/SPG would be best?   I would be looking for a mid-tier hotel so ideally under $180/night on average.  I will travel to NYC which clearly will have a higher rate but ideally under 250 there.


  8. 9 minutes ago, Getzlaf15 said:

    Bet the we have to buy at a 100 crowd sings a different tune today. 

    Not really- My point was to invest it when it reaches near even (which to me is +/- 3%)

    I never expected to have my share count as 1 share if it was a far different price.

    I think giving 100 now and then he can do whenever close or now.  I am fine at 95% as well.

    Seemed easiest to me and still seems easiest.

  9. 3 hours ago, Harry Manback said:

    What is up with Blanton's? Can't find it anywhere now.

    Try the duty-free shop at the airport (if you fly much or ask someone who does to grab a bottle or 2)

    I can never find it - get occasional email stating when it will be released but have to be there 20 minutes prior to open to get it.

  10. I prefer the when it gets even then it gets invested.  Seems to me to be the far easier thing for taxes as well as following along on the spreadsheet.  I would bet we would be even at some point within the next week or 2 as well.  It has happened at least twice recently.

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to just wait til it drops to exactly even or a bit negative then everyone can paypal their shares that day?

    Clearly this may not happen but with the price fluctuations it almost certainly will happen again and more than once.  It has already happened 2 separate days.

  12. On 1/16/2018 at 7:58 AM, Buzzbait said:

    Cincinnati. I'm about 20 minutes from northern Ky and if I venture across the river have a pretty good shot but SW Ohio isn't great for finding it.

    I kinda disagree with this.  I live in Northern KY and I found Eagle Rare once in the past 10 visits or so.

  13. On 1/6/2018 at 9:26 AM, matuski said:

    I'm gonna start rambling for myself as much as anything.

    I have 4 docs on board before business began.  They will be able to "lean on" a handful of docs in their referral network.  So 4 accounts growing to 6-12 within 6 months.  I expect early revenue to be tiny, maybe $5-15k per month the first 6 months.  The second half of the year as deductibles are whittled down this will triple/quadruple assuming no new customers.

    I have done market research (I asked my 4 docs over beers) on pricing and suppliers.  I will need a pricing strategy.


    I am on the pharmacy and have a bit of knowledge on wholesaler side.  Not sure I will know the answer but happy to answer anything if able.

  14. 3 hours ago, matuski said:

    I started on this 3 months ago.  Didn't think it would happen until last week.

    It isn't a tough set of protocols, but it is lengthy.  I can't (won't) keep it in my office at home so I ended up going with a storage facility.  Not all of them meet the security and temperature control requirements.  Found a new indoor storage place with units intended for wine storage - temp and humidity controls with records of both kept.  Records of each time the unit is accessed, etc.

    The actual need to put the policies and reqs into writing is what I was caught off guard on.  

    I have a Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributor license, and a Medical Device Distributor license.


    Have you applied for state specific wholesale licenses?  Below is Ohio's

    https://pharmacy.ohio.gov/Documents/Licensing/WDDD/Apps/Wholesaler Application.pdf

    Guessing you know all about drug pedigree requirements.

    It seems to me you may have chosen 1 of the legally most difficult business to enter.


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