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  1. IMO, Samuel's return opens up things for McLaurin. Until now, he's been the only dog on the field and good defenses could cue on him (like the Bills did). I think from here on out, he should be relatively back-to-form and shouldn't have down weeks as long as he has a decent WR2 to keep corners honest.
  2. Couldn't a large part of the trade agreement be that the Texans pay a specified percentage of Watson's remaining contract? Like say 50-30%?
  3. Terry McLaurin wayyyyyy too low. Below Diontae and Hollywood? Realistically, he should be top-15 at the very least.
  4. I got him in the 4th. I thought that was typical?
  5. For now, though... Aiyuk also had a hammy injury in preseason. I'm willing to bet this is mostly about protecting him from himself and also some kind of attitude thing. It's hard to know exactly what's going on behind the scenes but Aiyuk flashed as one of the best young WRs in the league last year. He's not going to end the season behind anyone else on that team.
  6. Small bench league? Even so, I don't get this move at all. Aiyuk has a mile-high ceiling and MJJ is a floor play.
  7. I got him for 70% of our FAAB budget. Next highest bid was a little over 60%, so even though I'm sick at using so much FAAB so early, I'm glad to have won the blitz to the watering hole.
  8. It's gonna be Bell. I honestly can't remember where the rumors of his demise began, but I think it was a slow snowball effect after he didn't have a great first season with the Jets. But he was on the Jets! He had a bad QB with a bad O-line and quite possibly one of the worst NFL coaches I've ever seen. Then the rumors grew when he was released and signed with KC. A lot of people thought it was a great move. I remember thinking it was a poor decision. He was chasing a ring in an effort to increase his stock for this season. But in doing so, he handicapped himself behind another terrible O-line. I don't know what happened behind the scenes in KC. It's anyone's guess. But there was obviously a sour relationship between Andy Reid and Le'Veon Bell. I hear a lot of people supporting their opinion that Bell is "washed" by pointing to Bell not suiting up for the Super Bowl and being "beat out by Darrel Williams." But everything I saw with my own eyes, when tuning out everything else, told me Bell still had a ton left in the tank in NY and was, at times, the best RB on the roster in KC. This will be the first time since he was in Pittsburgh that Bell has a good O-line to run behind. If he can pickup the playbook and get his sea legs under him, I truly believe it's his job to lose. He's only 29. I never saw him lose a step in NY or KC. But Latavius Murray looked absolutely cooked in preseason and he's 31. He's the only real competition for Bell, imo. And I don't think it's even a fair fight at this point.
  9. It's gotta be Bell over all those guys. They already chose him. They could have signed anyone else out there but decided Bell fit whatever they were looking for. I also think rumors of him being washed have been greatly exaggerated. Go watch his highlights from last year. Idk what happened in KC but I don't think it had to do with Bell's ability.
  10. Point being: I don't see why they would trade for a 31 year old RB they let walk to replace a young capable back and a better vet that's 2 years younger.
  11. But does Ingram still have legs? That's the question...
  12. The thing that gives me pause about Latavius is that he was beaten out of a job fair-and-square by a rookie. Reports were that he appeared to have lost a step. For a guy who was pretty much all about ground-and-pound and athleticism, that concerns me. I'm less concerned in regards to LeVeon Bell. He was never about power or even much about speed. He was always elusive and patient and great at finding holes when given a good O-line. He hasn't had a good O-line since leaving the Steelers... until now. I feel good about Bell behind this line. He'll just need 2-3 weeks to get up to speed and pickup the playbook. Edit: Also, though I don't know much about Ty'Son Williams, based on reports it looks like he's more of a 3rd-down back with pass-catching skills. But I don't see him being better at that aspect of the game than Bell, so what is really going to be better at? Other than just knowing the playbook earlier...
  13. If it's between Latavius Murray, Ty'Son William, and LeVeon Bell... who you got?
  14. What do you guys think? I just picked him up but wondering if he's washed? Surely they go out and obtain another RB by some other means, right? Latavius Murray? Maybe trade for someone?
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