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  1. If Philly makes a coaching change AND Alshon walks away AND Ertz moves on, THEN I'll be targeting Fulgham in every draft next year. Dude passes the eye test majorly. He's got the JUICE. But Philly's coaching staff is incompetent. They benched one of the best WRs in the ENTIRE LEAGUE this year for the corpse of a washed-up diva. If they don't make a coaching change, Philly fans should just storm the castle with pitchforks.
  2. Tbh, and I'm not trying to be insensitive here but, when I initially watched that run it looked like Jacobs was totally fine until he fumbled, and then he was embarrassed and knew that he shouldn't have fought for the extra yards when he was already wrapped up, or at least he should have protected the ball better if were determined to do so. Every replay shows me the same thing too. I don't see the guy getting injured. I see him making a dumb error and then doing what many athletes do in the aftermath... blaming it on their body, rather than their mind. I honestly think he's totall
  3. In both of my ESPN leagues, the guys who started Hill as a TE have left him there and the app is included Hill's projection into their projected total points. Looks like he can stay unless ESPN brute forces something.
  4. After reading up on it, he can apparently return in 5 days with 3 consecutive negative tests 24-hours removed from one another.
  5. I think you're forced to stay away from team activities for 2 weeks if you have Covid, so that would put him at one day after his Week 13 game. So yes. Which sucks ### because I was holding Dobbins specifically for his Week 13 matchup.
  6. I would be concerned with limited snaps or him playing decoy out there. He doesn't sound fully healthy despite today's injury report.
  7. There's no rub. It doesn't matter what it means. If he's taking first-team reps all week long, he's the starting QB. Look at it this way: Are more people getting ####ed unfairly by facing a QB in their opponent's TE slot or by being forced to decide on whether to play Hill in their QB slot over other QB options? It's a very obvious, simple decision to make here.
  8. He wasn't named the starting QB until this week. And as I and others have pointed out, Mike Clay -- a representative of ESPN's fantasy football arm -- made it very clear that Hill's TE eligibility would be removed were he to ever become the starting QB. Well, guess what, ESPN? Hill was named the starting QB. They didn't they would wait to observe his usage as a starter. They didn't say it was dependent on in-game usage. They said he would not be TE eligible if he were named as a starting QB. So exactly how is the change in their position at all defensible?
  9. Idk, I don't think this was presented as a wait-and-see situation from Clay's tweet. Taysom Hill is the announced starter at the position of QB. This is the exact scenario ESPN had apparently planned for, according to Mike Clay, and yet they are going to inexplicably give one week to one owner in every single league to use the guy as a cheat code before they make good on their promise to strip his TE eligibility. I'm not even facing him in any of my leagues and I think this is absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Not sure where to find it. The ESPN app only shows specific player news going back so far, not to the beginning of the season. Don't remember what date they specifically addressed the topic.
  11. I would argue there was definitely a disadvantage created by ESPN because their little blurb on Taysom Hill actually blatantly said they would remove his TE eligibility if he were to ever become a starting QB. Like, I didn't pick him up for that very reason. There's no reason for ESPN to not be removing his TE eligibility.
  12. I think it's pretty inherently unfair. I would say the same thing had I had the foresight to pick him up, but I didn't because I just assumed ESPN would make the right decision and switch his eligibility (which the blurb on him in their app actually said). If I were commish in any of my leagues, I'd probably tell the guy with Hill that he can either start him as his QB or I'll refund him his FAAB. Having a starting QB in your TE slot is just ####### insane.
  13. Can't say I'm happy to have been right. Only guy I had going last night was Wilson and, though I'm glad to see him get a handle on the turnovers, I was definitely hoping for more than 20 points from an MVP candidate.
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