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  1. 1. Cleveland - young affordable stars in place. Has the potential to get really good quickly. Unstable owner is an issue but winning would solve it. 2. Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers. enough said, however they got limited cap space due to Rodgers contracts, and several aging players. Would need to work wonders with the draft/free agency to keep the team viable for the long term. This is purely a short term play. 3. New York Jets - opposite of Green Bay as the long term play here. They have tons of cap space, high picks, and a potential franchise qb. I'm not a huge believer in Darnold but many scouts are. They looked good in spots this season. 4. Cincinnati - I think they are underrated talent-wise, but poor coaching held them down for a long time. Stability is a huge reason for their #4 ranking, I'm guaranteed to get 4-5 years at minimum. They do need some overhauling and change in culture. (forgot to mention: FWIW they also got the best helmet and uniforms in the league) 5. Denver - Slightly more talented than Bengals but less stability. I'm not 100% sold on John Elway as the GM. 6. Arizona - Personally I would only consider the top 5 teams listed. The next three teams, I'm staying away as they are set up for failure. At least Arizona has their franchise qb, high picks, and tons of cap space but the entire roster is a mess. If you cannot work wonders with Rosen within 2 years, you will be gone. 7. Tampa Bay - They do have some nice young talent but Winston? Licht? no thanks, their next coach is getting fired in 2-3 years guaranteed. 8. Miami - A giant cluster####. They have nothing. Would need to be a complete overhaul, along with a tank/rebuild for couple of seasons. Dont know if the owners would approve of that. Probably going to be stuck in mediocrity for the next decade instead.
  2. Tevin Coleman over Fitzgerald for me. I probably would regret it.
  3. As much as I would love to keep Mack, the cap number just wasn't going to work. I hate how people compare the Mack situation to the Donald situation. Sure, they are comparable talents but Rams aren't paying anyone $25m before they signed Donald. The Raiders already paying Carr $25m per year, and another 22-23m going to one player is a recipe for mediocrity if you can't afford to add players around your superstars. Seems like it's a common trend lately to build a team during a window when they have their superstar on a cheap and affordable rookie contract before the players get expensive. Mostly quarterbacks on the rookie deals, such as Seahawks winning the super bowl with Russell Wilson on their rookie deals. Eagles with Wentz/Foles. The Raiders already are past that window when they signed Carr to that extension, and there were no way in hell they would be able to compete if they signed Mack to another colossal deal. There are ZERO teams paying two players 20+m per year. ZERO.
  4. It's a little bit of an overpay but I'll still take Hopkins in this deal https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768943-njoku-trade-value/
  5. Take Duke and shore up your rb depth. Kupp is about to get crowded out of that offense with gurley, cooks, woods and possibly everett/higbee. Limited upside https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768943-njoku-trade-value/
  6. Coleman and Garcon https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768943-njoku-trade-value/
  7. I keep Guice over the picks. He's still the most talented rb in this year and next year's draft with the exception of Barkley. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768943-njoku-trade-value/
  8. I prefer AB over diggs in every way possible.. Another alternative is to take Kelce in the 4th? I would say that's better than taking gronk in the 2nd. You can fill your receivers with the first two rounds easily. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/768943-njoku-trade-value/
  9. 12 team Dynasty, PPR, starting lineup QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex What would be Njoku's current trade value? A future first?
  10. Value check on Tyrell Williams? I have him for cheap for the next three years but someone is offering me a 2019 first that will probably be mid-late. Thoughts?
  11. Zero chances of him getting 200 touches in a season unless you are counting KR/PR touches. I think his ceiling is around 150 touches with an average of 120ish.. Still got a huge upside with those 120 touches anyhow. It's whether his rookie year and big plays are sustainable. Many big-play guys flame out after a couple of years due to defensive planning so I'm skeptical. Currently have an offer, Hill and my 1.12 for the 1.04 in my 12 team PPR dynasty. I plan to jump all over it.
  12. I thought he looked very similar to Lamar Miller. Prototypical size, but not a physical runner. Serious speed and acceleration. Will def shine in a zone blocking scheme - have to remember he only have been a RB for 9 or so games.
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