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  1. Now he's back....and barking at himself. Whatever it takes I guess.
  2. I see a lot of positives...I mean I'd take Tua any day on my team of interest. But man that INT was bad. Was it asked by the media what happened there? Overall though he shows decent mobility, hanging in tough in the pocket, making tight window throws. Every QB has bad throws like he shows there too. I guess grass is greener applies here for some. I definitely would take Herbert over him but I guess I don't see a terrible QB. Small sample size, I'll watch more vids to get better educated as he might be on the move and is available in a lot of my leagues
  3. Casual observer and I know there are cherry picked highlights, Tua looks pretty good here. Only no rocket arm ball downfield but seems he's not the major problem. But won't pretend to know a lot about the Phins https://youtu.be/WxldqtHGWkA
  4. Makes sense. I mean why give the ball to a guy who can do this with it: https://mobile.twitter.com/PFF/status/1447284877280354310
  5. Herbert looked pretty effective. Seemed like they preferred him when salting the game away but maybe that was just the rotation at the time. Williams got the TD but Herbert easily could have had it as well since he got a few carries in close too.
  6. That old Definition of insanity saying applies here. If Collins is a liability then get him off the field or figure out how to use him better like the Giants did. It's already a lost cause in terms of the money given to him so figure it out JDR. Curl produced much better results when replacing him last year. He shouldn't be starting based on name/contract. And someone tell Chase Young to call his Bosa buddies from OSU to learn new pass rushing moves. Specifically Joey. His hand techniques could help Chase
  7. Winston's TDs were not even skill. Just broken plays and bad coverage. Why is this D so bad now
  8. According to ESPN play by play najee was in last drive with 2 carries
  9. Throwing out a theory in that it takes more than just physical talent to get on the field and sustain touches in the NFL. It's quite possible CP doesn't study/grasp the playbook as much as he should and he makes wrong reads or practices poorly. Even in this breakout season, he's not getting heavy snap counts compared to his output. He was out of the game on the potential game winning drive. There's something that holds him back. But whatever, I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts
  10. https://underblog.underdogfantasy.com/week-4-targets-air-yards-3c988dd26bb9 Copying your url didn't work. Got it here
  11. I like that perspective. I do feel like he's worth more to his owner than on the open market as people won't believe in the future production. But I never say never so will definitely float some offers out there to at least get some baseline value in my mind.
  12. Yeah I posted that too. Couldn't understand why. I'm wondering if anyone pulls off trades involving Patterson to see what potential value is. I'm enjoying the ride but I cant see this scoring rate continuing.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDockery/status/1444769628996046853
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