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  1. To be fair, zeke tends to get the carries in more obvious running situations and has the focus of the opposing D more. I think he looks quicker than last year but the results speak for themselves so far. Pollard seems like the type that wouldn't do as well in a featured role. He looks great though
  2. Had a feeling midnight would strike on this story... But he passed the eye test. Maybe just a bad match up?
  3. Agreed. I don't see any upside to playing Alex Smith. There's no sense making a run at this joke of a division. They need to know what they have in Haskins and even if they've made up their mind, then they could try to at least build some trade value. He's got zero right now.
  4. Sure. I just wouldn't automatically rule someone out just based on school. That would have meant the Skins passing on Peyton Manning because Heath Shuler was a bust out of Tennessee.
  5. Never taking a player based on his school is pretty narrow minded thinking. While I understand the thinking and this one makes even more sense due to the same system and recency... It's pretty easy to see Fields is a far superior prospect than Haskins ever was. There was a reason Haskins was falling in the draft when we're in a QB driven era. I don't think it will be a problem as Fields is almost certainly going off the board at #2 (or #1 if Lawrence backs out). Lance is a major dice roll, but again I don't see why you make the assumption the best he can be is someone from the same school in Wentz. At this point I just hope they invest in a young QB, regardless of who it is.
  6. Justin Fields (another Ohio St QB) is a high level prospect. Different from Haskins as he's been hyped as QB1 since high school and seems to get it more. But he did transfer away from Georgia when he wasn't the starter. Some few that as a negative, but it's gotten him the visibility to make him a top 5 pick. The other QB name getting draft hype is Trey Lance from North Dakota St. Size and mobility. Production with zero INTs last year and over 1K rushing to go with 42 total TDs. Never played against a FBS school. Opted out this year after 1 game. BYU kid is playing himself into a high pick consideration
  7. For real. This is all useless without a QB and there isn't the QB of the future on the roster right now. Are they gonna dress Haskins now? They have to. I'd put him in to seal a top 5 pick,he's got zero trade value anyway. If he ends up playing and playing well then so be it
  8. Kyler record is one game behind Russ. If Russ is in it Kyler is in it. He has the head to head and the division is still up for grabs. If Kylers kicker wouldn't have shorted a 49 yard FG they might have the same record
  9. He made some impressive plays with his legs today to escape some sacks. Good mobility and his throws were usually spot on. Had some weird issues throwing the ball away twice but nothing concerning.
  10. After thought today. Wilson carted off so he's still in play? Hard to trust
  11. More like a DDT no? Lol. I guess it was unnecessary then
  12. I was impressed too. My comment was more along the lines of during the clock killing drive. Since Bills had no threat of pass the running game was at a disadvantage. No one would have succeeded in that scenario more than likely, but it is what it is. I thought the penalty taking his TD away was pretty weak too. That's back to back weeks he's lost a TD.
  13. Just saying he got loose with the ball knee down or not. I wouldn't punish him for it, but nfl coaches are weird sometimes about ball security.
  14. Wouldn't blame you. His value is still up in the air. You could point to this game but until we have a game with Bell active to see the split, most owners will be reluctant I'd imagine.
  15. CEH showed well , but also showed a little reason why Reid/EB might still lean on Bell in the crunch. Fumble that got nullified by his knee being down. Not staying in bounds on the screen catch. Little things that don't show on box score but are noticeable. Good news is they kept with him after the non-fumble. He's definitely not a pile mover and this game did nothing to show otherwise. When it's obvious running situations he's a little over matched. But overall a nice game. Will be very interested in how the share is next week.
  16. His legs and those short TDs saved his fantasy day. Didn't see much of this game but that's a crazy low yardage total
  17. This is true...per carry he's still pretty average at best. So that being said...why not give him the volume then? I dunno man, seems odd they pay the guy to NOT use him? He almost looks dejected out there but that could just be how he is LOL. I mean you watch a guy like Hunt run and he's freaking attacking and making ##### happen. Oh well. I'm still sticking with him as the rest of my post holds true. We're stuck with this guy!
  18. Part of the problem is a lack of creativity on offense. They are predictable with their sub patterns and this puts Mixon and his OL at a disadvantage, especially on early downs and around the goal line. He's a terrific receiver, yet they favor Giovanni on 3rd downs and 2 min drill scenarios. The advanced rushing stats from 2019 will suggest Mixon IS good at YAC and breaking tackles. 2020 will suggest otherwise, but I doubt he's forgotten how to run the ball. 2019 top 10 in broken tackles and YAC. 2020, not even in the top 20 (granted much smaller sample size). At this rate you're selling as low as it gets and unless you can get a great deal from a RB needy owner I think it's best to ride it out. They're not winning with this current formula so one would hope the coaches would try something else... But who knows. They pony up and pay the guy only to make him a 2 down RB. But this is what I get, told myself don't buy into Mixon again...but his touches and seemingly 3 down RB status heading into the year seemed too good to pass up in the 2nd :(
  19. Fumble didn't help, but he'll get his once Burrow gets better
  20. Yeah it's easy to say now... But we knew AD was still the best RB on this roster, just needed to start the youth movement. I'm still not sold on Haskins but he lead them to the win and did enough. On to Zona... Which is a horrible match up imo. Let's go WFT
  21. Wild game. Not hurt they lost. Haskins before going out looked pretty good. He's improving each game which is all one can ask for. The D needs help, probably more in the secondary but a guy like Chase Young can make all levels better.
  22. Well said! Thank you for that perspective. I guess some of us (me) have been so poisoned by this leadership that it's changing the way we react to Ws/Ls.
  23. I hate the fact that we as fans are in the torn position of deciding whether the win was worth it. The Skins have broken me down pretty hard this year, I really lack the passion anymore. But Sunday was fun to see. Yet there's part of me that was thinking what we all were: - crap, are they saving Bruce Allen's job? - crap, did they just lose out on Chase Young? I'll let the chips fall where they fall, but I was drooling over the thought of Young added to this front seven. But the smart pick is probably some OL help anyway.
  24. Deep ball accuracy is special. Drops it in there.
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