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  1. :BLACKDOT: I had kinda written Kodi off. Wouldn't be a bad idea to kick the tires again just for another option.
  2. Fat Guys Who Rake. It's what we've done since the Joey Meyer days.
  3. The old 3-2 double play. Just how they drew it up
  4. Wasn't it like page 3 of this thread where you can "get a guy" to escape overseas or whatever? Pretty sure $13 million gets you a guy and then 2 decades later you can go to a baseball game. You people are nuts.
  5. I started my softball career playing coed at Sijan circa 1998
  6. 2021 ranked 15th overall in total walks out of the past 25 years
  7. Man I love me some cole slaw. But it can be really really bad sometimes. If I gotta load it with pepper just to make it palatable, or if it's not crunchy, you did your job wrong.
  8. Khris Middleton scored 40 points in a must-win Finals game, including 10 points in the last two minutes, and almost no one has mentioned it since. In the last NBA game that was played, Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 50 points (shooting 16-of-25 from the floor and 17-of-19 from the FT line), grabbed 14 rebounds and blocked 5 shots to lead the Bucks to their first championship since 1971. like, that happened. lol None of these are mine I got them from teh tweeters. But Ben Simmons
  9. What it do, fam? Just a quick update. This weekend has been a struggle. It's my wife's 20th hs reunion. She didn't trust me to be home alone with the kids so I made the trek 3+ hours so she could go to the bar last night and again tonight. I'm DD. Last night was rough. We're staying with my in laws and they were in bed by 10 or so. I got to sit in a dark basement watching TV waiting for my wife's text to pick her up. Plenty of jealousy and anxiety on my part. But I breathed my way through and had music behind me. Gb @Drifter wanted some suggestions so we went back and forth Today was a family thing at a park. I twiddled my thumbs but then played some basketball with my middle kid. It was fun. Until Vicki said very loudly "I'm glad you quit drinking. I had a crush on you when Katie brought you to our 10rh reunion" It got quiet for a second but people figured it out. Vicki is drinking wine out of a box. But there's no box because that makes more room in the cooler. This was 330pm At any rate the real reason for my post. My wife went out with her classmates after dinner, I had the kids bathed and ready to watch a movie. My mil asked me point blank about being an alcoholic since there was no one around. We talked for like 2 hours. She called me out, I answered. We laughed. We cried. We really had a solid chat. She will always keep her daughter's best interest in mind. But after tonight I have an ally. We've never been close now we are.
  10. Hell yeah! But you need like 100 more. Take from the lowest stack. That's the one that's paying out
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