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  1. But Twitter was mean and I'm going to take my ball and go home or complain to a message board mod. My 34 followers can't hear my voice now. My 8 year old already has better critical thinking skills than most of the people in this forum. "Why daddy, is the President so mean? Why wouldn't he give us medicine? Why are people saying mean things....oh wait I think I realize now. He's not helping us. Why not daddy? Isn't that his job?" This is not directed at you IK by any means. Just quoting and venting. I don't post here at all. But #### it I'll take the ban if it's warranted.
  2. Side note, RIP Ted Thompson. Dude made the Packers what they are today....a perennial contender. Very sad day for Packer fans.
  3. I tried to explain the NFC Central to my kids the other day and somehow why Tampa was in that division. They couldn't grasp it and why games in Tampa were essentially home games. We're old
  4. I may check in later tonight but I gotta wish you all farewell for now. I don't check the SP very often anymore because of DVOA nerds and whatever. Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story. It's just fun to talk ####.
  5. PS for the record, I would have a few hundred beers with both Cappy and Rock
  6. 50% chance as of today. I'm sure Tom will be fine. The other FL boys, maybe not so much once they get hit
  7. What does Pecota say? Pythagoras? Kenpom? Your argument was "GB D is not as good as WooFT #2 or NO #4 (in the link)" No ####. I'm just picking a fight to pick a fight. Let's get old school old yeller in this thread instead of DVOA, Zips, VRBO etc.
  8. Aaaand they're watching the Packer D in the NFCCG WooFT was #2 in this metric. Fine. GB was #9. They're not good but they're not awful https://www.footballdb.com/stats/teamstat.html?group=D&cat=T
  9. 16 14 16 18 Last 4 weeks of GB D points allowed. I'm not saying they're the 85 Bears by any means but one of those weeks Derek Henry (OPY IMO) was essentially stuffed. Packers play too much soft coverage especially in short yardage situations, and too much 3-man rush for my liking, so there are certainly warts that can be picked apart. With that said they have gotten much better heading into the post season and are riding some momentum. Let's not compare them to WooFT please. TIA
  10. Death. Taxes. Pack by double digits I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion IGH. It just isn't there for the Bears this year.
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