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  1. Had to dig into the wayback machine to find this post. Mom and aunts/uncles got to have a zoom meeting with the parole board again yesterday. Dude is now 83. Has his normal prison duties (dishes, laundry, etc) but has never shown any remorse or initiative to better himself. He'll have his say in a few weeks, but it sounds like another 5 years based on initial impressions.
  2. Disrespect? Please expound. A few pages ago you were touting their building through the draft prowess. Why is a 1st round WR needed? Jennings 2nd. Jordy 2nd. Cobb 3rd. Adams 2nd. Driver 6th. He's had pretty solid guys over the years. They're trying to build a better team. That includes a defense that has been seriously lacking for a decade. He's got a solid running game, one of the best OT in the game, one of the best WR in the game, an up and coming TE. Fine, people don't like the Love pick. I get it. But for real, if/when Rodgers leaves was Tim freaking Boyle leading them to the
  3. First attempt ever. I ####ed up the bacon. Had it set and monitored it around 225. I probably let it go a bit too long. My fault. Also the ones in front by the bottom vent essentially burned. Lesson learned. The rest weren't bad my any means, just a little more crispy than my taste 9# pork shoulder in right now. I'm guessing midnight ish? What's the best time to put the sauce on? Like an hour or 2 left?
  4. Really wish these teams would get the same amount of rest Oh wait.... What's the Philly excuse tonight?
  5. Needed less plot and more techno music imo.
  6. Might be time to update the ol thread title huh? Gotta let that #### go FWIW, I'm happy Grisham is doing well with SD.
  7. tldr; Moron asks for help So....we won a Vision HD1 Series Kamado grill this past weekend from a raffle. It's apparently a cheaper cousin to the BGE but boasts some positives over that brand #marketing. You guys might already know about these . Whatevs, it was free so I'm gonna (try to) use it. I already have some lump charcoal coming. I can do general grilling on my standard charcoal Weber (burgers, brats, a venison tenderloin, steak, chicken, etc) with relative success. But only twice have I tried "smoking" ribs, indirect with some wood chips (modified 3-2-1). Turned out ok. Good
  8. Feels like a few years ago when we had nothing but bad news from all denizens of the thread for like 6 months straight. So sorry to hear this fish. I can't offer any words other than condolences and again, an ear or a shoulder if needed
  9. Frosty is an OG thread member. Had a few cornholes with him and we pushed an Asian lady's car out of a ditch (she may have been overserved). Regardless, he's good #### and his family doesn't deserve this type of pain. Good vibes coming from Katie, myself and the kids. I'm a phone call or text away if you need it, GB.
  10. Why is that embarrassing for Rodgers? 3 schmucks didn't know the answer so now it's his fault? You people are really reaching to bash him at this point.
  11. Slight soreness in the arm night 1 but that was it. Slept like a baby though. May 6 is shot #2 so we'll see if anything changes. Otherwise no other complications. Tested negative about 5 times since January
  12. Aurora or otherwise? Got mine at South Shore in Crudahy
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