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  1. https://twitter.com/RobHernandezGLF/status/1441364095505104898?s=19
  2. For the record i did say to take it with a boulder of salt. I respect the guy who said it but stranger things have happened.
  3. FWIW, local golf guy (Chuck Garbedian) confirmed on air that Brooks/Bryson teeing off together on Friday* *Boulder of salt and all that but Chuck is pretty hooked into all things local including Stricker
  4. The aforementioned Google Family Link does have that feature to lock a device. I've done quite a bit of reading on it over the past few months as my oldest is about to hit that "I want/need a phone" stage and it seems pretty robust. Life 360 is good as well for location services...for my wife to make sure I don't go to a liquor store lol
  5. Sounds like it might only be the nVidea Shield....maybe a Google Play Protect issue? I'm not terribly worried because we're sharing YTV, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc so our options aren't that limited. There's a few reddit threads and other forum posts on it but the "fixes" don't seem to work for me. Thanks anyways
  6. Is anyone running Android TV (nVidea Shield, Droid Box, etc)? They seem to have caught on and are deleting Cyberflix automatically after a day or so. The apk is still there so I just need to reinstall every time I want to use it but my wife is rather nonplussed about it. Are there any workarounds or better apps?
  7. He's too pretty for me. He might as well murder me in the middle of Yellomite and not tell the cops before taking a picture.
  8. Aw ####, I'll be there too. 4th row right side. But I kept thinking about that Segura line throughout this thread "I'm gonna go to the cops and straighten this whole thing out. You're gonna do 25-life, have fun with that"
  9. Norm was great friends with Bob Uecker, another low key great comedy mind. I can't link at the moment (YT blocked at work) but there's a hilarious segment with Artie Lang on the Stern show where they riff about Uecker stories. They each had a segment on Letterman doing the same shtick. Just brilliant stuff that's actually actually true. I'm going to see Tom Segura on Friday night. I hope he takes a minute to pay tribute.
  10. Yeah, one of the things that was stressed throughout my treatment was finding hobbies. Essentially there's a void where so much time was taken by using that I need to fill it with positive activities. The initial investment was about $100. First kit and paints, beginner tool set through Amazon, paint brush kit, and magnifying glass w/stand. The latter is probably the best investment. But I searched hobby shops in my area and found a few. It looks like you're in GA and the one I go to, Hobby Town, is a national chain that does RC cars and a whole slew of other things like that as well. There's a few in your area. Otherwise Amazon is a good starting place too. Basic kits can go anywhere from $20-50 or so, with larger, more elaborate aircraft carrier type things going well into the $100s. I've started small and it's been enjoyable. It's an easy way to pass time and channel negative thoughts/energy into creating something.
  11. FTN. We're talking a walk around the block on the daily to start. Hell you saw my FB pic. I don't need to lose weight, just maintain a healthy weight. Plus running sucks Yup, just about anything. I've done a plane, a tank and a trike for each of my kids and a little semi truck for my office (I'm in logistics). Each was a little better than the previous. I've been really trying to hone my skills to make things look decent. My FIL wants an old school 43 Petty car in exchange for a chainsaw. Seems like a solid trade. But the concentration needed for these things has really helped with cravings etc.
  12. Thanks for the bump, and the kind words/PMs. Not going to lie it's been a real struggle as of late. After my last post I came back to the real world on 8/2. My old employer took me back and of course everyone treated me with kids gloves. It was pretty annoying that no one should have known why I was gone, but everyone seemingly did. Stupid small office gossip. Then about 2 weeks into being back, the VP made a very public decision to kick me out of my office and stick me in a cubicle so I could "deal with what other employees have to deal with". It was such a slap in the face. But I need the paychecks at this point and could have been fired months ago so I was the good soldier and stuck my chin up and moved into that cubicle. I should have walked out but then I did the worst thing I could have done....I drank. Contradictory right? That's what I wasn't prepared for. Luckily it was a one time thing. I recognized it and moved on. So I was back at square one in the middle of August. I had been with a private therapist for a few weeks and I told her about the situation. We have a pretty good rapport. She divulged that she is in recovery as well so we have really hit it off. We have more "conversations" than "sessions" it feels like. So we've been working things beyond the "how and the why". There's no trauma, there's no abuse, there's nothing to say THIS is why I am an alcoholic. Those that don't necessarily know addiction, it's not a cop out, but it happened. Not by choice and not overnight but it happened. Going back to the job, we (my therapist and I) agreed that it's a toxic environment that was a major factor in spinning things out of control. So we have a goal of a new job by December. Pay cuts, familiarity, conveniences, etc be damned. It's been 21 years building and likely the #1 factor if I can't get through a work day without drinking. So that's a goal. Next is hobbies. I'm going to continue to build miniature models. I've done 4 in the past 3 months and it's really helped late at night to concentrate on that other than how I'm going to hide from my wife the 9 beers I just drank. Exercise regimen. That's next. All of this on top of meetings. I'm pretty much done with AA. I just can't do it. SMART is where I really dig the content, the people, etc much more. We just completed the last draft of my relapse prevention/safety program earlier this afternoon. This includes trigger warnings, exit strategies, coping mechanisms, and much much more. I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out but I gotta run. May check in later. Please keep questions coming and if anyone else here even questions if they have a problem, my DMs are open.
  13. https://twitter.com/Jared_Carrabis/status/1434647565698539525?s=20
  14. Luff ewe so hard. A shave and a haircut? What's going on?
  15. Jorts and a wife beater, fine. I get that. I would be hesitant to hire someone in that situation. That's an instant "I'm going to an interview, this looks fine" type of decision. Not a good look. A neck tattoo is a "This defines me" type of decision. I'd be more inclined to hear out a person that is confident enough to say "Here I am."
  16. I should know better, but this is a ridiculous and prejudiced POV. You know nothing of his background nor his qualifications and made a judgement solely on appearance. Note I did not call the OP a "name". The same type of sentiment was/is prevalent around people with dark skin, long hair, earrings, wooden leg, etc. They may or may not be qualified for any type of job. What one looks like should have no bearing.
  17. As a recovering alcoholic, I find this to be disappointing. Entertaining for sure, but disappointing. To be clear, I think it's disappointing that was the takeaway. I like you AAA, so this is not a dig on you. And as you explained you don't have an alcohol problem. But the first 9:30 is much more poignant than the "Alcohol is good for anxiety" comments. It "helps" with anxiety and depression and other feelings we don't want to have. But those feelings don't go away. They just get buried and then continue to snowball until we're pulling a Costanza under our desk at 2:30pm at work after a liter of vodka and Gatorades because "no one can smell that" The video you linked does have value, so thank you. I just thing the message was misinterpreted.
  18. As a recovering alcoholic, I find this to be disappointing. Entertaining for sure, but disappointing. This is much more real. 90% of this was in my "Goodbye alcohol" letter that I wrote in treatment. You have the right ideas.
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