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  1. Guess he should update the first page. I hit refresh every day...
  2. Non Football Injury - Reserve He got hurt via a non-football situation. He injured himself "while training". Could be the truth, could be a cover-up for something stupid. May even hurt himself doing something that his personal contract said not to do. Can hurt him financially if the team pursued it. NFI-Active - can return to the team NFI-Reserve - sits for the year https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/8/31/17797904/explaining-pup-nfi-ir-other-injury-nfl-roster-designations-cuts-53-man-roster https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/07/nfl-non-football-injury-nfi-list He should not be available for an IR slot for most leagues. Basically a step-up from an Exempt List.
  3. All Jets starters sat, including the much maligned Tevin Coleman. RBs played in order: 1. Ty 2. Carter 3. Adams
  4. https://images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/mediumlarge/2/st-louis-rams-qb-kurt-warner-super-bowl-xxxiv-champions-february-09-2000-sports-illustrated-cover.jpg https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ram
  5. Something I had previously posted in one of my leagues for banter/conversation: The last 4 years worth of non-PPR stats = 64 games... Mike Williams Year Yards TDs 2020 757 5 2019 1003 2 2018 692 11 2017 95 0 Total 2547 18 Fantasy Points: 362.7 151 receptions ADP (August 2021 - Mizelle): Over-all: 114 Position: 52 Odell Beckham Year Yards TDs 2020 391 4 2019 1045 4 2018 1071 6 2017 310 3 Total 2817 17 Fantasy Points: 383.7 199 receptions ADP (August 2021 - Mizelle): Over-all: 78 Position: 38 --------- Difference: 21 more fantasy points over 4 years (5.25 a year) in our league. 0.3 fantasy points a week. Should one pay a 2-3 round difference in pricetag for essentially an extra 52 yards for the year? They are essentially the same player. Except: one is considered to be on a run heavy offense (Beckham) and the other is considered to be on a pass friendly offense (Williams). Not saying Mike Williams should be drafted higher, but Beckham should be closer in ADP. Is it time to finally admit that Beckham is not going back to the Giants and Eli?
  6. Ditto. Shortest distance between 2 points is not a straight line here at FBG , have to avoid the pop-outs with curves. Or start from the bottom and scroll up instead of reading like most of the Western World where you go left to right and top to bottom.
  7. Start a youtube channel, make millions.. or something like that. Squirrel Ninja Warrior 1.0 Squirrel Ninja Warrior 2.0
  8. Added the first post in the Henderson topic about Xavier back in June, drafted him with the final pick in our May rookie/free agent draft. Guess I should have created a post. My blurb from our May 9th league rookie/free agent draft commentary: From the Henderson thread in June in response to the comment that the Rams didn't bring anyone in when Brown departed: Hoping he works out!
  9. Avoid the suck... (not that the players suck, just avoiding the pitfalls as best we can). R1 5 Barkley, Saquon NYG RB - May not start the year on time and suffered the unhappy triad - ACL, MCL, and meniscus tears. Let someone else gamble that there isn't a set-back or compensation injury. R2 23 Jefferson, Justin MIN WR - Unsure that he can repeat and not have a sophomore slump. Run first team. Cousins doesn't inspire many. 24 Mixon, Joe CIN RB - yup, it's Mixon propaganda season. Consider me cautious on him staying upright for 17 games. OL still kinda sucks, right? R3 25 Kittle, George SFO TE - Definitely a top 3 guy, just a little early if Lance isn't a guy that relies on the TE. Add in Deebo is back and the rise of Aiyuk. 32 Thomas, Michael NOS WR - Brees is gone and the 2 remaining QBs are erratic at best. I trust in Sean Payton, but not the QBs. 34 Allen, Keenan LAC WR - If the rumblings that Mike Williams gets the Michael Thomas role in the new offense, could that mean a little less for Keenan than usual? R4 37 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE - Yup, a rookie TE. Too early. Someone will rise to the occasion for receptions, doesn't have to be the TE. 40 Montgomery, David CHI RB - End of year play-off schedule sent stock soaring. Cohen returns and they added Damien too. Rookie QB impact? R5 49 Jones, Julio TEN WR - Targets to be had, but generally don't like to chase WRs changing teams. Run first team still. Never really been a TD guy. 51 Andrews, Mark BAL TE - Team focused on bringing in receivers. Not a lot of targets to give up and still remain useful. Too much run offense. R6 61 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB - Try not to chase last year's career stats. Not likely to have personal bests again. Skipping 'team time' this year. 67 Hurts, Jalen PHI QB - A bit early. Only reason he's at this spot is because of his running. Is that really enough to bet on? Can he read a defense? 69 Golladay, Kenny NYG WR - Changing teams, at least he's already practicing with his new QB. Unsure he can stay healthy. Lots of competition for targets. 72 Robinson, James JAC RB - Either we believe or we don't. New coaching staff used their second highest draft capital on his replacement. R7 76 Beckham, Odell CLE WR - Just a name value pick here. Last 4 years he's basically been Mike Williams in stats (non-PPR). The Eli feed is long gone. 83 Chark, D.J. JAC WR - Which WR will Lawrence latch onto: the 'old reliable', the '1st round pick', or 'DJ'? Possible run first team like the HC did in college? R8 92 Fournette, Leonard TBB RB - Ronald Jones outperformed him last year didn't he? More of the same? Gio is gong to get his as well. 94 Carter, Michael NYJ RB - Probably starts. Maybe he takes the job and runs with it. Maybe he is just a replacement level RB and proves it. 95 Thomas, Logan WAS TE - Checkdown Alex Smith retired. FitzMagic looks downfield. FitzTragic gets benched. Heinecke like to use the TE? R9 97 Boyd, Tyler CIN WR - Good offense, but is the #3 projected WR a better gamble than some other team's #1 WR at this price point? PPR only. 99 Gesicki, Mike MIA TE - Is there enough targets to go around for the trio of WRs and the TE? Is Tua really practicing the long ball this off-season? 106 Mayfield, Baker CLE QB - Hand-off, hand-off, pass to trusty hands Landry, hand-off, hand-off, pick a TE out of the trio. Interception forcing it to OBJ. R10 116 Engram, Evan NYG TE - More receiving options this year: Golladay, Toney, Shepard, Slayton. Rudolph brought in. Engram just doesn't seem to stay healthy. There's my brown colored glasses for the rounds presented.
  10. Good stuff. If the value plays are green, perhaps you can make the avoids red/orange instead of just bold. "Almost values" could be a light green.
  11. Interesting to see the "where are they now" articles. Seemed a bit privileged, but definitely talented. Broke Arizona's HS passing yards record. Got suspended for the final 5 games by his school district. Tried to play it off as an "MCL injury for 3-5 weeks". Team lost in the state semi-finals. Had already committed to Oklahoma, so no repercussions. Smart kid has already branded his initials for the new college name, image and likeness (NIL) rules. Says he will donate some to charity to sell more stuff. Going to make some serious bank. Business savvy.
  12. I'm super impressed that your 3 year old son can articulate such sentences. Don't get me wrong, I've heard some wise cracking young ones before. Has a girlfriend that has a car - is it pink with a squeeky button for a horn? Was this the car in question? And climbed up high enough on a lift to take pictures of a nail in the tire.
  13. 'Never'? Quite the absolute. You saying he doesn't 'ever' get hurt, flame out, new coaching staff, have a replacement drafted/free agent brought in, or get old? Or do you over-dramatize 'everything'? \sarcasm\ I think you meant to say that it's the cheapest you may be able to buy him, if all goes well, over the next 2-6 months.
  14. Redraft = keep none Keeper = keep some Dynasty = keep all All types of leagues have a total roster limit not to exceed heading into the season.
  15. We literally have a COVID imms station in a mini-mall. COVID approved for emergency use by the FDA. Gets input into the person's health record, statistics reported to the CDC, and stats for the State Health Department in case any side effects appear. No way, not puting it in their body. Free. Immediately to the left of the imms station is a GNC store. It's full of non-FDA approved pills, powders, and liquids. Don't have to report any contra-indications. Just go to the emergency room if they feel irregular. Yup, will definitely pay decent money to put in the body. Repeatedly. I wonder if pro athletes buy chemicals from quesionable health companies?
  16. Wish all these updates from faux medical reporters would mention how he is recovering from all 3 injuries, not just an ACL. Two words: Unhappy Triad Yes, there is a name when you tear all 3 - the ACL, the MCL, and the Meniscus. ----- Shoudn't just report about the ACL though it takes the longest. The others need to be rehabilitated too. Any PTs in the house to give a better guestimate on damage, atrophy, and recovery?
  17. Agreed about the pre-draft process. Post-draft OTAs, learning via Zoom meetings, lack of team practices, Pre-season games - all jacked up for the most part. Didn't get to see a lot of prospects take a snap. He still made the team even without all that.
  18. This whole COVID thing, you may have heard about it. Kinda made the news... Bleeped up the whole off-season process last year. Rams kept him as the 4th RB on the active roster - they didn't want another team to pluck him off the Practice Squad. Only got special teams play though.
  19. They have a RB on the roster that scored 45 rushing, 3 receiving, and 2 passing TDs in college. Xavier Jones Fun fact: the 48 rushing/receiving TDs equals former Ram Eric Dickerson's college team record.
  20. Not involved. 32 team 2 QB, IDP, high kicker scoring. WR J Chase DE Chase Y PK Chase M for WR Chase C RB Chase E QB Chase D Was fairly sure everyone knows who Chase is, but put initials anyways.
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