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  1. Yes, I am looking to see if I can get info on vaccinated QBs because as a singleton position I want a Plan B in case of last minute contact tracing and quarantining. I'd rather stash on my bench a Steady-Eddy, boring QB who I know is vaccinated and is going to be available than leave a chance at taking a 0. Waivers run Sat night at RTS and Sunday am for FFPC. I didn't spend a few hundred bucks a team to take a 0 for the week because they get pulled right before the game and I'm left with no one
  2. It's not "I don't like this guy" due to his stance or beliefs. It's 100% for me I don't like this guys chances of being on the field every week due to an encounter with someone infected
  3. Stars could be aligning, my curiosity is piqued.
  4. This ^^^^^ From the article: "Much like the last few days, when the league’s most serious COVID-19 testing flaw was exposed by the Tennessee Titans in one word. Incubation. More specifically, the 3-7 day period when a person can become infected with COVID-19 and still pass point-of-care testing. It’s a reality that creates the problem the NFL faces now, where a person can test positive for the virus on a Saturday and create a late-week hole where the newly infected (to whom they may have spread the virus) unknowingly slip through testing barriers by virtue of an undetectable incubation period." A player can be infected and still pass a Covid test because the infection hasn't had enough incubation time to show a positive (that's my layman interpretation, anyway).
  5. Oh I so hope you're right. Fingers crossed that if there are any infections they show before the game is played. If it takes over a week to show a positive this could derail the season.
  6. Titans just played the Vikings four days ago. Wouldn't it be prudent to postpone the Vikings/Houston game this week as well? This game could be what breaks the league for the season. Isolate the two teams for two weeks and we may get a semi-full season or play the Vikings/Houston game and let the virus spread like wildfire to players.
  7. So, first waivers run tonight for those who have the Cadillac subscription, right?
  8. Note to self: do NOT assign extra credit to middle school students that consists of watching a debate this year. The brutally honest assessment of 8th graders on what transpired is not something anyone would be proud of...and they were 100% correct. They're really starting to get pissed at the world they're being handed and I don't blame them one bit.
  9. Apologies ahead of time to Don Henley Calcomatic, when will you post the new season? You've been out drafting Steelers for so long now Yeah, you're a trooper I know that you've got your reasons But how will football guys know the Status of their teams? Calcomatic, Oh you ain't getting no richer Your pain and your hunger To win it just once And freedom, oh freedom, Well that's just some people squawking Your prison is updating those totals once more.
  10. Been watching a few of the high stakes drafts and can't help but notice Laviska Shenault creeping up the boards. Went ahead of Aiyuk last night.
  11. I'd say with all things being relatively equal, I'm going to be more inclined to play the Sunday afternoon players over Monday night players. Especially if you play in leagues where waivers run Weds and Fri nights and there is no way to pick up a last minute fill in.
  12. I think that the most important attribute to those running the show is the ability to have situational agility and recognize the fluidity of life right now. In other words, they have to be able to start, stop, and change directions quickly as circumstances arise. Flexibility combined with imagination is needed to pull this off.
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