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  1. I agree. I am still not sold on Sanders. You will be overpaying.
  2. With those rbs. You should do better than Cousins.
  3. You and I are thinking along the same lines. Thanks
  4. Yea. That is what I'm looking at. Kelce has been great to depend on. TE are so hit or miss. Could Pitts be the next great one. Kelce is 31, when does he slow down?
  5. I don't like that trade. Lamb will be a stud.
  6. I have Mahomes a qb Core rbs are A.Gibson,Ronald Jones ,Fornette and Chase Edmonds. Wes are Lamb, Higgens, Theilenand Dionte Johnson with Kelce at TE in a pot dynasty. Contemplating taking Pitts at 4 or rb. Trevor Lawrence will go off board quick. I also have #12 overall pick.
  7. Team A already has Keenan Allen, Dante Adams, Adam Theilen, Sterling Shepard at wr. Fournette,Cook, A. Jones, K. Drake at rb. Garrapolo, Mahones and Trubisky at Qb in a ppr. Has 2nd overall pick in 2018. Team A. D.Cook, Trubisky Team B. Antonio Brown, Duke Johnson and 12th overall pick.
  8. Team A traded K.Benjamin Team B recieved 12th overall pick in rookie draft. ppr
  9. There are NO instructions directions in title that says closed trades you Snarkiness. Butt during the lull I did complete the trade. I gave up T.Hill,D.Martin for T.Gabriel and 9th overall 2017 rookie selection.
  10. I have Ware, Kelce and T.Hill from K.C. Matt Ryan is one of my Qbs. Considering offering T.Hill straight up for T.Gabriel. The owner has an aaffluence of Falcons players as I do with K.C. I really would like J.Jones,but that will not happen.
  11. traded Dion Lewis and Camron Brate for Travis Kelce. I have great depth at rb: Elliott, Ware,Rawls, and Martin. I still have Ladarius Green and C.J. Fedorawitz. Wanted dominate T.E.
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