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  1. Sorry for the slow response GB, but I'm trying to slow my real-life pace down to Costa Rica speed... (right, I wish that was my excuse). Here’s our experience so far with purchasing a home in Costa Rica: (1) Interest rates in Costa Rica are floating around 13-15% so that immediately turned us away from that option, never mind the idea of trying to deal with a foreign bank, in foreign language, so planning on a “cash” purchase is the easiest option. (2) The Costa Rican government is fairly strict about providing documentation and paperwork that proves where your cash to purchase your house came from, whether it was a previous house sale, a retirement account, a line of credit, etc. This includes a request for an “Apostille” (something we had never heard of), which required us to send our deed of trust (from sale of our previous home) to the Secretary of State of Colorado where they certify, stamp and seal it and send it back to us. Which has been a very tedious process because the employees in the state of Colorado are still working from home and this process requires hardcopies be sent through slow mail. (3) Real Estate agent commissions are about the same (about 3% both sides) and are paid for by the Seller. (4) The “attorneys” down there do more than your typical attorney, they obviously write up the real estate contracts, but they also help you formulate your Costa Rican Corporation (which is the easiest way to buy a house down there), they obtain and review the title, prepare closing statements, and coordinate directly with the escrow company. (5) The attorneys basically manage all of the closing processes, which is equivalent to the closing costs we pay in the States, which seems to be in the range of about 5% of purchase price, paid for the Buyer. (6) We also found out that if we own (buy) a property for at least $200,000 we qualify for residency in Costa Rica which was an unexpected bonus considering we are planning on this as a retirement spot. (7) All homes sales are processed through the federal government, and with the country’s recent spike in COVID cases over the last month many of their offices have been closed down (off and on) which has caused quite a backlog. So the process has been fairly tedious, which we were warned about upfront by our real estate agent, but we will hopefully still close in about 60 days, which isn’t that much different than the States. Well, we better be closed within 60 days… we fly back to Samara on June 6th.
  2. Looks like the discussion has switched gears to other countries, but since this was originally about CR, I figured I could post this here... I can't say I followed the bolded advice very well, because I'm about to close on a house in Samara (Los Gavilones area). Went there for Spring Break with my family (only my second time there) and we put an offer on a place two days after we got back to the States. Decided there's no better place in the world to be at 5pm then Playa Samara, and threw down the cash to back it up. Place we're buying is 3 Brd 2 Bth, has a separate Casita with bed/shower/kitchen, 5 minute walk to beach or downtown, can rent on a monthly basis for $2,000, and we're all in for just over $200k. Plus there's enough room on the lot to build another similar house or add an expansive covered patio and pool. I just turned 50 so I've been starting to eye the typical retirement locations in the States to buy a place, and have been to a lot of locations/options in Mexico over the years, but nothing that's gotten me as excited as Samara. Feels like we hit the jackpot.
  3. Chad - Got my review in. I owe you for finding me a broker with great rates in CO. Thanks again GB!
  4. Great point. Everyone keeps bringing up Ben, but Tomlin has coached a plethora of star-studded players even after "Cowher's Team" left. Unless you want to give a lot of credit to Tomlin for player personnel and draft evaluation (I'll give most of it to Colbert), he's had a stacked roster compared to most coaches and he's rarely exceeded expectations given that level of talent. And I don't want to re-hash how many times in his coaching career he's been blatantly outcoached from a technical standpoint, in the most crucial times, most notably the playoffs.
  5. Funny you said that, just got off the phone with a guy who owns a few successful dispensaries here in Colorado. He said he was celebrating the Georgia Senate election results last night (guess how a guy that owns a dispensary celebrates?), main reason is that he expects new federal laws in place soon "so he can actually talk to banks and secure some traditional loans to help him expand a few more stores... and to be able to open a checking account like all other businesses."
  6. Good thought, and Caesar's probably would have been the choice for our group if it weren't for CIRCA.
  7. You buy me one and the next will be on me GB. Curious, do you have your draft in a hotel suite, or somewhere else? All stay at the same hotel?
  8. I allowed each owner to vote for their Top 2 selections, and here's the final tally: Golden Nugget - CIRCA - 7 votes Caesars Palace - 5 votes Planet Hollywood - 2 votes Wynn-Encore - 3 votes Vdara - 1 vote So we booked rooms at CIRCA and got a suite at the Golden Nugget. Guys in the league are excited to check out CIRCA. Thanks to the FGBs for all for your input!
  9. Thought I'd provide a quick update on the Vegas suites research I discussed above. Mostly due to the recommendations you guys provided, here are the five choices I gave my league mates: 1. Planet Hollywood 2. Wynn-Encore 3. Caesars Palace 4. Vdara 5. Golden Nugget - CIRCA I offered to throw in $500 per night to cover the suite for two nights, with additional cost for these suites to be covered by each owner. Keep in mind, these prices are for the first weekend of the NFL season, so I assume they may not be indicative of other weekends. I included the following descriptions for each place, along with some cool photos of each suite (not shown here): Hotel - Suite: Planet Hollywood - Views Suite Price $1,700/night – 1,255 sf w/ 1 BR Individual Bedrooms (1 King or 2 Queens): $150-$200 min./night Location: Central Strip, Great Notes: Older lower-end hotel, great location, awesome views of the Strip, cheaper individual rooms can make up for extra cost of suite. Extra Cost to Each Owner: $220 Hotel - Suite: Wynn Encore – Suite Parlor Price $1,300/night – 2,100 sf w/ 1 BR Ind. Bedrooms (1 King or 2 Queens): $500 min./night Location: North Strip, Pretty Good Notes: Only 5-Star Hotel on our list. Luxury Vegas experience compared to other options, but still reasonable if you’re willing to share a room. Extra Cost to Each Owner: $150 Hotel – Suite: Caesar’s Palace – Julius Premium Suite Price $1,000/night – 1,450 sf w/ 1 BR Ind. Bedrooms (1 King or 2 Queens): $300 min./night Location: Central-North Strip, Very Good Notes: Getting older, but solid location/casino/pool/bars/hotel amenities Extra Cost to Each Owner: $100 Hotel - Suite: Vdara – Hospitality Suite Price $800/night – 1,600 sf w/ 2 BR Ind. Bedrooms (Studios): $175/night Location: Central City, Pretty Good Notes: Most overall bang-for-buck for something on the Strip, but have to walk to other casinos, don’t think there’s much of pool scene, Sports Book, bars, restaurants, etc. Extra Cost to Each Owner: $70 Hotel - Suite: Golden Nugget Suite Price $500/night – 1,200 sf w/ 1 BR Loft CIRCA Ind. Bedrooms (1 King or 2 Queens): $300 min./night Location: Downtown, so major downgrade from the Strip, but CIRCA might make it worth it Notes: I get a Suite at Golden Nugget for our draft, but we all get rooms at CIRCA, and hang out there. CIRCA is a brand-new hotel, 21+ only, featuring Stadium style Sports Book (biggest in Vegas) with INSANE Video-Screens-Pool. Extra Cost to Each Owner: $0
  10. Totally agree, but not sure Tomlin is ready to admit that. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  11. Is anyone downgrading Aiyuk with CJ Beathard under center? Doesn't seem like much of a drop-off from Mullens, but I don't really know. I could also see Kittle gobbling up the few pass attempts that may have previously gone to BA.
  12. I had Logan Thomas plugged in @ TE, but now that Alex Smith has been ruled out and Rudolph has been ruled out, might have to slide in Irv...
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