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  1. You're welcome, I couldn't let this GordonGekko falsehood stand unchallenged: "Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for what was later revealed to be a massive cover up from turning NY nursing homes into makeshift death camps."
  2. Rachel Maddow won an Emmy for her reporting and coverage of the Flint water crisis in the category of "outstanding news discussion and analysis" against all other journalists/reporters who were elgible, while Cuomo just received an honorary Founders Award for his daily COVID briefings (he did not win an Emmy since this was not a competitive award category).
  3. No it isn't. Those who like dry martinis would disagree with you.
  4. Yes, CNN and NYT got sued for multi-millions, but several league experts I have seen on TV commenting on the case don't think that Nick Sandmann ultimately got that much out of it and that both organizations settled for a small amount (100K or less) just for what the nuisance value of the suit was worth to them.
  5. Who indeed. I hope that you are not suggesting that Democrats are the likely allies of criminals who steal cars and that they see that group as some sort of constituency that they would try to protect.
  6. Only if you are living is some fantasy world, not the reality of life in this country in 2021. Anyone who thinks this could be a legitimate issue that would actually seriously discussed or raised is being delusional from my perspective.
  7. Fun Fact (or not so fun depending on your age): People do get slower as they get older and their reactions are not as quick as when they were younger - that does not mean they are suffering from any type of dementia.
  8. Murder is a legal determination. CNN could be sued for defamation if they stated they had murdered him at this stage of the proceedings. They were subsequently charge with murder so they could now be called the alleged or accused murderers.
  9. I think the issue should really be (for the sake of argument) what if she had been right and the shooter had been white? Would what she tweeted have been acceptable under those circumstances? I think the answer is no, she made an over the top generalization about race. Should that have cost her her job? Well, probably - I don't know what the job requirements are for being the Race And Inclusion Sports Editor (didn't know such a position existed anywhere) but her comments seem more race exclusive than inclusive.
  10. No, there really aren't and that should have been apparent to anyone who watched his press conference. He is not as sharp or as quick at 78 as he was at 74 or 70, but this is not even close to the claimed dementia or cognitive impairment stage. People are basing this on just the selectively edited video clips that are taken out of context.
  11. No, there wouldn't be any media campaign either backdoor or frontdoor. That is an absurd supposition.
  12. No, there isn't. Not after three recounts in Georgia.
  13. And I am not asking you to, this thread is such a train wreck that I doubt changing the title would help any. But, by all means, please leave it up if you somehow think that mocking the speech patterns of these women is a good reflection on you.
  14. You can use it, but depending on the context you might be accused of being sexist.
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