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  1. No, they aren't facts. Just logical speculation on my part, Occam's razor. Can't find anything on line that says or suggests otherwise.
  2. If they are wearing MAGA hats and carrying Trump signs and doing Trump chants most reporters would probably say that they were a group of Trump supporters. Reporters don't make a habit of asking protesters for proof of their political affiliation or groups they belong to. And again no one on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else has disputed what was reported. If this was wrongly reported and these were other than Trump supporters, we would have heard about it by now
  3. I imagine it was something like MAGA hats or other Trump related wearing apparel (maybe there were some signs). I can't find any pictures on line but if this had been misreported and the protesters were wrongly identified, we would have heard about it by now.
  4. Speaking of that daycare visit: https://www.rawstory.com/biden-in-hartford/ Trump supporters hurl profanities at Joe Biden as he greets children at a daycare center President Joe Biden was greeted with profane taunts from Trump supporters on Friday despite the fact that he was in the presence of children. According to NPR White House correspondent Scott Detrow, Biden on Friday travelled to a daycare center in Hartford, Connecticut to promote childcare plans that are part of his "Build Back Better" agenda. While there, he greeted several children at a playground, only to be interrupted at one point by Trump supporters who were yelling at him from across the street. As recounted by Voice of America News reporter Patsy Widakuswara, "at one point Biden put a twisty blue tube toy on his head" while meeting with the children and "as this happened you could clearly hear Trump supporters across the street yelling 'traitor' and "**** Joe Biden." Despite this, Biden continued into the daycare center and delivered a speech talking about Democratic policies such as the expanded child tax credit and universal pre-K.
  5. I have never seen anyone say that banning assault rifles will stop gun violence. Reduce gun violence, yes. Stop it, no.
  6. Once again, liberals never said that in here and you are misremembering, at best. Some people might have said that the concern was overblown, but no one would have been naive enough to categorically say sexual assaults would never happen. And please be so kind as to change the incorrect and misleading thread title, since you can't prove your allegations of what you claim liberals said.
  7. Queer was once regarded as the second most offensive anti-gay slur after the one that rhymes with maggot. At some point, in the 80s (I think) it was adopted by some in the gay community and used ironically, much as some blacks use the "N" word. In fact there was an AIDS activist organization called Queer Nation. And much later there was the Showtime TV series Queer As Folk that ran in the early part of this century. The term however was never completely accepted by gay men and many found it and still find it extremely offensive. There is not agreement that the Q in LBGTQ refers to Queer or Questioning (in fact some in that community refuse to use it as they think it denotes Queer, which is why LGBT+ in some circles has been adopted in place of LGBTQ). Bottom line is that you probably best you avoid using the term for anyone you know that is gay.
  8. https://twitter.com/NikkiMcR/status/1448803712344985600 (video clip at link) Tucker Carlson mocks Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave: "Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed, no word on how that went." This is the most watched cable news show? A rather crude cheap shot by Tucker.
  9. I saw a variation of that on a old rerun of The Jack Benny Show when Jack is eating in the dining room at the racetrack. Benny: "Waiter, is the steak fresh?" Waiter: (played by Joe Besser) "Fresh? It ran in the 3rd race."
  10. The least used weapon that has been responsible for more mass murders by firearms than any other weapon in the last two decades. If the Las Vegas shooter had used hand guns, how many people do you think would have been killed from the window in his hotel room? I doubt the total would have been anywhere close to the 59 homicides and the dozens injured.
  11. I am sure the families of the 8029 handgun homicide victims in 2020 care a great deal.
  12. https://twitter.com/tashanreed/status/1448714579534434305 Carl Nassib is back at practice today for the #Raiders after taking a personal day yesterday.
  13. Talk about cherry picking numbers, you left out the two highest categories of weapons used in homicides. From your link: Handguns - 8029 Firearms, type not stated - 4863
  14. Well, yeah...but I don't ever recall seeing a reference to Donald Trump in this forum, followed by someone asking, "Which one?"
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