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  1. After 22 blissful years I finally screwed up. Was dropping my ### all night, and as per usual blamed the dogs. Momentary lapse of reason, dropped a room clearing silent fart that could be easily blamed on the dogs. A fart that would clear any room in all of stink ### Boston. Waited a few seconds, and at the perfect time, blamed the dogs. My wife just looked at me and said she let the dogs out awhile ago. Damn.
  2. Lurker Packers fan here. You Chicago fans WAY overreact. You have a great defense and alot of weapons on offense. It is a rivalry game. This game says nothing for the rest of season. The fans booing early in the game was more embarrassing than the product on the field. Quote this post. Unfortunately (for Packers fans), the NFC North will be very close in December .
  3. So, I'm a lurker, but had to share. Know nothing about farming. Decided to grow 5 acres of industrial hemp. Wow, what a ride and we haven't even planted yet. Just have 7500 clones under lights, letting them grow and hardening them. May be able to write a book in the end. Everyone please buy CBD products and keep the prices high. 😉
  4. Went out with the wife. Nice place, just did a smoked fish and cheese plate. Had a few double Jack on the rocks. Had a good buzz going. My wife could tell and asked if the bartender was making my drinks strong
  5. This is hilarious.  Billy Hurley vs. Jordan Spieth campaign video.
  6. Check out Holy Hill. Sounds like it would be right up her alley. There is also a Holy Hill segment of the Ice Age trail that is an easy hike which gives different views of the church buildings. https://wisconsin-explorer.blogspot.com/2017/08/hiking-ice-age-trail-holy-hill-segment.html?m=1
  7. Phew, at first I read it as JARED Lorenzen. I thought I missed something.
  8. So nobody lurker here who only shines in miniature donkey chat. Quick question. How come when I'm home drunk I always flush too early when taking a leak? It's almost pathological. While drunk I always flush 10 seconds before I should. I don't try to, just underestimate the flow. Anyone else?* *I'm about a half a jack in right now.
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