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  1. PPR 1QB Najee Chase Pitts Carter Javonte Mike Evans (wtf is he available Sermon Etienne D Smith Stevenson (wow) Gainwell (wow) Waddle
  2. While I would LOVE to be included, I'm guessing this was a mistake.
  3. Few things learned during quarantine.: I'll continue to buy expensive liquor I'll continue to buy cheap beer I'll never buy name brand cereal again. Bring on the bag of Tootie Fruities!!! (Or whatevertf they are called)
  4. We are rural. We've been our kayaking and biking every day the weather allows.
  5. Please tell me a regular job that does this. Unless you are a welder, electrician, plumber, etc., what are you going to do to accomplish this goal? I'm a loan officer now. Used to run a metal fabricating company before. I'm in the same boat as you chasing clients (but also paying my lawyer). It's the nature of the beast. Quit yer #####in'. 😜
  6. My youngest is now 16, but know #### loads up people from all 3 of those towns. Would not be surprised if we tangentially know each other in some capacity.
  7. I agree. Now for my no shtick. We would still need to have liquor stores open as essential. Seriously. Lots of alcoholics. My friend works for General Beverage up in the Appleton area. After the bar/restaurant shutdown, the demand for cheap liquor exploded. Festival Foods' that normally sold 20 cases of cheap Fleischmans vodka or Kesslers whiskey are up over 100 cases now. It's insane.
  8. Hello somewhat neighbor! Jefferson County. We have 1 confirmed case. Dane to the west and Waukesha/Milwaukee to the east with decent amount of cases in each. I know Lodi and the area from coaching basketball. We are in very similar towns. I think this whole region has pretty much the same mindset. At least in the smaller towns.
  9. Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their contributions to this thread. Everyone. I like to hear how different parts of the country are reacting, what local governments are doing, etc. Very interesting and helpful. I live in a more rural area in Wisconsin, but am fairly close to Madison and Milwaukee. Have family in Milwaukee. Have family in Minnesota. So, I really like hearing how the different states are handling things. Milwaukee is eerily quiet. Everything is pretty chill here. People respecting each other. Taking precautions, but I don't think the populace as a whole totally grasps what could be on the horizon. Small town. It is nice to have this forum and thread to see what is really happening in America. So, please keep up the posts. Personally, I like to hear the personal posts like icon shared about the travel papers. Stuff we are not hearing on the big news sites. Thanks again, and I hope and pray everyone stays safe!
  10. After 22 blissful years I finally screwed up. Was dropping my ### all night, and as per usual blamed the dogs. Momentary lapse of reason, dropped a room clearing silent fart that could be easily blamed on the dogs. A fart that would clear any room in all of stink ### Boston. Waited a few seconds, and at the perfect time, blamed the dogs. My wife just looked at me and said she let the dogs out awhile ago. Damn.
  11. I love that the Bears give just enough hope to keep the fanbase invested, just to RIP their hearts out again and again. Whether it's a game, a short run of games, or an entire season. Hated that the Packers went into "just hang on for the win mode" instead of continuing to shove it down their throats like the first 2 series of the 2nd half. Really need a killer instinct.
  12. Lurker Packers fan here. You Chicago fans WAY overreact. You have a great defense and alot of weapons on offense. It is a rivalry game. This game says nothing for the rest of season. The fans booing early in the game was more embarrassing than the product on the field. Quote this post. Unfortunately (for Packers fans), the NFC North will be very close in December .
  13. So, I'm a lurker, but had to share. Know nothing about farming. Decided to grow 5 acres of industrial hemp. Wow, what a ride and we haven't even planted yet. Just have 7500 clones under lights, letting them grow and hardening them. May be able to write a book in the end. Everyone please buy CBD products and keep the prices high. 😉
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