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  1. Tom Brady is a proven cheater. I will never forgive that. No respect for him at all.
  2. Exactly. Kelce really seemed to be WIDE open all game. Almost like we were trying to bait Mahomes into throwing him the ball, which would have been a good plan if Kelce stinks and he somehow had the game of his life. But he has had the occasional good game before.
  3. I think one thing that is being overlooked is the effect of crowd noise. I don't think the Bills offense has faced any meaningful crowd noise all year until the AFCCG. (Same thing with the Ravens last week). I know they've all dealt with it in the careers, and probably practiced with it in mind, but there's nothing like actually experiencing it in a game. You can say the Buccs overcame it at Lambeau, but at least based on the broadcast, Lambeau sounded nothing like Arrowhead this week or Bills Stadium last week.
  4. I've seen this a lot this year - there's a timeout and the QB doesn't head over to the side line. Wonder why?
  5. I also wonder if the Pats were just trying to drive up the price knowing Buffalo was their main competition. Might have forced us to toss in an extra draft pick or two.
  6. KC has enough weapons to be scary without Mahomes, but with him they are other-worldly. Still not invincible - as the Raiders proved. But I personally won't be heartbroken if Mahomes waits until Monday to feel 100%. The Chiefs are an easy team to root for. They seem like a class outfit all the way around. Really hoping for a shootout this week. These two teams should provide plenty of fireworks. We do need to avenge that loss before SB 1.
  7. I agree that the official was in a tough spot, and even after seeing a couple replays I did not notice it being helmet to helmet. But since the play was being reviewed any way, the NFL should allow the hit to be reviewed too. I guess I'm advocating that helmet-to-helmet should be reviewable, even if it requires a challenge flag from the opposing team, if we don't want too many interruptions to the flow of the game.
  8. Not surprised they are releasing him, but it seems kind of early, no? What's the rush?
  9. Longtime Bills DE Jerry Hughes finally finding playoff glory https://www.nfl.com/news/longtime-bills-de-jerry-hughes-finally-finding-playoff-glory
  10. "4. Bills resemble Super Bowl winners with 32 rushing yards in playoff win The Bills knocked off the Ravens, 17-3, on Saturday despite having only 32 rushing yards. That marked the fourth-fewest rushing yards by any team in a playoff win in NFL history. Good news for Buffalo: The 1999 Rams (who had two playoff wins with fewer than 32 rushing yards) and 2014 Patriots (who had the other such game) both won the Super Bowl that season." https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-stats-and-records-divisional-round-brady-rodgers-set-more-records Might as well start engraving the trophy now then.
  11. Watching the replay again today of the Higgins fumble, his hands come apart at the exact instant his head is hit by the tackler's helmet. Not calling the penalty was really egregious.
  12. How many years is my GM contract guaranteed for? If 3 years or less then Watson without question. If 5 years or more than probably Lawrence. The ONLY question that matters is how long is my own personal contract. If you think the GM is concerned about the actual short term / long term for the sake of the franchise, you are assuming facts that are not in evidence.
  13. The fraternity of active players who know with certainty they are going to the HOF is even smaller. Guys see the greatness in each other and feed off of it.
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