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  1. Looks like I may have sold myself a little short on UVXY today, but that's OK. The first two tranches were bought so poorly, it was fortunate I was able to get out 5% up. Will finish today up >2%, so no complaints. But I need to leave that evil witch alone.
  2. This is quite a daily move. I'm probably out by EOD one way or another, but my cost basis is $9.56 and it's almost 30% of the account now. That isn't sustainable.
  3. I have plenty of work to do but I feel like I need to babysit UVXY this afternoon
  4. I haven't been able to walk for two weeks, so I was not surprised that I zipped around at an 18:22 pace today.
  5. Put in an order to sell UVXY at $10.08, in case it gets loose during my lunchtime walk.
  6. There's 50 confirmed double-dips. I have some skepticism on the confirmed triple dip.
  7. Although it's glorious today, I'm not walking. I just got hot water for the first time in a week and a half. Some things are more important than exercise, and hygiene is one of them. After today, it's gonna rain for a week. LOL. I'll try to find holes in the weather.
  8. It's the K-1 issue. Others can probably do a better job, but MLPs (and REITs I think) can cause a tax headache if owned in an IRA or similar. I've read horror stories where IRS decides your whole IRA is taxable. Happy to be corrected on any of this, but the conclusion I drew was since these instruments are already somewhat tax-advantaged, they are better off in a taxable account.
  9. Just highlighting the potential issues if owned in a non-taxable account. It's one of the better-run ones.
  10. Really mad at myself after watching UVXY squeeze up to about a 5% profit yesterday morning, and not hitting the Eject button. (Again, the real problem is I bought half of this position too early.)
  11. That's a pretty solid definition for confirmation bias, something we all need to be watching for
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