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  1. I was never fully comfortable out there this morning, pace was 18:39. This is most likely due to drinks last night. So drinks. Also the main reason the scale says I gained 2.0 pounds this week. I don't do that on Fridays anymore, but I did last night, and I paid the price. Don't want to end on a bummer, so let me add that the dumb errand I had to run yesterday was to go to the practice where I used to have an office and get the 50% employee discount on some orthotic inserts. I couldn't do the roadwork without them.
  2. Well, they need a football coach, and the last guy was the state's highest-paid employee, so it's a good gig.
  3. Today's exercise was a pre-dawn half-hour on the treadmill, because I have a dumb errand to run at lunch. Pace was 19:12.
  4. I'm a bit of a lone wolf out there anyway, so the mask isn't a huge imposition. If you're playing blackjack and video poker, it isn't as big a deal as it would be at craps or even roulette. Pro tip: go to Circa and buy the masks at the gift store, super comfortable.
  5. In fact, the position that causes me the least concern is ETHE. This is because it's very small and a complete freeroll. If it gets to 100, I'll re-evaluate.
  6. Very cloudy today. Not enough to prevent burning, but enough to prevent caramelizing. This whole 'being careful during the warmup' thing is working nicely. Pace was 18:27.
  7. That's the thing. The stressors in your life aren't going to go away. Since there's always going to be another one, they can't be the reason we eat poorly or don't work out. We can't say 'If I just get past X' because, I promise you, Y is just around the corner. We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.
  8. Felt pretty good out there today, after being careful during the warmup. Even the strong breeze in my face on the Long, Dark Back-Straight of the Soul was welcomed as a source of evaporative cooling. Pace was 18:09.
  9. Lovely day, but my feet messed with me throughout, constantly forcing me to slow until the latest twinge went away. Pace was 18:44.
  10. Have you dropped off the printer yet, or did you hurl it into traffic like I would have done
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