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  1. I could have waited until the wind died down and the sun came up, but I have stuff to do and was out there shortly after sunrise. The bracing cold and wind drove me to an 18:49 pace. The scale says I gained 3.7 pounds this week. Set points are real. However, I insist on positive spin. I'm still 5.1 pounds less than I was three weeks ago. Perhaps this is the week we resume normal service.
  2. I'm on the dawn patrol. Hit me up anytime!
  3. Lovely day for a walk; couldn't coax myself beyond a 19:07 pace, which is actually good enough.
  4. It took a bit, but I found a host that would respond to email and booked a suite at the Golden Gate 4/1-6.
  5. Went out on the dawn patrol this morning, because I'm taking the rest of the day off and didn't want to spend the first hour of it walking. Will probably go back to mornings full-time next week. Pace was a lazy 19:35, but not too concerning.
  6. I got sheared on Sunday. My epic strength remains, however. Low-energy 19:25 pace today. On reflection, I was not properly hydrated this morning, easily fixable.
  7. Now up to 57% cash due to everything else going down
  8. Third night free at the Four Seasons into July
  9. @cosjobs XL Fleet dude will be on Cramer tonight
  10. The whole cannabis cohort is up, except STMH. Should change the ticker to SMDH.
  11. Update: The hot water has returned. Will chance my lunchtime stroll, on the theory that they couldn't possibly screw me over two days in a row.
  12. Water pressure disappeared at lunch today. Came back later, but just before 5PM we got an email explaining that the plumbers would be back tomorrow with a needed piece and we would have hot water then. Getting really tired of The Favelas on Cahill.
  13. Fortunate to have a hole in the rain at lunch. The cold and wind drove me to an 18:45 pace.
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