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  1. Tonight's bets: Packers ML +147 Aaron Jones over 28.5 rec yards MVS over 35.5 rec yards Kittle over 5.5 catches MVS to score first TD of game, 20-1 GLTA
  2. Today's entry in the donkstakes is a four-team, six-point teaser, AZ/BAL/CLE/MIN. Sunday night prop leans appreciated. Eta: first three are -1.5, Vikes are +8. Pays 5/2.
  3. Just under 10K steps on Friday. A little disappointing, but I got 4K after midnight and am off to a flying start for today.
  4. Gambling has been dumb for two days, but recent results indicate a possible turn. Evaluate my Texas/TT over 62.5 in that light. I will be in the Circa book by 9 AM, worth doing once. Lol.
  5. Andrew Left is about to come on CNBC and take credit for a call he made...ten years ago. Onions.
  6. Last morning walk (on a workday) until March, pace was 18:16. Removing myself from the injury report, though I'm probably 90%. Next regularly scheduled exercise is Saturday, 10/2, allowing a few days to recover from my vacation. Taking today and tomorrow off because getting injured right before a trip feels like an unforced error.
  7. It turns out flank speed is available, for the 3-4 minutes I use it each trip. Pace was 18:29. Although I intend to spend next weekend in Vegas on impulse power, it's nice to know I can bark at Scotty and get a little warp drive if I need it. Despite what the doctor's scale said about the last three months, my scale says I lost 3.7 pounds this week. There will be no ***official*** weigh-in next week, but it's important to me that I have the same or lower weight two Saturdays from now.
  8. Nice morning, pace was 18:52. Flank speed is still not available, so I am unlikely to improve on that in the short term. But it's unnecessary to improve, for right now.
  9. My mother just responded to a group text with the Ray Liotta laughing GIF. She's 83. Feeling an unusual combination of pride and terror.
  10. The doc's scale says I gained eight pounds over the last three months. I need to tape some stuff in my own f'n mirror
  11. Amen, brother. Also, we need to spell this out in duct tape on Otis' mirror and fridge.
  12. Sitting in my PCP's office, waiting for my annual physical. Only got in about half of my normal walk, on the treadmill. Pace was 19:26.
  13. MGM to Allegiant and back? Here I am, figuring out how to strategically use Lyft on the one day I'm going to spend on the Strip
  14. BX became 21% of my IRA in two months, not sure I mind
  15. I don't like doing half of the walk at night. After my vacation, it's back to lunchtime walks. My pace was 18:54 and there were no new injuries, lol. Only four more walks before vacation.
  16. Picked up a new twinge last night walking around the house, in the ball of my left foot, at the base of the big toe. Stings/burns like fascial pain. It was still there this morning, but not terribly uncomfortable with a shoe on. So I sent it, getting back four minutes before clock-in. Pace was 18:58. I need to be careful, though. I don't have time to rehab anything more than a twinge before my vacation.
  17. Actually, I was thinking about GOLD But also LIT and FCX. Some rube on CNBC said that to meet just the UK's electric-car targets would require 50% of the world's current lithium output, and 25% of its copper. Obviously hilarious, but underlines the tailwind both metals have.
  18. After recovering the stump of my HGEN position, I'm about 20% cash. Will probably keep that powder dry for now.
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