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  1. I'm here for any Eno Benjamin type of breakout
  2. Who did you get in your drafts, and where? I'm guessing a lot of St. Brown, Palmer and maybe Eskridge
  3. Jermar Jefferson should be at least above Hubbard in every poll, maybe even above Gainwell
  4. Jermar Jefferson should be the #1 option at RB for all these
  5. I have the #12 in my Sep 9 rookie draft. Possible that all of Shenault, Pittman, Gibson, Moss, Jefferson and Reagor will be in play. So who would you take Gibson vs. Jefferson.
  6. I think you go Swift if you had him rated higher than Dobbins pre-draft. Both should really contribute in the passing game.
  7. Not sure how I missed this thread earlier this month, although my one May rookie draft was almost done by the time you posted. I really like how you describe the ways your analysis has changed over the years. My biggest blind spots tend to be bias that gets in my head because of performance of guys of similar stature or the team they land on. Biggest early value I see in drafts is Burrow. I believe he will be elite rather than a Ryan/Eli type.
  8. I check in now and again. Same to you @Biabreakable Great rookie class!
  9. The Bills line looks exceptional in this video.
  10. I'm not on here much anymore but I would NOT use a facebook group either. Dynasty Nerds has one and I hate it.
  11. I have Brady $36 Dion Lewis $19 Thielen $20 Diggs $13 Marquise Lee $8 Gronk $35 Should this be competitive with a Viking/Pat SB?
  12. I just filled out my survey. Getting better rookie coverage made all of my comment boxes. Do you think they got the message?
  13. I thought the Ravens were a great fit for him.
  14. I saw that with Roy Helu but it hasn't translated, at least to stardom. I'm taking a watch and see on this guy.
  15. Watching Gordon and Gurley last night was a treat. Both look the part to me. Better than anybody in the 2014 RB class.
  16. Am I the only one who thinks his age is a way overblown factor? I count at least 4 other well regarded guys in this draft class who are within 8 months of his birthday.
  17. Current dynasty rankings on this site have at WR29. I have him about 5 slots higher than that. I'd easily rather have him than Nuke Hopkins or Tavon Austin.
  18. I'm not the greatest at evaluating WRs but this kid looks really good to me. He took over several games in 2013 and I like to see that in a player. I think he's at least as good a prospect as Blackmon.
  19. I agree that he has some weaknesses but he's certainly worth a late 2nd round rookie pick to take as a project based on his size, speed and toughness. Also, typically notable RBs such as Boom Herron and Vick Ballard. If you don't take him, there isn't much left out there to take.
  20. beto

    Like the name. Is it after the Lord of the Rings Grond?

  21. Probably not too short just in case. I just got mine and did it.Note: The link did not work for me because there was a space before an ampersand (&), so when you copy it, make sure to delete the space. Make sure you don't see XML, that means the full URL didn't work, you should see a real page saying thanks for verifying. This worked for me. aderouch thanks you.up 476 I started voting on Friday 1/25 and still haven't gotten a confirmation email.
  22. My latest list 1. Darren McFadden RB Arkansas (JR) 2. Johnathan Stewart RB Oregon (JR) 3. Ray Rice RB Rutgers (JR) 4. Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois (JR) 5. Felix Jones RB Arkansas (JR) 6. Jamaal Charles RB Texas (JR) 7. Kevin Smith RB UCF (JR) 8. James Hardy WR Indiana (JR) 9. Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma St 10. Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma (JR) 11. Steve Slaton RB WVU (JR) 12. Mario Manningham WR Michigan (JR)
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