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  1. It's called a red draw. Started in Texas, the tall tale is a cowboy wandered into the saloon after a hard day's work and didn't want to drink on an empty stomach. So he ordered some tomato juice, took a couple of swigs and got some beer poured over the top. It actually tastes good, I'll drink it with barbecue.
  2. Pharmacy tech if you don't want to go back school. Insurance appraiser I like the radiology suggestion above.
  3. This, someone I would look to avoid being closely associated with.
  4. I would think so, but don't know for sure. Surely decomp molecules would get into any soft surfaces carpet, headliner and seats. I'm not sure how long it takes for a body to start smelling.
  5. That would help explain something I was wondering about, surely we would have heard something if cadaver dogs alerted on the van.
  6. Nod down for hello to strangers. I nod up only if the other person did so first. Generally I find it rude for someone to stick their nose up in the air.
  7. Florida doesn't allow the use of firearms when alligator hunting. Florida does allow bang sticks. It's basically a metal tube inside a metal tube, it's used to shoot a .22 round. The inner tube sticks out a little, you bang the end of the tube on something (alligator spine) and the inner tube forces the .22 round to hit the firing pin.
  8. White has the option to switch sides before a move has been made.
  9. Just hangout in the parking lot of a gun show and be willing to pay above market value, there's no paperwork needed on private sales in several states.
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