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  1. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/texas/thousands-of-texas-electric-customers-will-be-involuntarily-switched-to-new-providers-as-companies-fail/287-47cc0165-76d4-450b-87b5-1ded128af0e5 Thousands of Texans will be involuntarily switched to a new electric company, as a number of electricity providers cannot meet their financial obligations to serve their customers. In response, at an emergency meeting on Friday, the Texas Public Utilities Commission gave authority to TXU Energy to absorb customers of failing companies and to offer them competitive rates.
  2. Basically the choice is yours to make, she is borderline and the IRS isn't likely to fault you either way. The IRS mainly cares that she isn't claimed on both returns. If it was me I would grab a few sets of 1040s and figure both sets of returns both ways to see which way nets the best total return for the family.
  3. The probability is low, however aerosols from someone in there before you coughing or talking on their phone could linger.
  4. Gas, yes. Electric, no. The gas ones generally have a pilot light.
  5. What about all the natural gas the oil industry burns on well sites to avoid dealing with? That practice churns my stomach.
  6. Boston Fred beats Dezbelief, with a relentless attack. I thoroughly enjoyed.
  7. Dez inched out a slim victory in a well played game, nice match Nick!
  8. The UK strain already came through IMO, we've only begun to catch up on the genome testing the rest of the first world has been doing for months. Why haven't we had any US variants? Because we haven't been looking for them.
  9. I drove my wife to work last night so she wouldn't have to drive on the snow. On the way home I got her a dozen roses for ten bucks and a small bar of chocolate. This morning I had breakfast waiting for her. Tonight the payoff. Although playing like otters sounds fun too. The kids should be plenty tired after playing in the snow.
  10. I hate trying merge when the person in front of you is going well under the speed limit.
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