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  1. Usc opens next week hosting asu at 9AM. So on brand with 2020.
  2. Could be. Thought that as well, which would still be an upgrade for usc to get him back.
  3. Excuse me sir, a 6-0 usc team would like a word with you. 🤣 Actually the best thing about Covid is Usc not opening the season against Alabama. But this weird season could easily have a few undefeated teams who never played outside of their crappy conference (Pac 12 included). I think you are right in the prediction but could see some really weird scenarios of a 2 loss sec team going over a undefeated team especially if they didn’t play a whole season (and rightfully so). Not sure if tOSU even deserves to be in the picture.
  4. Super excited for a 6-0 USC team to make the playoffs. Narrator: they won’t go 6-0.
  5. Given 3 people he dined with at Mar a Lago got it I think that is almost a certainty. At least he is the most fit president we have ever had so nothing to be concerned about.
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