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  1. Yeah everyone needs to stop wishing for a normal concession. He never will. He will go out like the petulant ##### he is. And honestly #### him. Kick him out and let him start up his crazy qanon conspiracy theory “news” network and continue to grift uneducated Americans.
  2. I don’t think he gets there but it’s going to be super tight. I am hoping Biden wins by 1 and you all will need to buy me a beer.
  3. This week was awesome. Just super fun. and baby yoda
  4. You know who did get crushed. Hillary Clinton.
  5. Hell no. If he is found to have broken the law he should have his day in court.
  6. He doesn’t need to concede. Just pack your #### and get out.
  7. I find it odd as a Biden voter yelling at the tv to call Alaska for Trump. OCD taking over.
  8. To be clear they aren’t mail in votes but votes dropped off by hand early which muddles it a bit whether it is more democratic as expected or Republican. Most remaining votes are also from more populous blue counties.
  9. All ballots remaining in AZ are early ballots per AZ SOS just now.
  10. He’s on a circus tightrope at this point.
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