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  1. Rolling with Cleveland as they have the Texans in week 2 and the bears in week 3.
  2. I like this. I would take Zardes over Sargent.
  3. Agree I like their analysis and candor. Really good group to watch.
  4. I loved what I saw in Hoppe over the summer. He has that grit and swag that is a bit undefineable but brings something extra to the team which I just really liked.
  5. Sarge should be nothing more than a sub, he really does has not shown me anything. As big of a Brooks fan as I have been, after today he should also be a sub until he can show more fire.
  6. Maybe they didn’t bring cards with them to the game.
  7. Lol was just coming in to post this.
  8. Like I always say to my wife..:it’s Pepi time!!!
  9. I truly believe this. GGG has lost the team.
  10. So odds that GGG is yelling at everyone to build fire in the team or giving out orange wedges and capris suns.
  11. Perhaps you did not notice the vast catalogue of Paw Patrol?
  12. If the US loses need to Lane Kiffin GGG and leave him in Honduras.
  13. 2-31 when down a goal on the road. “Not a stellar record” lmao
  14. GGG has that covered. 85’ this time.
  15. They are completely lost out there.
  16. Pretty awesome that Honduras has Mike from Breaking Bad as their coach.
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