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  1. Anyone anywhere calling it an insurrection. I’ll wait.
  2. She sounds like Fran drescher and looks like Bobby “the brain” Heenan.
  3. Link where anyone at all on the internet called summer protests insurrections prior to Jan 6th.
  4. If you’ve never heard of Eric prince, maybe you should be a little more educated about politics before you comment in every thread relating to politics. What’s worse is you never seem to question your stance, it’s always 100% “I’m right and you’re in an echo chamber.”
  5. For me it’s landing spot more than anything. I passed on him for guys taken much later in the nfl draft, and I’m prepared to regret it.
  6. Gibson is a poor mans CMC. He’s going to explode this year.
  7. Well if you want to know who is running the country, at least it’s not Eric prince anymore. He can go do his shady BS in Abu Dhabi.
  8. The protests of the summer had added tension when alt-right counter protesters began showing up all over the country. Jan 6 the counter protestors stayed home because anyone could see the trouble coming a mile away. After watching the video of officer Fanone being attacked I’d like to point out that there were lots of good people caught up in the mayhem. Thankfully, some reasonable people helped him get back into the complex and out of harms way, while several people said things like “we’re better than this!” It’s unfortunate that in both the summer and the “stop the steal” protests
  9. Thats not a church, that’s a state senator.
  10. I don’t really follow how anti-racism activists are co-opting religion. Are they doing the same kind of thing I illustrated upthread?
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