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  1. Update Ankle injury, would play if it’s regular season, team taking it slow. Draft with confidence
  2. I don’t get it mike. You argue holding the man in contempt would be more reasonable than setting what the judge sees as a reasonable condition of release, wear a mask if/when a member of the court comes to his house while we are in the middle of a public health crisis. That’s probably a pretty short visit in most cases, if they even stop by to check up on him. Obviously the judge doesn’t want to lock him up, or he would have. Most judges/probation officers are interested in keeping people out of jail. The judge is being very reasonable here. The defendant is not. Wear a mask for probably 10 minutes maybe. When he doesn’t do this he will no doubt get detained. That would be really immature and stupid on his part.
  3. A release condition is exactly that- if you don’t want to sit in jail awaiting trial you have to do/not do the following. What recourse do you think he would have if the judge stuck him in jail? Violate pretrial conditions, go to jail. Most people would just do what the court asks. Maybe there is a way to appeal a pretrial condition, but simply not complying will only result in sitting in jail until trial. I bet it could even affect your sentence if you’re found guilty. The judge could make him wear an electronic monitoring device, so the precedent is there to make you wear something. I double dog dare you to come up with a legitimate reason why he shouldn’t have to listen to the judges orders here.
  4. Speaking of fear mongering for votes, why aren’t you posting in the caravan thread?
  5. I missed the part about his daughter being present. Changes how I feel about it a bit.
  6. I don’t encourage people being aggressive towards public figures. However this guy said his piece and let him know how he feels, even with Tucker poking him in the chest (what happened before that isn’t filmed). That’s to be expected when you live in the public eye.
  7. 2100 serial killers among us? Even if the number is like 1/4 of this it’s crazy to think about.
  8. Those also have not been issues. A few instances of dead people voting nationwide were caught, and largely voted for trump. While there were some cases of people voting twice, these were noticed and investigated. In Georgia for instance, there were around 1000 people who voted twice. Some of these people put their mail in ballot close to the election and weren’t sure it would be received in time to be counted, it’s unclear if any of these were malicious. Again, we’re talking about 1000 votes out of around 5 million. Feel free to link some info, preferably from a government site but I’ll take whatever. Show me where this is happening. Show me where the checks and balances in place haven’t caught it. You’re making the claim, show your work. The lawsuits weren’t heard, the lawyers who brought them are now facing the possibility of sanctions. Despite all this you’re quadrupling down on it, and it seems you’re unable to even consider the idea that you’ve been lied to.
  9. Most people show ID when they vote. In 2016, Michigan had 4.3 million votes cast; 18000 didn’t have ID and signed an affidavit in order to vote. That’s .4% of the votes cast. Why is this a huge issue in Republicans eyes? Is there any proof that these people weren’t who they say they were? I guess I’m in the wrong thread, but this isn’t an issue based on election security.
  10. I agree except I think you’re discounting his stand alone value. It was a tough off season for rookies last year; I’m not holding looking lost against him. Davis had a solid showing and for dynasty I don’t consider sanders a long term block. Maybe he has to wait a year, but the talent is there imo.
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