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  1. It would take about $2 trillion to fix roads/bridges/sewer and it is money the US needs to spend. Separate issue from covid relief but another big issue facing the country. It really shouldn’t be in this bill; it should be another trillion dollar infrastructure bill. Someday, when this comes up, I hope we can do something regardless of which party proposes it. The fact that some of this stuff gets stuck into other bills isn’t really all that surprising to me, because there is a lack of action on this issue and it isn’t something we can ignore.
  2. Fox News complains about cancel culture, you guys complain about cancel culture. They talk about Biden’s mental acumen and you guys pivot to that the same day. It’s really amazing for a bunch of guys who “think for themselves.” I’m sure it’s just coincidence.
  3. The whole cancel culture outrage, blaming “libs/the left/democrats” for decisions made by private companies, is ridiculous. The publisher announced they would stop printing them/hasbro is making a gender neutral potato; it’s not like there was a vote in the house. I haven’t seen anything to suggest there were picket lines or anything like that to apply public pressure, just a company making a business decision and FOX covering it all day rather than talk about the committee hearings about the insurrection.
  4. You’re against hate speech laws? You’re for unlimited undisclosed campaign contributions, for either party? I’ll point out again that Twitter and Facebook are silencing lies and misinformation, it just happens to be peddled by the right. That’s as much a business and cya decision as it is anything. I appreciate your willingness to state your opinion and answer.
  5. Yeah, but those usually have a “figured I’d start here to see if these guys are available. Send me an offer or let me know if you want to try to work something out. Those are the guys I’m interested in.”
  6. You can get a arrested for simply being part of a group that riots. It happens on college campuses every year when a basketball team wins or loses. I’ll ask again because maybe you missed it, but can you point to something democrats have done to curb free speech? Are you talking about Dr Seuss type stuff? Because that’s kind of needed, as there is a lot of that kind of stuff in old media and books. And that’s not “democrats.” Its people who feel it needs to be pointed out that “hey, that’s not a great look and lesson to teach your kids.” Some may even be republicans that feel this
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I agree that the hacking that went on wasn’t something that Trump team knew about or coordinated; I do think there was evidence that he knew they had the info and coordinated the release through Stone but I won’t rehash this any more, just letting you know where I stand as far as “collusion.” I will take this opportunity to point out that people involved in this were pardoned and also appear to have their hands in the Jan 6 fiasco; maybe more information will come out as things unfold. Trump and his supporters have lied about the election be
  8. I can see someone hoping to get a 2nd for green and making offers. But yeah, that’s pretty hopeful.
  9. I know you find this hard to believe, but Trumps interactions with Russia prior to the election were not “total exoneration.” Trumps interactions with Ukraine were not “a perfect phone call.” And Trumps rhetoric leading up to January 6th was all based on lies, and he continue to spread them today. I’ll ask you again: Did the democrats steal the election? If so, please tell me your theory on how it happened. If not, why do you continue to go to bat for a liar?
  10. He wants the election done in a day, when it was Republican state legislatures voting against allowing the preparation of mail in ballots until the day of the election. He wants it done in a day but wants all these hoops to jump through that would surely take more time. Mail in ballots weren’t fraudulent this time around; feel free to point me somewhere if this fact is wrong, but I haven’t seen any evidence of this. So it seems to me that we would spend a lot of time and money on something that is only an issue because the Republican Party doesn’t want to tell Donald trump he’s wrong.
  11. Oh great, months of rhetoric and he says “stay peaceful” once. He also told rioters inside the Capitol “we love you, you’re very special.” Pivot to Gore and whining about cancel culture now? Not surprising. Your narrative is false, it was pointed out to you, so you change the subject. Gore conceded the election too. gore dec 12: Following is the text of Vice President Al Gore's concession speech Wednesday night, from the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, as recorded by The New York Times: Good evening. Just moments ago I spoke with George W. Bush and congratulat
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