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  1. Haven’t been able to read through the whole thread, but I always take 2 pairs of boots or shoes. Can’t tell you how many times the people I’m with are trying to dry their stuff out while I just throw on fresh footgear and am comfortable. I personally never worried much about pack weight- there’s stuff that is responsible to bring (first aid etc), stuff you absolutely need (tent/bag/food etc) and things you maybe want. My brother would him and haw about not needing this or that; you should have a limit but it’s up to you what fills up that limit.
  2. Boo hoo is really all I have to say. Don’t know what the heck is going on in the bonus video. People suck
  3. Tua throwing picks in practice, pay attention to subsequent info.
  4. Getting the dead/phish cover band back together. Otus Supply Ferndale, MI aug 28th Clips Not all deadheads like phish, and not all phish fans like the dead, but we like them both. I’m the bass player (except on shakedown clip.) Usually play as a 4 piece, but we have our old guitar player on a few of those clips in town from Oregon. If anyone is in the Detroit area or knows someone who is, come check it out.
  5. I thought he was in Seattle for a season or two but after looking I guess I was wrong.
  6. I agree with the sentiment, I think Lindsey is a quality back in a specific role, but for fantasy purposes he couldn’t have a worse spot. Houston is a situation where I won’t touch any of them. Maybe someone has an occasional good game, or maybe they show more competence than most of us expect, but I’ll gladly be wrong. I hope Tyrod Taylor gets a chance to start though, I think he deserves his shot. I feel bad for him. He was a decent starter in Buffalo but had no supporting cast and (if memory serves) they drafted ej manual and started him out of the gate, which ended poorly. Then h
  7. I went to page 450 (may 2019) and it made me want to throw up. I only scrolled through about a dozen posts- not only are the trades ridiculous, the replies/analysis are not taking the side that ultimately won.
  8. Sometimes I go back a few years in the dynasty trade thread to see how trades shaped up. David Johnson would be a good case study.
  9. “No, it’s a guy that thinks Antonio Gibson is a top 5 rb this year…”
  10. Think you said it in the lions thread, hock 120 targets, spend the pick…
  11. You can’t count on him to set and forget, but there isn’t anyone on that team that will steal targets in the red zone. If Love is the starter, I’ll expect a fair amount of checkdowns. I’d have to look at his adp, but if you take him you can probably snag an engram/Trautman/irv smith later and have a backup plan. He is one of the te 5-20 guys, big group there, but probably more reliable to finish in the top 10 than others.
  12. Good point about rookies- if they have an injury that forces them to miss time during the off-season typically grounds them in year 1. I’d extend that idea to players with new teams or new coordinators; playing in a different scheme with unfamiliar teammates takes reps, not time on the bike.
  13. If you’re inclined to acquire mims, now would be the time to do it. Hard to push chips into the jets passing game and the community in general doesn’t seem to be a believer in Wilson, but what do we know.
  14. Are there any particular injuries that are red flags during the off-season? I’m thinking foot injuries can be tricky and usually linger. What injuries stand out during OTAs/training camp that would make you prioritize a backup or avoid a player in redraft?
  15. Mcgahn transcript just sticking this here for anyone interested.
  16. I just made a thread about off-season information.
  17. There are some distinct stages of off-season information that a savvy dynasty player should understand. 1. The lead up to the start of the league year. Leading up to the beginning of the year is important to leverage. Potential free agents, cap casualties, etc can change the makeup of nfl rosters, launching previous backups into relevance (chase edwards) or offering a discounted trade price (Aaron Jones) because of landing spot uncertainty. You can also overpay (aj dillon) for players during this time. News during this time is often reliable- so and so will likely be cut for cap space,
  18. “Sell high” isn’t what anyone is paying for him. I doubt anyone will give a future 1st. So what, you get a future 2nd probably? No thanks, I’ll take my chances he rehabs his value in the next 2 years, either via qb upgrade this year or new home next year. Shenault looks good so far, that’s great, maybe it opens up some single coverage down the field. No one else is going to supplant Chark, he and laviska should be the starters. More concerned Meyer is a huge flop than Chark being called out by him. More of a “buy low” option than a “sell high.” Heck, a couple weeks ago you probably could h
  19. They made the phones unable to call or text, only communicate thru the encrypted app. They were distributed by undercover agents to known criminals, who then distributed/vouched for it and it became pretty widespread. It sounds like the comms were pretty blatant- it’s encrypted! No code words or innuendo needed!
  20. Link This should be an interesting week.
  21. You are listening to a pillow salesman and sending your money to a conman. You’re very certain the wheels have been set in motion for Trump to be reinstated but chicken out of putting your money where your mouth is, with incredible odds at that. Have you tried talking with your local election officials or anything like that? You know, anything that might actually be useful or informative? Have you written a letter to your rep? Signed up to be a poll watcher? Do you think there’s any chance at all you’re wrong about all of this?
  22. During the conversation, former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon laid out his most recent predictions and they are explosive. Yeah maybe they are but your article doesn’t explicitly say that.
  23. I mean, I can understand if one guy can’t make it and his team is autodrafted, I’ve had to do that and tooled the lists accordingly. Basically guys I really want I move up ahead of their adp which isn’t great, and guys I don’t want I move way down where they’ll be gone before the computer picks them on my team. But setting up the league for an autodraft doesn’t seem like a league I’d want to play in. I don’t even like the fact that they have a comprehensive list for people who have no knowledge or have done any research. I’d much rather make the picks based on who is available in the moment.
  24. Even the rioters and looters weren’t planning a month in advance and training for it. Read the court docs I posted a couple pages ago, they were preparing with the intent to breach the Capitol well in advance of the 6th.
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