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  1. Great job guys. On February 1st I started my version of dirty keto. I started at 199.9 and am currently @ 188.7. 175 is my goal.
  2. I bought the 65" X90CH from Costco back in November and so far I'm pretty pleased. No complaints.
  3. @comfortably numb @Ned Venmo and numbers submitted. Thanks guys.
  4. Wow, terrible news. RIP MOCS. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™for the family.
  5. Just embrace it man. Bald is Beautiful.
  6. Riding with my wife to Augusta for a quick job and then going to look at RVs. When I get home I will fire up the grill. I have a nice filet for the Mrs and a USDA PRIME Ribeye and a piece of halibut for myself. Got some smoke and a couple of gummies as well. No alcohol. I may or may not make it to midnight but Probably not.
  7. South Carolina cancelled practice yesterday so everyone could get Covid test done. They are supposed to be back at practice today so we'll see.
  8. The only thing that means more, and not exclusively for just the SEC, is the almighty dollar, but we all know that.
  9. Yeah, it appears that they are being forced to play. Bobo was asked yesterday if the players voted to play or not and he said that in the SEC there is no vote.
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