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  1. Alex Murdaugh will turn himself in tomorrow.
  2. This sounds about like the symptoms I had after getting the J&J. After 3 days I felt a lot better. After that I only had some soreness in my arm from the shot. That lasted about 9 days total. GL GB.
  3. We're here now and I gotta say that this place is fantastic. After we got setup we rode the mopeds up to one of the restaurants to eat. After that we did a couple of laps around the resort. This place is huge.
  4. Well our first camping trip went off without much of a hitch. We had a great time and we were well relaxed. Lake Wateree Recreation Area This was about 3 weeks ago and now this week we're going again. This time it will be more glamping than camping. We're going to Carolina Pines RV Resort in Conway, SC. Can't wait.
  5. I bought the one that Costco sells. I think it's the Precision Cooker. Anova Precision Cooker After further review it would be tight. 10.8 lb brisket This is a frozen brisket but after it's thawed and trimmed I think it will fit. May have to bend it a little as I don't think it will lay flat.
  6. The container that came with my Anova will definitely hold a full packer. A cooler would work as well.
  7. That looks pretty darn cool. I'm sure the final bill isn't so cool but what an experience.
  8. @comfortably numb @Ned Changes coming to Powerball. Monday draw added
  9. That sounds amazing. It probably is a long shot but maybe one day and I'll definitely check it out if I make it.
  10. I'll check it out next time I'm up that way. Thanks GB.
  11. Those Pimento Cheese Fries are the bomb. I like to add some bacon and eat them with ranch. I love a good chili cheeseburger. I'll have to check it out.
  12. There are plenty of awesome montages out there but this is my personal favorite. Back to Back for the Garnet and Black
  13. Don't know if it's the best in SC but Rockaway's is legit. I haven't been in a while but that will change soon. Thanks for the reminder. Poe's on Sullivan's Island is one of my favorite spots in SC for a burger as well as Libby's in Lexington SC. Great Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger.
  14. I grew up similar. My parents house, where I grew up is on 3 streets. A double corner lot. The front door is facing the main road, which is the road listed on the street address. The mailbox and driveway are on one of the side streets.
  15. The only BBQ that I have eaten in Asheville is 12 Bones. The ribs with the blueberry Chipotle sauce was fantastic.
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