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  1. He has the best meats... made by science. Crazy prophetic. Tony Bolognavich gets it.
  2. Got the text from a buddy on Thursday. Crushed me. Not as bad as Prince or Cornell or Chester, but I loved DU's albums. I think I texted him about 10 Youtube videos in response. I bought the We're all in the same Gang CD 80% because of the DU contribution. Also chatted with him months ago about the movie they were in. Has a crazy Japanese title. Told him their Same Song EP release had maybe the most hilarious cover I've ever seen.
  3. I hate the movie. But you should definitely watch it.
  4. Kindof same here. I've said some snarky things to you, but was always entertained that you replied but never seemed to really get riled up about it.
  5. 8th or 9th grade, 6th hour English class. I sat at the back of the class, and would get ready to run for my bus as soon as the bell rang. Walkman headphones on and a copy of licensed to ill on an old TDK cassette. Cute girl sat right in front of me, and she'd ask a couple times a week what I was listening to. Licensed to ill the entire quarter or semester. Looking back on it, I wonder if she thought I was a total weirdo. Same tape. Every. Single. Day.
  6. I've had a few really bad days motivationally where I actually felt guilty about not getting more done. But overall, it is more than offset by how many days that I've gotten a ton more done and had a better attitude about it than I would have in the office.
  7. A few years ago, I was driving into work, and there was a 10-15 year old Corolla that was getting rust bubbles, that had vanity plates that read something like SLD OUT. I'd like to think if I sold out, I'd be driving something a little more exotic and a lot less rusty.
  8. Share my name with a British motivational speaker for teens. First couple of pages are him. He published a self help book. He has YouTube videos, but so do cats. So, maybe it's a wash?
  9. On the plus side, it sounds like he didn't start any fights or cheap shot anyone, so a good outing?
  10. Diary of a Lovesong - A Perfect Circle
  11. Love Song K-os Love Song Tesla Lovesong The Cure Maybe too literal?
  12. The meat section of my grocery store is decimated. I can only guess that people are stockpiling it in an extra freezer. Has not been any b/s chicken breasts the last 3 visits. They have steaks. Seeing the news, I was expecting the TP and bleach and water. But I finally was able to buy dish soap for the first time in 3 weeks Friday. Who stockpiles dish soap?
  13. Want me to send over my old AD&D books? StingerZZZ might be willing to come over and mess up your adventures if you need more chaos from a teenage mentality.
  14. Single guy with no kids, and I'm cheap. I almost always buy the largest package and it usually lasts me many many months. I also don't want to be the guy that always goes through the line with TP. I bought a brand last time that I don't like much, so I probably have 30+ rolls after purchasing some of my old brand. It usually varies between 1 and 21 or so.
  15. 2 pages and it's already turning toxic with people arguing over nebulous numbers. Everything is either just a cold or Stephen King's The Stand.
  16. Same thing happened to Minnesota United. They had a local deal with a non-cable channel. I watched pretty much every game. they went to the MSL and now they have one game in August on regular TV, every other game is fox sports or espn. After their first MSL season (still on regular TV) I've watched exactly zero games.
  17. Is it like the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is judging who is really spongeworthy? Did they go to people that are maskworthy?
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