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  1. I’m a closet fan some serious plot holes and cheesy writing but amazing premise
  2. Is yedlin injured or done? I haven’t been following him.
  3. It’s amazing how much better we look at forward compared to a year ago.
  4. I'm launching a business and need a vendor to build/maintain the website. GoDaddy just quoted me at $3200 bucks for the design and 1 year of maintenance. That's way cheaper than I expected. They use WordPress which I'm told is the way to go. Any opinions or suggestions on website vendors?
  5. I was pointing out it's an over-generalization. Many coastal cities don't use much AC.
  6. This is the best new show going right now based on the first two episodes IMHO.
  7. Extremely connected to professional sports, Michael Jordan, Robert Kraft etc. etc.
  8. He seems like a target now. I think he's better off playing in a less physical league. EPL is a meat grinder.
  9. As I get older I much prefer cooler weather, mountains and less people. 1. Montana 2. Utah 3. Oregon 4. Washington 5. Idaho 6. Colorado 7. California 8. New Mexico 9. Wyoming 10. Alaska My list in my 20s/30s would have included the states with big cities.
  10. by "eventually" I meant this afternoon. The way they publicize and pump these offerings is a crime...rookie retailers can get really burned.
  11. My unsolicited advice, do not buy COIN here. You'll get a better price eventually.
  12. Dike > Sargent and it's not particularly close for me. If we see Sargent make a difference in international competition I can definitely change my mind.
  13. I bought some PEJ and added to my DKNG Position. Looking to re-enter BTC...was hoping for a dip to the mid 50s.
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