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  1. Went shopping premarket and at the open...added the following positions TWTR - bullish long, may be choppy short MAR - reopening swing trade IPOE - bullish long IPOE Call Options - bullish short CZR - reopening swing trade SRNGU - (added yesterday) BTC - looked like a good re-entry
  2. Bought SRNGU SPAC entry point is great and same management team as SKLZ and DKNG
  3. Not a ton of risk at those prices...you don't see many reputable SPACs go from 11 to 8, for example.
  4. I am in a large cash position, trying to determine my next moves. Rising rates really complicates the matter. I may have to go with a boring, traditional strategy...SPACs/Growth was a lot more fun but there are headwinds that can't be overcome.
  5. The production delays were a huge red flag for me. I got out as soon as I could after that news.
  6. I don't like giving advice, but I'm currently not in any ARK funds outside of my IRA.
  7. I would be careful here...interest rates could torpedo TQQQ.
  8. I have IPOE in my IRA as well. Tough to trade it right now with so much shorting...it can't go anywhere. It is a likely long term winner though IMHO.
  9. Looks like the big players are shorting ARK funds and tech like IRDM/U/SQ/TSLA etc. I bought DMTK this morning. My Marriott calls 🚀 🚀
  10. Everything I post in here are my trading stocks. Also, I don't consider it gambling, I think of trading as measured risk. I never post my retirement stocks but there are many similarities at times. My trading returns have outpaced retirement by a fair margin since the bottom last March.(40% ish I think) No problem making it clear going forward. I'll post my retirement holdings from time to time too.
  11. absolutely....I just wanted to get out and re-evaluate my positions and check if there was anything I liked more in the short term. I have Unity in my retirement accounts so I'm a believer.
  12. Hope to get back into a few of those but now there are better values IMHO.
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