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  1. Maintstream media taking note of GGG's MLS player usage...and how it has drawn the ire of the fanbase. "The Herd" mentioned it this week. I was lambasted in here for mentioning "MLS" ...ahead of my time I suppose.
  2. I'll take most of the guys available mentioned in this thread. GGG does very little right...his replacement is nearly a lock to be better in my opinion. Blaming El Salvador on the players and not taking any accountability was the last straw for me. Since then, he completely botched Panama...at least he admitted to that one.
  3. I am pleased with tonight's performance, but it was expected given the talent discrepancy IMHO. We have to have proper expectations.
  4. I mean, I think he learned his lesson...but you never know with this guy.
  5. Pretty sure those moves don't redeem him for the Panama catastrophe...that was a winnable game.
  6. Or when the coach actually plays the best players made available to him.
  7. Have to have all hands on deck for Panama revenge game. Get the A team into camp ASAP. Build the chemistry. Wrap the studs like Gio and Pulisic in bubble wrap. And for God's sake quit ####### around with our B team players. Also #### Mexico, our A team is better.(sans Berhalter)
  8. Adams is a boss...so impressed with him as a leader.
  9. yeah, would be interested to see posession vs. our most recent qualifiers with CR...I'm guessing there is a huge discrepancy.
  10. Funny how that works out. Percentage chance GGG has learned his lesson?
  11. yep way too sloppy, would look much worse vs a panama or Mexico.
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