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  1. yeah, the book is small for certain....line wasn't too bad in 2019 and we are hoping with Covid that the line will be manageable. rooms are clean, decent gaming tables and location is great.
  2. out of everything...almost even! paper hands
  3. Bought IPOE and SQ and NVDA and TQQQ We'll see if this rebound has legs.
  4. companies I can't wait to get back into, but may take several months or even years SQ ABNB CRSP PYPL U NVDA
  5. Anything growth/speculative is getting hammered. I cut a large part of my position a few weeks ago(reported in here)...but still hold some(1/4 of cost basis) and plan on holding it long.
  6. This is such a good buy if your horizon is over a year IMHO. I got out of the stock because I thought it would continue to fall but I may be a buyer here shortly. I'll be shocked if its not a 2 bagger at this price point with a 2 year horizon.
  7. Non-retirement positions update, have been building a cash position so I can reposition when it feels like we're closer to a bottom. DKNG (sold half of my position) SI IPOE Calls (sold stock) MAR Calls and Stock CZR SRNGU HZAC Overall a pretty brutal 23% correction to my holdings. I am now 70% cash.
  8. Time Horizon dependent. I'm out of them completely sans ARKK in my IRAs.
  9. Market is setting up for some great buying opportunities here. I'm not saying to catch a falling knife, but when the macro story changes there will be a sizeable rebound IMHO.
  10. If anybody finds a good Chelsea stream, please post. Refuse to pay for peacock.
  11. ABNB is kind of it's own duck...which is why I like it...doesn't fit neatly into a sector. But if you consider it hospitality, I also like several "return to normal" stocks like MAR and CZR.
  12. he stated he's surprised by the selloff on Twitter.
  13. I'm actually holding tight with my current position...will be a long hold. There may be better buying opportunities/swing trades for the remainder of 2021.
  14. It's a long hold for me...although I have call options that are getting killed.
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